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Hello friend! Thanks for signing up this year, and thanks in advance for writing/arting for me!

As with last year... I'm still down for most stuff, but this letter keeps getting longer?? SORRY

Things I love: FEELINGS, sex-positivity, EMOTIONS, porn of varying sorts, MISCOMMUNICATION THAT ENDS IN PROPER COMMUNICATION, people being awkward, FAMILIES OF CHOICE, feelings, PEOPLE EXPLORING THEIR SEXUALITY IN AWESOME WAYS, and of course feelings. I adore all sorts of stuff about body positivity, but super have a soft spot for stuff with themes about disability or gender identity. :) I'm good with AU or canon-based, sad or happy, silly or serious, porny or not... I hope this gives you a small idea of what I like. :D

Things I definitely do not like: please, no walking!Charles AUs. As it was in 2015 and forever shall be: there's already loads of walking!AUs out there. :D Which is cool! If that's your jam, that's your jam! But I'd prefer, all things being equal, for my gift to have Charles using a wheelchair if he's involved in the fic/art. And also, please no Avengers (they just aren't my thing).

Otherwise, really, I'm cool with most stuff. Honestly, sky's the limit on kinks, tropes, etc--I mean, kinkier the better, let's be fair. I dig d/s themes, A/B/O, body changes, unexpected anatomy, ridiculous and improbable amounts of fluid being produced for no good reason... Like, SERIOUSLY, knock yourself out. If you've been like holding out on writing some zany Erik/Magda/Charles sex-swap xenokink AU because you think no one wants that, my friend, I SO WANT THAT.

DO NOT BE SHY when it comes to writing tropes or kinks, is what I'm trying to say.

BUUUUUT I do adore fluff and gen and angst too, so don't feel like I'm hanging out waiting for porn??? If you're someone who doesn't dig writing sexy times, please, do not feel as if you have to (and I swear, I would be just as over-the-moon to get a gen gift as I would that E/M/C xenokink).

All that being said, please no incest (tho I'm keeping this from last year: HOLY CRAP unless you're writing a FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC AU then BY ALL MEANS, YES, GO ON, I LOVE YOU you glorious V.C. Andrews of fandom) and please no sexual content between adults and minors.
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Apparently, yes. That old twice-a-month resolution sure fell through in November, now, didn't it?

I still feel a bit determined to ATTEMPT writing posts now and then. So let's do a second rec post, with the same categories, perhaps a bit shorter.

recs! )
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Hey, how about let's try to update like, twice a month.

That's a doable goal, right? Maybe I'll just recommend dumb things I run into during life. Three things every two weeks. It might be fan stuff, it might be movies, might be food you can ONLY BUY in one place in the US what can you do? Sounds doable, and really, not much else is really going down with me.

I am training someone at work, that's sort of new, I suppose. It's stressful (because of management, not because of the new person) but okay. I don't know if I'm a good preceptor per se. I think I am for this person, because they're laid-back too, but sometimes you get someone who needs, like, more concrete guidance. I hear lots of tell I should go back to grad school and I'm sure education courses would help with that but man, that's some hot money, isn't it. I think I'll wait til I pay off undergrad (so, never).


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Movies )

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Jan. 25th, 2015 06:39 pm
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Via devon, as i thought this too fun not to:

Take this list, remove a thing, sort it by how much you like the things, add a thing at the top, a thing in the middle, and a thing at the bottom (preserving the sortedness):

(most liked)
Successfully coding someone (YOU DON'T KNOW how hard it is to think of something better than cats)
Getting something in the mail that isn't bills
Handknit scarves
Action movies without superpowers
Steam locomotives
Eating paper
Firefox upgrades
Getting up early
Ingrown nails
Ortho surgeons
(most disliked)
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I'm sort of super behind on creating the card post this year, for which I apologize. If you don't mind a card which'll be perhaps a bit later than usual, I'd love to send you one. Comments are screened if you'd like to leave your address, OR, if you've not moved since last year/the year before/ten years ago when you friended me I may still have it on a screened comment from the GOLDEN PAST.

Lemme know! I've sent a few out already, always stoked to send tons more! If you've a card post you think I missed, link me up as well.

As always, international postage is 100% fine! I love sending these things. :D
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I had a few tumblr fics over the last week or so, but never got around to posting over here, and sort of don't feel up to posting to AO3 in the range of "anytime soon". The prompt post I made is over here, basically it was an askbox prompt meme with different quotes. If anyone wants to put a new one in my ask/in a comment at any time, of course I'd be happy to fill another one.

Get off the road! )


Sometimes I want to be alone, but right now I need you. )


I didn’t know you could do that. )
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I forgot these somewhere! they were askbox stories for ang3lish1 and velvetcadence, so I'm just compiling them for the year's end meme. Both are mature.

for velvetcadence, satyr Charles meeting a pregnant faun Erik in the woods )

SPOILERS for Digital Devil Saga below, if you're ever gonna play!

