Oct. 9th, 2011 06:25 pm
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I had this awesome dream where I got a new job, a decent hospital gig with a one-month orientation, my god, and where I told off the bald chucklehead EMT who always tries to talk me out of sending people to the hospital, and where I did all the things and got a check for back pay for all the hours I've worked and not been paid for, and at some point I was possibly having sex with James McAvoy, POSSIBLY. And then the dream got awkward because I realized I must be Magneto. And so, given I was Magneto and all, I just quit my job and levitated shit for the rest of the dream.

And then I woke up, and worked several hours without pay, and also again looked like me. :/


Anyway, boring posts continue to be boring. I've been trying to actually write--both meaningful posts and fanfiction about dudes boning--and really I just continue to barely have the energy to do much more than nap and sneeze on the weekends. This week's huge achievements: I scheduled an appointment with a doctor just to get a prescription before my hormones totally run out again (considering I purposefully asked "AND THIS DOCTOR KNOWS WHAT TRANS PEOPLE ARE RIGHT?" hopefully it will not be 100% nightmare), and spent sixty bucks on a BevMo run? THRILLING.
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Latest in dream-o-vision basically started out with "Avon and Vila steal a ship," which went about as well as anything for them. The ship was designed as a prototype TARDIS or something, and sent them oodles of years in the future and killed everyone else on board (lucky for my brain, no cats were spared for evolutionary purposes, or else we'd be having a long talk with brain about Too Much Teevee). Once they got to The Future, Avon decided to fiddle with things needlessly in some corridor... which somehow got him lost for more years?

Anyway, for a bit the dream focused on Vila being like "oh sod this" and looking for booze, then realizing the ship was empty and Avon had probably got himself very well lost. Vila began a campaign of searching for booze and Avon, and started writing letters to leave taped to walls on the off-chance Avon a) had missed him somehow and b) cared. For some reason my brain decided the only things available to write on were packing supplies, so Vila was dutifully ripping off bits of cardboard to leave notes and putting them in bubblewrap envelopes? This bit of the dream was very short.

The rest of the dream was following Avon, who--returned from his swirly time thing--was pissed at Vila for not sticking around, and who began finding the notes. The dream left it vague how long he'd been gone, or where he'd been--just had a bunch of searching through conduits and reading (occasionally very touching???) letters from Vila, and Avon being sometimes worried but mostly annoyed. It wasn't even clear if Vila was still on the ship, or even alive. I woke up before I found out. At first I was upset. All this build-up, and Avon never gets to find out if Vila's even alive!

Then I decided... yeah, should thank my brain for sparing me. Go alarm clocks!


Aug. 9th, 2010 02:08 pm
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Last night I had a dream where I was trying to prepare cup noodle... by putting it in the oven to heat it up before pouring water from the tap in?

And I had to keep checking on the containers, because they were sort of styrofoam with plastic wrap--you know, like instant ramen is--and sort of flammable?

...And I kept getting distracted because I was doing this all while WORKING AT A HOSPITAL and the only other nurse on the floor was [ profile] elina_elsu?

...I presume this has some very deep meaning!
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My body is doing weird stuff. Vagina time!!! )

And yeah, still having crazy sex dreams. My favorite one lately was from two nights ago. I'd somehow found this extra episode of B7 that the BBC had taped over (I don't know how I found it?) and I was really very excited to watch it. When I finally did (there was a bunch of "being thwarted from watching the tape" bits to the dream) it was at first kind of normal (as far as B7 goes): seemed to be season 4, and apparently the writers had brought Jarvik back... for another twenty minutes of fighting with Tarrant. It was kind of boring actually, and I totally understood why TPTB had tried to delete the whole thing. I had the impression they were fighting over Avon though, who was sitting on a lawn chair wearing that one outfit from Gold and Assassin, looking sort of concerned but mainly very bored and put-out. After a while, he snuck off (Jarvik and Tarrant kept at it) and climbed into a pit. The episode then was 10-15 minutes of Avon crawling through conduits and stuff, so yes, about 35 minutes of Normal B7, but then at the end of the tunnel there was a lot of pulsating wires covered with gobs of what looked suspiciously like petroleum jelly, and for the rest of the dream, Avon was basically weaving lubed wires together and rubbing pulsating lights and occasionally pulling more vaseline out of the walls, and sometimes kind of rubbing himself against it all. I was watching it for a while and though they didn't explain it, I realized a) he was fixing Zen (who was somehow... in a subterranean base?) and b) apparently no one on internet liked this episode, so I wasn't going to get any Zen/Avon/pulsing wires! It kept going on, and I kept feeling uncomfortably aroused by it all. :( I... kind of wish Matthew Barney really had done an episode?
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Lately I have been having odd(er than usual) dreams, and remembering more of them. I don't think anyone goes into hrt thinking "ooo, I wonder if this will make my dreams slightly insane for a bit?" so I can probably be forgiven for going this long without figuring it was likely the T making things more interesting.

