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Birthdate:Jun 3
Location:Arizona, United States of America
Most of what you need to know can be gleaned from the interest list, but still.

If you're looking for my writing, it can be found on over on AO3.

Feel free to friend/subscribe/follow (whatever it's called on whichever platform you're on) or de-friend/follow/subscribe at leisure. I do admit that over half of this journal is locked, but rarely is it anything fannish, should that be what you're after. If you're looking for the trans stuff, it may or may not be. Relevant tags are here and here; and since it comes up sometimes, yeah I'm cool fielding whatever questions, though please keep in mind my experiences are more-or-less limited to my own dull life.

Where to find me: panzercat on tumblr, redders on DW, redorama on twitter (locked, please feel free to shoot a message to follow), redconverse on el jay.

Interests (85):

actual bike lanes, advances in chair technology, alilbtdii, andy warhol, bee mario watching you, beer, bim getting here already, blackadder, blake's 7, bonnie 'prince' billy, captain harlock, cephalopods, champion trampoline jumping, charles&erik's awesome jurassic honeymoon, cid highwind, crawford von karma, crystal castles, david cronenberg, david lynch, difficulties with gender binaries, dirty old men, dr. victor/rasputin, everything improving with daemons, fierce robot battles, forbidden imaginations imagining things, fucking really big bricks, gaav-sama's one-man fandom, gaming, george orwell, girl talk, haruki murakami, hawkman/riddler, highlander, hobosexuality, holmes in any century, iorek byrnison, jeeves and wooster, john hurt, katamari damacy, kenzaburo oe, kexp, ladytron, law and order: svu, lego stories, leonard cohen, less-than-threeing lestrade, luppy, meitantei holmes, mst3k, naoto/kanji: it's still gay, new watson/jar-o-jam, persona, pharmacists frowning at kids, philip glass, phoenix wright, porn, prevention of ham abuse, prions, pulp, raffles' holiday ventilation-duct wardrobe, reproductive rights, richard dean anderson+seals 4eva!, robosexuality, robot ninja, rocko's modern life, selling katsuya suou's glasses, sexuality, shin megami tensei, slash, spacefaring leatherqueen computer techs, st: tos, stalin died in 1953, tattoos, the good ol' aliens-made-them-do-it, the polyphonic spree, the word "folks", tom waits, tv's gay superman, twin peaks, unisex bathrooms, universal health care, vegetarianism, vila restal, werner herzog, |-|4/\/\

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