For Ang3lish1, Digital Devil Saga crossover )

days go by

Sep. 19th, 2014 02:59 am
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Unbelievably, I have 6 shifts left at work. Also unbelievably, I'd had only one session left at crossfit--that is, of course, til I paid up yesterday to get an additional week and two-thirds (I go on T/Th/Sa, but will be flying to Baltimore on the 4th, a Saturday), and now I've six sessions left of that, too.

I went to get my physical and bloodwork done on Wednesday. It was all rather anticlimactic, and my physician had a good laugh at the papers. "I'd love this job more," she said, "were it not for all the ridiculous paperwork," and I responded, "yeah, I hear you." I'm constantly nervous, every step in this process--I showed up to the physical after work, so I thought the whole time, fuck my blood pressure will be through the roof, always is after work, and sure enough it was in the 130's which is quite high for me. But all things being equal, that's a normal BP for most of the universe, and my labs were boring as well. I email the staff at the surgeon's constantly. "Is this in order?" I ask. "How about this?"

Probably, I won't relax til I'm actually on the table. Even then, I'm fairly certain that I'll become convinced I'll perish immediately. I don't know why I ever chose my profession, I'm such a hypochondriac, and all of you should count some blessings you aren't going to be with me post-surgery to hear about my self-diagnosed DVTs and MRSA.

Less than 3 weeks until surgery. It seems so unreal... It feels like it was just yesterday that I started binding, even. More than five years, and it's passed by like nothing at all.
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Here it is inspired by this post by pearlo it's old men in love and swank nursing homes.

M+ / 3000ish words / mostly just about Erik Lehnsherr, retired nazi hunter, getting scoped out by the resident minx, Charles Xavier / that's p much it / handjobs and broken hips


Click for more )
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...For the sake of tumblr fics I don't feel up to putting on AO3 yet, I'm gonna.

I'm having ISSUES changing my tumblr theme because... of brain problems?? Yet I know it's absolute shit to read on, it makes your eyes trip right out. So from now on, those of you who are still diligently following this spare ass dw, it's like... spare ficspace. So enjoy.

I miss you all, though... I wish I weren't so awful at using anything more than two social media sites.
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A very merry fishmas was had by all:

here's the startings of a fishmas, incorporated in Shipwreck Light's card!

And the results, a dual-sided fishcreature (I... wasn't really sure! there was a lot of fishsupplies so I thought maybe it was supposed to be a double-sided ornament?)

It was a super cute gift, so franks a million! :D (background supplied by Shirokuma Cafe's credits, sorry!)
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I hope everyone had a lovely new year's eve into day. I didn't do much--though, unlike Christmas, I did have the day off--but I did get to chat with a ton of my pals and I did have a good time just relaxing and not doing much.

Hopefully 2013 does well for everyone. I sometimes think, you know... I didn't do a lot in 2012. But I did a lot of awesome things, actually, including:

-getting a job that doesn't fucking blow
-met some new awesome people!
-wrote roughly 90,000 words (!!!) of mostly ridic fanfiction, which--it should be noted--was pretty much done in two spikes in March and then again in November-December, but THAT IS OKAY
-got a fancy phone? I guess this is sort of news, for me
-took some amazing bike rides.

Whenever it's a new year, you always feel like... ugh, you know. I didn't do this, or that... I'm sort of bummed I didn't really go anywhere new on vacation, for example. I'm sort of bummed by being out of the education game, as well, but let's be honest I've only been off of that ride for all of two years, and in that time I've got some various new certifications, anyway (which I guess basically counts as new education). And I've lately been increasingly addicted to a few podcasts that teach me totally worthless crap about, like, Freemasons and stuff??? I am sure that counts. I think I just tend to be hard on myself, period. I think I worked through a few important issues this year, though, including:

-getting more okay with writing fanfiction about "serious" things
-becoming a better nurse
-learning how to send a great deal of postcards

So I guess I should give myself a little bit of a break.

This year I'm turning thirty, though, so while I'm gonna say I get to give myself a hell of a lot of kudos this year just for the whole getting-a-career-before-thirty thing, I do hope to travel to some new cool places and I don't know be better at talking to people or something this year? Who knows.

Thanks to all the cards and gifts from everyone! I think, of everything, I am particularly thankful for having you guys throughout this year.
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...That it is never too late for cards!

Main card post is here. I haven't sent out too many because of the lazy but as a reminder--

-I will send them any time (so if you think you want one for St Patrick's Day I am sure I can send you one)!

