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Hey, how about let's try to update like, twice a month.

That's a doable goal, right? Maybe I'll just recommend dumb things I run into during life. Three things every two weeks. It might be fan stuff, it might be movies, might be food you can ONLY BUY in one place in the US what can you do? Sounds doable, and really, not much else is really going down with me.

I am training someone at work, that's sort of new, I suppose. It's stressful (because of management, not because of the new person) but okay. I don't know if I'm a good preceptor per se. I think I am for this person, because they're laid-back too, but sometimes you get someone who needs, like, more concrete guidance. I hear lots of tell I should go back to grad school and I'm sure education courses would help with that but man, that's some hot money, isn't it. I think I'll wait til I pay off undergrad (so, never).


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Will (hopefully) make a comprehensive post on Wednesday re: the musical interlude going on in my life (I went to see Weird Conception of The Beggar's Opera With Eighties Music By College Students on Saturday, I'm going to... no, really... the Edward Scissorhands musical tomorrow [which is actually put on by people actually being paid]) but for now, I just have to PIMP.

For [ profile] rollerdragon has made a community which has just needed to be forever, and yet was not in existence! Please, everyone love, join, and send photos of smooshed bugs (and please call spiders 'bugs,' entomologists love that) to the new insect-identification comm, [ profile] whatthebug.

Also, in news: next time I get a mysterious leg-wound, I'm totes rubbing frog all over it.
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For it contains Katamari Damacy fanfiction. And lo, it is good.

Oh, and [ profile] rollerdragon, for you (and, indeed, anyone else who likes seeing Jack and Daniel do eet in a hot manner) here's a link to Komos' fiction. I can't believe I haven't linked you before, but, yea. Slacker.

Edited, because I love adding an extra "s" to all names...
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[ profile] metron_ariston, I think the first two fics I'm going to link to here are pretty much geared towards your enjoyment. For, if there is anyone I know (other than myself) who loves the two fandoms involved, it would be you.

That said, I really wish someone else has a love for both Stargate and the His Dark Materials books, because I just ran across two great crossover fics: [ profile] trinityofone's SGA/HDM fic, Dæmonology, and [ profile] kormantic's SG-1/HDM fic snowballs, chance. Honestly, if there is a teevee fandom that could be happily crossed into HDM, it would be Stargate. Even so, I'm now feeling a very sad, very beer-inspired (and, happily, very easily repressed) urge to cross some House with some HDM. You'd all best feel blessed that I'm such a slacker.

In the House fandom, though, I feel I must rec some stories that made my weekend and filled me with unusual-for-the-fandom squishy feelings: [ profile] astolat's heart-warming look into the real estate market of Princeton, Futures; [ profile] finding_jay's pretzel-less panty-mentioning funtime, Decorative Napkins; and [ profile] app1e_pi wrote a great story in which an appropriate amount of beer was consumed, Too Long at the Fair. Yay for porn!

Also on my weekend, in case one hasn't heard: the local sports team--the one that's not usually any good, and plays some kind of sport without any sort of sticks involved--is going to this "super-bowl." Last night, a lot of college dudes happily yelled "WOO HAWKS" until around two in the morning. Me? I'm just holding out for when we win the Superbowl and I have an excuse to flip over cars.

I honestly think there's some rule in which a city can't have a good football team and a good baseball team. It's like with high school and marching bands--either your football team is good, or your marching band is. You can't have both. Personally, I wish the Mariners were rocking hardcore once more... While I actually enjoy baseball, football has always been confusing to me, at the least--either I think they're just practicing the whole game ("What are those other dudes just standing there on the sidelines for? They must be waiting for the game to start!") or I'm frustrated at ten minutes actually taking two hours.

And while you're at with making our baseball team rock, Seattle, please buy me a hockey team. I'm done with this "not having pro-hockey while being so close to Canada" thing. It's pretty sad when Florida has two more NHL teams than Washington does. Heck, even that spooky other "Washington" has a team...

Whelps, tomorrow is another day to go into work two hours early!


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