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Sep. 19th, 2014 02:59 am
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Unbelievably, I have 6 shifts left at work. Also unbelievably, I'd had only one session left at crossfit--that is, of course, til I paid up yesterday to get an additional week and two-thirds (I go on T/Th/Sa, but will be flying to Baltimore on the 4th, a Saturday), and now I've six sessions left of that, too.

I went to get my physical and bloodwork done on Wednesday. It was all rather anticlimactic, and my physician had a good laugh at the papers. "I'd love this job more," she said, "were it not for all the ridiculous paperwork," and I responded, "yeah, I hear you." I'm constantly nervous, every step in this process--I showed up to the physical after work, so I thought the whole time, fuck my blood pressure will be through the roof, always is after work, and sure enough it was in the 130's which is quite high for me. But all things being equal, that's a normal BP for most of the universe, and my labs were boring as well. I email the staff at the surgeon's constantly. "Is this in order?" I ask. "How about this?"

Probably, I won't relax til I'm actually on the table. Even then, I'm fairly certain that I'll become convinced I'll perish immediately. I don't know why I ever chose my profession, I'm such a hypochondriac, and all of you should count some blessings you aren't going to be with me post-surgery to hear about my self-diagnosed DVTs and MRSA.

Less than 3 weeks until surgery. It seems so unreal... It feels like it was just yesterday that I started binding, even. More than five years, and it's passed by like nothing at all.
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