-I will also send them anywhere! I send to Canada and Australia every year and I have a few other more-postage-required card destinations this year, too! SO DO NOT BE SHY I AM A MAN OF LEISURE AND AMPLE POSTAGE

-I... need to maybe go to the doctor AND to a company Christmas party today ugh. :(
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Life has been going.. Swellish? There are some exciting new whatsits I have obtained lately, including

-NEW BIKE, which is about ten times faster than OLD BIKE and the fact sorta surprises me despite my knowledge of how poorly I treat OLD BIKE and how I have generally weighed it down with tank-grade tubes and a basket and all that. NEW BIKE was obtained for a friend's visit, and I spent about half the time wondering why she wasn't pedaling when I was? Hooray for bikes that actually, you know, coast once in a while.

-100 MILE ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED, wherein [profile] deadtrain and I biked somewhere around 100 miles over the duration of her visit. Longest ride was to the San Xavier mission which was super amazing to see in person even if it was sort of exhausting to bike 20 miles to get there.

-SHINY NEW PHONE as in an iPhone 5 wtf? I also got a new phone number so for the time being I am just... sort of having two phones. Ugh. I know you can keep your number even if you change providers and yes everyone is making a huge glubbing deal about how I changed my number. But to tell the truth, I've been failing in a years-long battle to get T-Mobile to correct my name on EVERYTHING (as of now they have my proper name on the bills, but on caller ID I still show up as my old name) and I frankly can't imagine transporting my number over to Verizon will make matters any less frustrating. Also: avoiding my alma mater and their incessant pleas for donations, jfc people I have better places to throw my dollar bills at.

-NEW HOLIDAY FILM SEASON hell fuckin yeah! I have seen loads of movies in the last week. Just got home from Wreck-It Ralph (SO GOOD) and Rise of the Guardians (so... mediocre? although Cupcake is friggin THE BEST character), and with [profile] deadtrain I saw Skyfall (!!!!!!BARDEM!!!!!!!!) and The Man With The Iron Fists (OMFG THE MOVIE YOU WERE WAITING YOUR WHOLE LIFE FOR THANK YOU RZA, SERIOUSLY SEE IT AS IT IS GORE-FILLED KUNG FU AWESOME) and the fucking Twilight movie which was SO AMAZING if you are someone who has perhaps only seen the first movie once while drunk and otherwise has obtained 100% of his knowledge of the series from Internet. Loud whispers included "I THINK THIS IS THE ONE WHERE A BABY BREAKS THROUGH HER RIBS" and "WAIT THE BABY IS ALREADY HERE???!!!" and "WHERE IS THE RAINIER IN THIS JESUS." I also was That Guy that makes the entire audience laugh, quite accidentally, when after a certain pivotal scene in which A PLOT TWIST IS REVEALED, I didn't realize the music was suddenly going to be very quiet and I said "OH, COME ON!" in a tone that was very near shout level. I am inclined to believe the entire audience was in agreement even if they were fans of the books or movies.

-NEW WRITING! I have been mega busy with writing again off and on. But sadly for 99.9% of the universe it is a giant ball of Homestuck. :/


Nov. 26th, 2012 09:07 pm
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You all are probably quite used to the hijinks of Red During The Holidays. EVERY YEAR WE GO THROUGH THIS:

-I ask kindly for your address

I promise this year's batch WILL NOT DISAPPOINT, as it is mostly compiled of items I liberated from The Step-Aunt's Hoarding Situation (a story that begins with "moving in to assisted living" and ends with "family stuck with two stories of garbage, plus a few sheds"). No extra charge for that faint aroma of mildew and sadness!

I love sending cards, so as always, no worries on return cards (stamps are like a dollar by now) and no worries about living on the moon (I will pay for the rocket fuel). I will send cards wherever and to whomever and you will probably not like it BUT I AM DOING IT ANYWAY.

Comments are screened, of course! I do have some addresses still from last year, but not many... so if you haven't got a postcard recently, assume I lost it in the wilds of my house.


Sep. 24th, 2012 05:14 am
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Just checking to see the crossposting works. Now that I let my account expire over on El Jay, I'm gonna try and get used to operating solely on DW, something I keep putting off.

If you don't follow me on tumblr, though, it is probably still where I'll be the most active, so I do recommend that: Panzercat @ tumblr is the user name.

As for all my writing, most of it's just going straight up to AO3 nowadays. I'm still working on de-anonning for stuff from the XMFC kinkmeme, and still writing other stuff (mainly Homestuck right now, sorry to say) and so keep an eye out over there as well.

Any tips on making this friends page have aaaaaalll the el jay things? I guess it is probably pretty straightforward...
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Okay so I am incredibly slow and just started (and finished) watching That Mitchell and Webb Look and I KNOW I was warned what with the sketch about Black Adder and the depressing endings to comedy shows






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