Because, well... You know that old complaint about how sex dreams for me never wind up in sex (or, if they do, I just get shot in the stomach a few times)? It's apparently no longer the case. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily make the dreams any more pleasurable--and it certainly doesn't mean they make any sort of sense--but as my brain isn't full-time trying to get me filled with bullets I'll take what I can get. These also all featured my body as a transmale body (post chest-surgery and quite a while on T) which is interesting as I've usually had dreams where I'm cisgendered male.

Cut for TMI. I've rounded up the top three zany sex dreams, now with official weirdness and enjoyability ratings )

I probably shouldn't even be sharing these, huh? You guys were warned, and I'm sorry!
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I got Holmes, Watson, and a barely-dressed hobo in my mailbox today! Amazing. Super thanks to my talented pals [ profile] spacefall and [ profile] cannedebonbon! I guess this means I should get around to sending out cards sometime, huh...

Meh, feel like I haven't done a dream journal in a bit, but I've been amused enough by the last couple nights. I mean, y'know how it's usually nearly impossible to get back to a dream after you've been woken up?

Well, it turns out that the sure-fire way to fix this is being interrogated?! Um note to self, limits to masochism are acceptable and advisable at this juncture but, in a tired jumble from finals study, my brain decided I deserved a free fandom dream. And in an effort to do a bit better than the dream I had about running in quarries (nothing else happening, not even styrofoam avalanches) after the night I watched *coughtenepisodescough* of Blake's 7 in a row, it supplied me something a bit more exciting.

And by a little better, I mean I dreamed Servalan* was interrogating me? I can't remember much about what, but I do remember it was in general a lot more laid-back of an interrogation than the time Spock questioned me about beating up nuns**. I think I was just telling her something about the philosophy essay my brain was additionally worried about (sure she loved to hear about Nietzsche and American pop culture) when my alarm went off. The last thing I remember was her saying "wait, I'm not through with you yet!"

...So I hit the snooze button. I think I might have even mumbled something like "ffs shut up she's not through with me yet." And I managed to get in fifteen more minutes of answering her questions about Nietzsche, without much break in the dream-logic continuity. That almost never happens for me, but yeah. Brain, we can have words later.

In other news, one final down, the Nietzsche paper is crap but turned in (Servalan refused to beta for me I guess), had my eval for my rotation (got a 3.4, solid!), and one more final to go. Whew, it'll feel good when this quarter is done with on Thursday.

*Pictorial reference for folks who haven't seen here. Along with commanding the entire costume budget, she presses buttons that make people more dead than usual, which my brain apparently finds just swell.

**Actually a dream I had a number of years ago: Spock was trying to get me to admit to false charges of nun-punching, and was not afraid of breaking the Geneva Convention. I held out--no one calls Red a nun-puncher!--but it wasn't fun. Thanks Spock.
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I dreamed, last night, that Allen Ginsberg had called me before the Supreme Court.

To tell them I was a total slut? I woke up feeling a little perturbed that this universe is so far off from that one, where I'm apparently getting enough action to upset Allen Ginsberg.

