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I had a few tumblr fics over the last week or so, but never got around to posting over here, and sort of don't feel up to posting to AO3 in the range of "anytime soon". The prompt post I made is over here, basically it was an askbox prompt meme with different quotes. If anyone wants to put a new one in my ask/in a comment at any time, of course I'd be happy to fill another one.

Get off the road! )


Sometimes I want to be alone, but right now I need you. )


I didn’t know you could do that. )
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I forgot these somewhere! they were askbox stories for ang3lish1 and velvetcadence, so I'm just compiling them for the year's end meme. Both are mature.

for velvetcadence, satyr Charles meeting a pregnant faun Erik in the woods )

SPOILERS for Digital Devil Saga below, if you're ever gonna play!

For Ang3lish1, Digital Devil Saga crossover )
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Here it is inspired by this post by pearlo it's old men in love and swank nursing homes.

M+ / 3000ish words / mostly just about Erik Lehnsherr, retired nazi hunter, getting scoped out by the resident minx, Charles Xavier / that's p much it / handjobs and broken hips


Click for more )
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...For the sake of tumblr fics I don't feel up to putting on AO3 yet, I'm gonna.

I'm having ISSUES changing my tumblr theme because... of brain problems?? Yet I know it's absolute shit to read on, it makes your eyes trip right out. So from now on, those of you who are still diligently following this spare ass dw, it's like... spare ficspace. So enjoy.

I miss you all, though... I wish I weren't so awful at using anything more than two social media sites.
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I finally edited and posted the lot of the Cabin Verse fics on AO3. For those of you about at that time, this is the verse with "Porn Train," et al. I've had all these fics linked in the "Master Fic" post for ages now, but for those of you who can't stand reading things split up in comment boxes, it might be nice to read in a kinder format?

Fics: Porn Train, Clean Sheets, Testing the Wares, Increasing Pay for Trash Collectors: the Novelization, and three untitled PWPs of varying length.
Pairing: Miles/Phoenix
Rating: Hard M / Explicit
Warnings: D/s, consensual rough sex, spanking, face slapping, breathplay, consensual humiliation play, orgasm control, dirty talk... the usual?
Word Count: total 35,000+
Spoilers: vague spoilers for all the Ace Attorney games through GS4. All take place post-GS4.

Summary: pretty much just a bunch of stories about a former lawyer and his professor boyfriend having kinky sex in hotels. There's not a lot of plot, and--as said above--all the fics can be read as one-shots; they just take place in the same universe with a sub-leaning Phoenix and his indulgent husband.

Read over on AO3!
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So I decided to write some Homestuck porn. Mainly, I guess, because you get to invent WHATEVER GENITALS YOU LIKE for an alien race (this is also why I found Vulcans so terribly fun, though I never got around to writing about them), and you can also DECIDE TO MAKE THEM BE IN HEAT (which is also ALSO why Vulcans are so terribly fun).

For some reason it wound up being a little long for a PWP, and to deal way too much with Karkat's Feels About Troll Romance, but well.

Warnings for: alien biology, rough sex, mentioning of the fact that highbloods live forever (and dude if you are--like me--someone who sits around thinking "aw... I thought I left that depressing dynamic with Joe/Methos" in regards to warmblood/coolblood romance... WELL AS I HAVE BEEN TELLING MYSELF, YOU ARE WAY TOO OLD FOR THIS FANDOM), and infidelity/quadrant-confusion. Pairing-wise, it's actually Karkat <> Gamzee with Gamzee <3 Tavros, but due to the miracles of Highblood Mating Season the fic itself is Karkat/Gamzee.

You can read in on AO3 of course! But if you'd prefer:

The Seventh Rainy Season )
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Continuation from over here. You can also read on AO3, if you like.

No particular warnings for this part, save for sex? )
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Okay so I just keep putting dudes on bicycles before they have sex, and I am not ashamed, though it does result in this.

Again with the editing and deanoning from the XMFC kink meme, this time I owe loads of thanks to both [ profile] nagasasu and [ profile] shipwreck_light for the beta job!

Cut for notes, and original prompt )

Again, this can be read either here or on Archive of Our Own. Either way, thanks for giving it a read? The following cut goes to part one of the fic. I finally reached el jay's limits, it seems.

Direct to fic, part one. Warnings for being based off of two existing works at once, transphobia, homophobia, and bullying. Also sexytimes with two dudes, and gratuitous chess and timeskips. )
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Aaaah! On the fic front, someone just asked if they could AND THEN TOTALLY DID translate one of my stories.

This may or may not be totally old hat to some of you writer-y people, but it is new and shiny and very lovely to me; and even better (given the timeline of the story and all), it was the very friendly and awesome [ profile] ninaza translating Searchlight to Russian. Awesome conversations on history education abounded. :D

Other fic news: I've been posting and editing more to AO3. The only story that I've never linked to over here that's now up is the (rather maudlin for my tastes) second-person FTM!Sherlock whatsit that I wrote ages ago, A Room Untended. But if you've not read other old things, like my circa 2007 ACD fics, they're slowly being posted: Jingleporn and that one untitled HDM crossover are now up. I continue to slowly post PWKM fills over there, as well.
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Apparently the trick to remaining anonymous is NOT TO PUT CHARACTERS ON BIKES BEFORE THEY START BONING.

That said, still attempting to keep up with my resolution to actually edit and de-anon for stuff, and not in the way where it's just someone from the PWKM wandering by and saying "hey, wait, you're that guy" sort of way. So if anyone feels even remotely inclined to help read over another X-Men: First Class fic, it'd be awesome.

