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I just watched Haru wo Daiteita. Which I believe is Japanese for "hilarious sparkly animation of men having gay sex, as drawn by women who have heard of men, but have never seen one." Dude, I haven't seen that many sparkles in... well, in a very long while.

Also, the Prince of Tennis musical? Insanity.

I'm feeling a lot more 'with it' today. Probably because I'm almost off of the prednisone... Anyway, today was the first day I could get my mouth open enough to get a good look at what's going on back there. And it was so wonderfully gross that I had to take pictures. Seriously, have you ever had the chance to enjoy gross scarring in the mouth? Urk. Well, it's good to know it's healing, anyway!

I also felt good enough to make it out to the grocery store. But it was probably just because I knew fruit bars would be at the end of the five block excursion.

What I really want is a sandwich, though...
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Why does my antibiotic have to taste approximately a gazillion times worse than my painkiller? I mean, I have to take two tablespoons of it four times a day. They could make it taste a little less like ass.

It's funny, too, because growing up as a kid, I specifically trained myself to be able to swallow pills. All pills, any size. The only time I had to have liquid medicine was when my brother was sick, too--he was the kind of kid who could not physically swallow a pill. I just hated liquid meds so freaking much. And now here I am, arsed with two of 'em. Ah, well, at least the prednisone is a pill...

I basically slept all day today--I found it almost impossible to sleep yesterday, and now I'm finally catching up. I've also started watching the shockingly crack-like Prince of Tennis, c/o [ profile] rollerdragon's gift of burns. I've only just finished episode 5, but so far I like it.

You only get one animal-related news story today:

-If I'm not mistaken, 'kha-nyou' is Laotian for "freaking adorable." Come bask in the cute of the living fossil, the rock rat!
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Surgery makes me enjoy capslock.

My throat feels like I have strep, naturally, and my jaw is a little sore. But other than that? Things are well! I'm getting more oxycontin elixir (which, if it's the same blend as at the hospital, tastes unnaturally like CANDY) in a few minutes, as the SO is picking up the perscription for me...

Whelps, just wanted to say "hello, I am in pain." Now it's back to Jeeves & Wooster--the teevee show that I always watched with my mum as a sickly wee one, and what my brother bought for me for my birthday. Work your healing powers, Stephen Fry!
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Now that I know I'll most likely have to pay about $500 out-of-pocket, I am sorely tempted to Not Get The Tonsils Removed. I just feel like, sore throats and the chance of cancer aside, I could just really do a lot with five hundred dollars. I can't help but worry about ending up being financially obliged to others...

Oh well... At least I'm pretty excited for class to start on the 26th, and that's all paid for. And at least I can tell my student loan agencies "lulz srry i'z poor" soon!

ZOMG! Robots and bugs in the news:

-You know what sort of joke I'm sorely tempted by with this one. A robotic device that mimics human touch is unveiled.

-Millipedes! With the most legs, ever! And one of them had 666 legs! It's a fiesta. Anyway, most millipedes have a lot less legs than one would suspect--and at up to 750 legs, Illacme plenipes is the most limb-ful. I love millipedes, honestly. Mostly because they're a hundred times less terrifying than their evil cousins, centipedes.

-Also, I missed this one when it was new: eight undiscovered invertebrates were found in a cave in Israel. Dude, new crustaceans.

-Finally, although most everyone has probably already read this on [ profile] tws_support, I'm just linking this for my own future astonishment. A Missouri woman beats a dog breeder on the head with a dead puppy.


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