If I've seemed absent from Internet lately, it's not because of manwhoring (tragically), but rather because my dial-up has decided to suck more than usual. I mean, yeah, it is dial-up, it isn't terrific by nature. But lately I get dropped every five minutes or so and it's very tedious to be online. I've been filling the void of school and interwebs with a steady supply of work (somehow more boring than usual), pals (the ones that don't seem to have vanished with the last final of the year), MegaTen (Devil Survivor remains awesome) and for some reason a pathological supply of Deep Space Nine. The latter came about one day at the rental store, where I saw the DVD sets and thought... "hey, I remember that being good... In 1994... when I may have been eleven" and rented the first season. I'm up to the third, and while I occasionally do remind myself that if I were watching TOS I'd be done by now--also I'd have seen Lincoln instead of watching Sisko slowly and gruelingly build a goddamn space yacht--it's by and large a lot more fun and hilarious than I had hoped, considering yeah... I was eleven? I guess I had okay taste at that age, at least in television. But I'm not going back to a wardrobe of braces and X-Files t-shirts ten sizes too large. And while I started having an itch to listen to Beck today, all my Green Day CDs are blessedly in the possession of my niece, so I am so not going down THAT road either.

Otherwise, I'm about to go out of town to a family thing, and I'm likely going to be forced to spend time OUTSIDE. Ugh, one of my friends was just talking to me about how I was a wuss who hated nature, and I tried to defend myself. I've been camping! I can hike! But now I'm spending my summer watching Colm Meany's giant Irish face, so I feel a little like I'm sliding further into my future of Aging Fanboy. Good thing I think the lulz you get when Nixon starts running Bajor are worth it.
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So last night I dreamt that somebody decided to make a serialized Dune television show.

And that for some reason, my friends and I were (perhaps masochistically) sincerely addicted to it, to the point of breaking onto the set and meeting the actors.

I really can't even start to wonder what a dream like that means. It was basically just me on a couch calling [ profile] rollerdragon and saying "DUDE NO, NO. THEY ARE PAINTING ANOTHER ACTOR A DIFFERENT SHADE OF BLUE THAN THIS OTHER ACTOR AND SAYING IT IS A NEW ALIEN RACE. THERE WERE NOT ALIENS AT LEAST IN THE FIRST BOOK WHICH IS AS FAR AS I GOT IN THAT SERIES. ANYWAY, SEND HELP" and nearly dying laughing when they decided to put random bits from the David Lynch movie in the series, like having Paul's kid sister do the deflate-a-man trick to a guy painted up as "blue alien" during a business meeting.

Really, most of the show was weirdly about aliens sitting around desks in staff meetings. All action seemed to be chucked in to the last ten minutes of every episode, like an afterthought. Heck, maybe that's how I always felt about the other books?

Well. Anyway, at least I know that my brain's determined dream-translation of "Baron Harkonnen" to "The Baroness" has legitimate childhood-crush roots...


Nov. 21st, 2008 06:39 pm
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Last night I dreamt that I found a Holmes anthology from 1925. "Exciting!" I thought, "I'm buying this!"

I got it home, and flipping through it, I found the art pretty enjoyable. It was sort of a "Paget drops some absinthe and sleeps with Beardsley" sort of thing, and it was all well and good for a while, until I realized...

The artist had absolutely no conception of how the outside world worked. None! Every picture was drawn well enough, but if it took place outside of a sitting room, there was just something fundamentally wrong with the image. Trees grew from above, dogs had that sort of quality illustrations of manatees once did, and all the plant matter had an awful lot of right angles.

So I spent the rest of the dream scanning it in and emailing it everywhere.

I was making an icon from the image of Watson holding an umbrella while Holmes and Irene Adler were being pelted by laser rain which emits from the sun and typing the caption "WHO'S GOT THE UMBRELLA NOW, BITCH" when I woke up.

...Even in my dreams, I'm finding ridiculous capslocky ways to avoid final papers.
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Last night I had a dream which entirely consisted of writing papers and reading el jay.

However, [ profile] amazonqueenkate had an icon of CSI's Grissom as the bunny from Goodnight, Moon.

Yeah, I admit it. When I woke up and realized the icon didn't really exist, something inside me came this much closer to death.
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Well, the day is finally upon us: I've spotted my first adverts on the BBC site. So far, though, they only seem to be on the main page, and don't seem to be animated with terrifying voices that demand I click for free IPods. But let's give them a few weeks, shall we? I mean, who doesn't want a pop-up ad for the exciting new toy, The Li'l Frat Party?