It's over 15,000 words (SORRY), modern-but-powered-AU, all first-timey, and oh... FTM!Charles porn? Seriously though, the story is sort of told nonlinearly, which I'm not very good at writing, so I could really use another reader to help out with the edit.
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I wrote this last year sometime. For the XMFC Kink Meme. Is anyone shocked at the editing delay?

Cut for notes and original prompt )

You've got the option to read it over at AO3, but either way, enjoy.

Direct to fic. Warnings for watersports, consensual telepathic bondage/mind control, and generally the whole Enemies in Lurve thing )
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Oh look it only took me ONE MONTH this time, A+ for deanoning efforts.

Anyway, yet again I have been writing things anonymously, and this time I decided to like, write a grant letter? I don't really quite know what I was up to that day, it was one of those things. Big thanks to OP, and to [ profile] electricwitch who looked over this one for me.

There's a few trigger warnings on this which can basically be summed up by: Dude There Are Scientists And It Was The Sixties. Seriously, though: homophobia, ableism, experimentation on sentient beings, torture, forced captivity, people quite stunningly bad at science.

Cut to original prompt, links to old edit, and links to this incredible follow-up fic someone was lovely enough to write. )


Or, straight to 2000 words of: Dear Sirs Let Me Keep My Job. )
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I appear to have written more anonymous porn. :\

I now need a beta, because I wrote anonymous porn and it may or may not be quite terribad. :/

SO OKAY HERE IS THE LOWDOWN: they are all for cough X-Men: First Class cough and uh one is in SECOND PERSON, one is POSSIBLY A LETTER TO A COMMITTEE, and one HAS WATERSPORTS.

I am probably well needing to be embarrassed of all three but if you are particularly good at grantwriting or peeing on folks something, I'd be much-obliged.

...Probably now is when you hit the "defriend" button? Hi?
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I was about to say something like, "oh, I didn't put this off that long" before I realized... Oh man, this poor story. I guess I wrote it in August? Well um let's just forget about that. Time for magical handwaving: just believe this is a brand new story, and you've never seen it before. You've certainly never seen it buried in the depths of part one of the Sherlock BBC kinkmeme.

Cut for author's notes )


Direct to fic. Probably mild spoilers through the end of The Great Game, rated M for sexytimes and somewhat mild D/s sensibilities, I think? Mention of Sherlock rummaging through strap-ons? I'm probably not even sure any longer. )
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One of these days I'll start editing things in a timely fashion, though I think three months isn't as bad as my usual five-to-six month wait period.

Much love to betas [ profile] k_haldane and [ profile] metron_ariston for being a lot more speedy with edits than I, and also for being understanding when I start mixing imperial and metric and being silly amounts of American? Any last mistakes are all me.

Cut for more author's notes, including original prompt )


Direct to fic. Spoilers through end of Sherlock series. )
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So, I have recently come to terms with three things:

1) I am seriously disorganized
2) I am addicted to writing anonymously, mainly due to severe levels of writer's anxiety
3) I am too lazy to edit, make titles, or repost anything pretty much ever.

This is all bad news, as it all adds up to me completely forgetting that I write--ever? As you all know by now, me writing is rare enough that I hardly need issues posting what little I get out there.

So, I've finally decided to compile all my writing under one post. This is already half-heartedly accomplished on my memories, but the way I write subject headings makes it nearly impossible to know what you're clicking. Also, I am posting straight-to-meme links to any fics over two years of age that I still haven't edited/de-anoned. This isn't to say I've posted all of them--a dude needs his shameful kink secrets, some fills are only three sentences long, and there's some younger fics I'm maintaining will be edited one day--but most. If there's any issues accessing anything, or if you notice I forgot something, please comment and I'll update the links. Also, please do let me know if I don't warn for something you think I should be warning for on any fic, as I think my threshold is set a bit high. Honestly, there should be a warning for this entire post--just the descriptions are bad enough, half the time. Finally, not linking to anything from anything earlier than '05, because I just don't know about the 1998... I was sort of fifteen? Sorry, no Cid/Vincent!

One day I swear I'll start uploading these to AO3, where I can also be found. See above for the whole "motivation to edit and post" thing, though.

Sorted by fandom alphabetically, then roughly by posting date. For the record, when I write pairings, order does not indicate anything (ex: Phoenix/Edgeworth will still have Edgeworth smacking Phoenix about). I'll be adding when I actually remember to write/edit... Or when I let writing I've already posted on new memes sit about for two years, underedited and lonely?

Comments remain awesome to me, even on very old fics.

Blake's 7 )

Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney series) )

House )

Sherlock Holmes - original canon, ACD, whatever you call it? )

Sherlock - BBC series )

X-Men: First Class )
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So, from my file names on those last two fics, I realized that there was a third werewolf fic somewhere that I did not remember writing. Luckily, sometime last year I'd been attempting to fix my ancient laptop and backed up everything in a few ways, including getting all my writing stored in a manner that is moderately search-able. This is incredibly handy when you write things you decide never to release, and promptly forget about all together. I can see why I didn't post this anywhere, but for the sake of completion (it bothers me that the files "ww1" and "ww3" are online, but not "ww2") I thought, eh.

It's just about that interim time when Gumshoe is crap all at guarding Phoenix from crazy vampire dudes, and not long at that. It is two years old and terrible (moreso when you read it away from a context of werewolf headcanon), poor thing.

About 1200 words of Phoenix and Were!Gummy. )
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Continued from over here, if you like my rambling notes and links to the original prompt. Again, this is only a bit edited, and only I am to blame (no friends were abused for betaing in the production of this werewolf porn).



Or more porn. Now with more bloody noses? )


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