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So I decided to write some Homestuck porn. Mainly, I guess, because you get to invent WHATEVER GENITALS YOU LIKE for an alien race (this is also why I found Vulcans so terribly fun, though I never got around to writing about them), and you can also DECIDE TO MAKE THEM BE IN HEAT (which is also ALSO why Vulcans are so terribly fun).

For some reason it wound up being a little long for a PWP, and to deal way too much with Karkat's Feels About Troll Romance, but well.

Warnings for: alien biology, rough sex, mentioning of the fact that highbloods live forever (and dude if you are--like me--someone who sits around thinking "aw... I thought I left that depressing dynamic with Joe/Methos" in regards to warmblood/coolblood romance... WELL AS I HAVE BEEN TELLING MYSELF, YOU ARE WAY TOO OLD FOR THIS FANDOM), and infidelity/quadrant-confusion. Pairing-wise, it's actually Karkat <> Gamzee with Gamzee <3 Tavros, but due to the miracles of Highblood Mating Season the fic itself is Karkat/Gamzee.

You can read in on AO3 of course! But if you'd prefer:

The Seventh Rainy Season )
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So I decided to wisely spend money on fine art, care of [ profile] froggie. And... and everything turned out EVEN BETTER THAN EXPECTED.

The following el jay cut contains art that is perhaps ludicrously NSFW. And that is ludicrously hot. And contains FISTING? Hello everyone! :D

Cut for dudes! Hot dudes! Amazing fisting hot and trans dudes! No really this is so NSFW it's silly. )
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Has anyone, in all their slashy interweb travels, ever run into Dave Bowman/Frank Poole slash?

No, seriously! Guys, get back here! They were on a ship for years a month or two, and, um... Okay, no, I don't have any real justification. But I put on 2001 today just for background as I studied, and it struck me that ever since I was a wee slasher, this is something I've felt my life was lacking!

Oh god, I can't believe I'm putting a spoiler-cut in, but you never know! )

Maybe when I have more time, I'll write it... But man, it really should already BE! MAKE WITH KISSY FACE, DUDES!

Um, in I'm-not-a-dork news, the government is to be giving me $900! Yay tax season!


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