Lately, I've been enjoying an exciting step back in time with the resurgence of my old friend, crippling insommnia. I suppose it's common for one not to feel stressed or anxious mentally, but for one's body to wig the heck out. However, when you're experiencing it at three in the morning, it's hard to remember to think "just anxiety, not a bundle-o-heart-attacks." I wound up getting all of three hours of sleep on Sunday night, as every time I'd almost get to sleep it was as if a surge of adrenaline would go through me. I'm pretty excited to see how I did on that math test Monday morning--sometimes I do my best work when totally cracked out from lack of sleep!

At least one thing amused me enough on Monday to keep me awake through eight hours of work... Remember that credit card I got last year to build credit/pay for classes without starving for a month? Well, I guess I'd been vaguely wondering sometime this summer, "eh, I wonder how that credit score thing is going," but I didn't care enough to check. Well, on Monday, I got a letter from the company saying "YOU PAY THINGS SO FAST, WE ARE UPGRADING YOU. HERE IS A CARD. WITH 'UNLIMITED PURCHASING POWER.'" I... aaah! What does that even mean?! There's no limit! And the way they phrased it in the letter it sounded like I could buy GOD if I wanted to. "Yes, please... I'd like to buy the internet. Of course I want all the tubes as well!" Pretty terrifying.

It's funny though... I think for 'normal' credit card owners in society, they have an image of what someone with a 'signature' or 'platinum' card looks like. You know, a suit, a good job, 2.5 kids, a yacht, a mansion, and dead of coke. But really, it's 'retail clerk/student with a tiny cluttered apartment, a bicycle, a heap of student loans and a weird fixation for cowboy shirts.' They should do a photoexhibit on 'people with good credit.' It should be subtitled, "god, don't buy that house if you can't afford it... HEY, ARE YOU HAVING EXTRA BABIES OVER THERE? WAIT, YOU--WHAT'S WITH THAT EXTRA CAR?!" Though that doesn't take into account things like medical debts... Silly America!

I had an extremely cracked out dream involving the plot of Digital Devil Saga (mainly something about a supreme baby forming of glucose?!) last night, and I was sort of flummoxed it wasn't real, as it made a bit more sense than what's going on in the game right now. I guess I'm close to the end... At any rate, if you make certain choices in DDS1, and respond to two interactions in a particular way in DDS2, you can unlock a "secret" character. However, one of your other characters won't join you in the final part of the game (basically, you can only have 5 characters out of 6). I managed to respond correctly to get the secret dude (honestly, if you are a) a pacifist, and b) a slasher, you'll just wind up making those decisions), and I thought I'd be happy... but man! I miss the other dude now! Tactically, I guess they're about equivalent, but still. Stupid SMT, making me need to play their games a bajillion times...
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Finally beat Phoenix Wright: Justice For All last night. Man, what was up with what you give Edgeworth to 'show you how you feel about him'? I chose it as a JOKE, and IT WAS THE CORRECT CHOICE. Clearly, the creators are depending on the player's desire for kinky gay sex.

Anyway, I also finally had a wacky dream last night, after a few weeks of dream-free sleeping. Cut for mecha, poetry readings, and albino seals. )

Also, it's NaArMaMo! Check yes to art from talented pals, daily.
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Do you ever have those situations where you're able to tell yourself, quite confidently, "I told you so?" Yesterday, a guy wandered into work... And who would it be but Junky Charles Manson, who, with his "can-I-use-your-phone" visit, reminded me that yes, life in the boarding-house is now Officially Totally Hilarious!

For those of you not on the flist at the time, when I first moved into my own place in Seattle (almost three years ago now), it was into a particularly crazy boarding-house. Junkie Charles Manson, who looks about like what you'd expect, was somehow hired by my slumlord LL to repair his several houses, a job which appeared to mostly consist of being drunk and yelling at various intervals, and occasionally duct-taping electrical cords together. Man, he really brought me back... Why, there was the time my neighbors caused an electrical fire which got into their mattress, and nearly burnt the house down; the time that these guys upstairs punched out a window and some teeth; the fact that I could only eat non-perishables or at restaurants, as anything in the fridge was fair game after one hour... And, most famously: The Guy Who Seriously Lived On A Chair In The Kitchen, and The Time My Then-SO Found Several Bloody Rags In The Shower, And I Was So Desensitized That I Just Said "Oh, It Happens," And Went Back To Sleep. Back then, I thought it pretty terrible, but always would reassure myself... "You'll laugh when this is over!"


As for today... for some reason, today decided to be a constant portal into a world of hilarity, starring Lestrade )

Oh, and in news formulated as an insult: your bones are made of sperm and all your termites are cockroaches.
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Man, this apartment is good for the crack dreams.

Last night I had a pretty long dream in which I was just clicking around Wikipedia (wow, I'm glad my subconscious mind holds no illusions as to how exciting my life is) and it kept randomly getting porny. And not really in a bad way, just in a kind of bzuh? way... For example, you'd be reading on some entry about DNA, and it would just suddenly segue from the real entry to say something like, "Of course, many of the scientists involved in DNA research celebrated their discoveries by holding elaborate parties. There, often ignoring professionalism, their usual sexual orientation, or the fact that many were married, they would often engage in wild sexual orgies, the likes of which those not in the then-cutting-edge field of genetic research would rarely see." The entry would then describe some sexxorz, then go right back to the "normal" entry. This was the case in all the articles in my dream, and I was looking at everything from Venn diagrams (dang, John Venn was a kinky bastard!) to articles about eighties television. One of the entries which even frustrated me in the dream was that for The Adventure of the Red Circle. I really don't remember this as being a particularly gay story, but in the dream-entry, there was a heading for "Trivia." And under the trivia section, it just said: "The Granada Television adaptation chose to omit the sex scene between Watson and Holmes, due to concern about censorship laws." What? Where is this sex-scene copy of Red Circle?

Anyway, speaking of shameless porn in the real world, I am working on some Christmassy porn. It is Holmes/Watson, naturally, and it's pretty much just Porn Porn Shameless Porn. However, I would like a beta? In the off-chance someone on my flist would be willing, this is your official plea.

Interested persons can also log into AIM every few minutes and whack me with bricks to make sure I'm finishing up. I'm luckily trapped in the apartment all day, waiting for the postal worker to hopefully deliver [ profile] aruru's Christmas cheer, so chances look okay for maybe getting a rough copy done tonight.

ETA: this just in--the mailman delivered the package! Screw porn, I've got Phoenix Motherfucking Wright to play!
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I just went downstairs to try and take out the trash. Whereupon I learned that the trash compactor here is just coated with signs that say things like "Whatever you do, don't put anything even resembling these items in here," "If you have the slightest question, don't throw it out," and "Dear Redders: if you even think of touching this machine, you will break it."

Now you know how all those "dead man found in apartment with three decades of trash" stories truly begin...

Speaking of the apartment, there's something wacky about it which has made me have a whole zany slew of dreams since moving here. Maybe I'm just more relaxed, so I actually remember them in the morning. Anyway, dream journal:

In which no one celebrates Halloween, I can't seem to buy any yarn, and Lestrade knicks undergarments. )

Hey, it's your old friend: news!

-The University of Portsmouth is instituting the use of truly terrifying medical dummies. That die, and talk. While I'm all for the concept, it pretty much just seems a little too "one step removed from that one episode of The Twilight Zone" to me.

-These lab-grown bone rings are pretty awesome. It's a pity that this would never really take off as some truly touching replacement for diamond rings, as, even if all the lab techs were being forced to watch the entire run of Highlander: The Raven during work while being kicked in the teeth, these rings would still be about ten thousand times more ethical.

-This may be interesting to those who--unlike me--can abide by cats (or at least--again, unlike me--can breathe around them): researchers find that cats can suffer from a feline Alzheimer's.

-Say what you want about calling the cops on a kid who opened his Christmas present early. What I don't get about this article is this: if that kid is as rotten as the mom says, what the hey are they doing getting him a DS for Christmas? Why, in my day, I had to walk uphill both ways and ace every test just to get a copy of Marble Madness. Dang whippersnappers!

-Finally, I post this for Richard Dean Anderson, as I know he is a devout reader of my blog: baaaaaby seal found four miles inland, on a rural road in Lancashire.
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Woot! And woot part two!

Naturally, the Senate race in this corner of the States was no contest. Of course Maria Cantwell was going to win--even the GOP stopped giving McGavick campaign funding in the middle of the race, as they saw it was pretty much a waste of money. So we're still representing one eighth of the females in Senate out here--and both Democrats, natch. This was the off-year for the governor race. Thank god. That's always a parade of insanity and misplaced ballots. No truly exciting initiatives this year, either--we just had the usual estate tax and land use hoo-hah that we always do, and a bonus initiative about utility companies using more renewable energy.

I had a wacky dream last night (it's the time of year for it or something, if my friends list is anything to go by)--I was playing Contact, and suddenly part of the game was answering these trivia questions. And they weren't easy ones, like you might expect in a game. Oh no, they were all complicated six-possibility multiple choice, and all the questions were nonsensically difficult... The only one I can remember now was, "In the song, 'Nutrition! Nutrition!' that the FDA wrote in 1970, what was the smallest particle of food?" and the only two answers I can remember are "three black pepper kernels" and "a handful of brown wheat." I mean... what? What is this song? Why does my brain come up with these things? Maybe I'm just stressed out about school...

The Wii is coming out soon! I actually don't think I can afford it until the holidays, but I'm still pretty excited. Hey, [ profile] shinkuu, you should be a correspondent for your New York trip!
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Last night, I had this long, in-depth dream about being a counselor at the summer camp I used to go to as a kid. For some reason, about half of the dream involved me looking for a particular t-shirt that I wanted to wear to an event at the camp, which was odd, because... why impress twelve-year-old gifted students?

This afternoon, I was waiting for the bus downtown (after finally buying a new pair of Fluevogs) when a group of middle schoolers out on a field trip walked by. The last girl in the troop, as she passed, said, "Hey, I really think your t-shirt is cool!"

I just... want to cue the Twilight Zone music. This was the shirt in question, by the way.
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We got the anato tests back yesterday--I missed one point, but got all six of the bonus points right. So, while I personally believe I should get some rollover with those extra points, I'm holding at a 100%. I just gotta do as well on the next three tests, and it's 4.0-ville for me!

Last night I had this pretty zany dream... This guy was making a ride based off of Pirates of the Caribbean, and I couldn't convince him that the movie was already based off of a ride. The ride really sucked, too--it was one of those hydraulic car rides. You know the sort, where you get into what is basically a large van on some hydraulics, and there's a large screen in the front that shows images that match the motion? What was worse was that the images were all of flying through canyons for some reason, and the motion made many of those in the car sick. I really yelled at the guy after I tried it (for some reason I was in a position of power concerning the ride--as if I owned an amusement park or something) and he just started insulting all the passengers who had been sick, calling them "scummy land-lubbers." I guess he was trying to sell it to me with that remark... I woke up after apologizing to this older woman who had been sick, and wondered what the heck the dream was all about.

Other (fangirlish) news: HOMG, frumply-in-drag Jude Law! I've been slowly watching all the Granada Sherlock Holmes adaptations, and... dude. He's just so young and squishable, despite his typical Evil Rentboy Looks.
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I think I heard the sound of a thousand fangirls' brains rupturing last night. Nail. Polish. So awesome!

Drama fun:

I feel so going to shoot someone! [ profile] hawkeyecat said they wanted to play Counter-Strike but they didn't show up :-(.

And also I went to gaming group with [ profile] azusa and [ profile] rollerdragon the other day but [ profile] laureth is getting favors from the game master. That totally sucked!

What sucks is that I don't know why [ profile] aru_projects went all psycho over me and [ profile] finding_jay having a little fun.

Oh yeah. [ profile] kozatoi went around saying how they saw me backstabbing [ profile] metron_ariston. And yeah. You might guess I don't give a flying f*** what they think anymore. I'm over that.

This entry automatically generated by the LJ Drama Generator!

By the way, [ profile] laureth, I had a dream in which your journal was being advertised on Air America... Apparently you're the new blogging hero of the left! There was even a press release from Bill O'Reilly that said something to the effect of, "I don't know why anyone would ever read that bleeping Live Journal." I guess that's what I dream of when I think about checking LJ while listening to Air America when I go to bed.


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