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Oh what my extra userpics expired again? Maybe this time I'll 100% fail to notice. I need to hire someone to give me a swift kick in the pants re: moving over to DW for goods.

I feel like making another I AM SORRY I DON'T EXIST post, even though I think I make those more than I do any other sort of post. I'm trying to be a somewhat productive member of internet society (editing things! posting things! writing about a sentence a week!) but in general this month I have just been working. I loaded a month's worth of workdays in to the first two weeks of August so I could take that vacation, and so now I generally am either at work or sleeping; possibly I am slumped in front of a computer watching EXTREME COUPON or HOARDING BURIED ALIVE or STRANGE ADDICTION or 600 POUND LIFE or something equally hideous that I generally spend 90% of my time cringing at and hating myself for watching. What am I even doing, I'll ask myself. Making matters worse, I am also generally reading trashy fanfic at the SAME TIME so I'm really just... listening to the show??? Strange Addictions or whatever, I'm trying to not ever watch that again... the addictions are usually pretty harmless and the attempt to make them seem horrible sometimes fills me with this passive sort of rage that I can't even explain. "These cat treats are full of sodium. YOU COULD HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE." Ugghhhhhh dude if that's the worst, WHO CARES. Intervention everyone in America while you're at it. WHY DO I GET ANGRY AT THIS, IT IS JUST A STUPID SHOW. There's one about a furry. She makes a big point about it not being a sex thing for her. I spend the rest of the show wondering if it's bad that I consider furry fandom the same as any other fandom--if not for the porn, why bother? Feels, I guess. It was a little silly. The end of the show was all SHE CONTINUES TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FURRY LIFESTYLE... AND IS CREATING A NEW "FURSONA." Most of the shows end with something like that, except, like, the ones about stabbing scissors in your ear.

I pulled my back kinda bad a few weeks ago at work, so I've generally been in a lot of pain. I have done NOTHING about it though, haha, besides sleep and eat ibuprofen and get angry at trash TV. I don't really think the ibuprofen helps, and I nearly got to the point of going to the doctor to get it checked out when I became too hideously lazy to ride my bike that far. It's feeling somewhat better, but still I have a really hard time getting together the energy to comment to posts and stuff, so sorry if I seem ignore-y of late. It would be awesome if I was not so neurotic as to be terrified of going to a massage therapist here, but nope.

The B7 rewatch is starting up again, if folks are interested. I am hoping to not be total shit with participating, but my track record of late is pretty abysmal.
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Okay, really, it's just the end of the endless sitting portion of my orientation today, and I am JAZZED. The extended vacation from floor work was nice, don't get me wrong--particularly given the last gig--but still. In any organization of sufficient size, there's bound to be repetition. Loads of it. Mostly in lectures concerning organ donation.

T-day went fine. I'd considered sitting around feeling sorry for myself, but instead I hauled my ass down to a restaurant and sat at the bar reading Murakami. It's less lonely than it sounds, actually--it was the bartender's birthday, and at four there were only a handful of people to distract the employees from sitting around and celebrating. Also, books and beer?

I should get around to doing a two-year update, however! I see that I put it off until the 12th last year, though, so I've got loads of time? I thought I'd get away with posting that and being all "SEE NOTHING CHANGES IT WAS ONLY A YEAR," but upon reading it... haha, suppose it's been a busy year.

I'm still sort of amazed I used to put needles in my leg. Well, okay, that was all of twice. I'm amazed I had my poor friends put needles in my thigh as I commanded them not to hit a vein or a nerve and occasionally chose to spurt blood at them. NOT GOING TO LIE, after around a year on the (less-expensive cream variant) transdermal stuff, I'm pretty thoroughly spoiled.


Oct. 9th, 2011 06:25 pm
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I had this awesome dream where I got a new job, a decent hospital gig with a one-month orientation, my god, and where I told off the bald chucklehead EMT who always tries to talk me out of sending people to the hospital, and where I did all the things and got a check for back pay for all the hours I've worked and not been paid for, and at some point I was possibly having sex with James McAvoy, POSSIBLY. And then the dream got awkward because I realized I must be Magneto. And so, given I was Magneto and all, I just quit my job and levitated shit for the rest of the dream.

And then I woke up, and worked several hours without pay, and also again looked like me. :/


Anyway, boring posts continue to be boring. I've been trying to actually write--both meaningful posts and fanfiction about dudes boning--and really I just continue to barely have the energy to do much more than nap and sneeze on the weekends. This week's huge achievements: I scheduled an appointment with a doctor just to get a prescription before my hormones totally run out again (considering I purposefully asked "AND THIS DOCTOR KNOWS WHAT TRANS PEOPLE ARE RIGHT?" hopefully it will not be 100% nightmare), and spent sixty bucks on a BevMo run? THRILLING.
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Well, I had this great one-year-on-T post all planned out... and instead of typing it I decided to fly to an interview.

And ride a boat to an interview.


Still! I may have one, if not both (er... that is to say "may be offered and have my choice") of these jobs. Finally! But that's a post for another time, as well.

Let's just say it's been an AWESOME and ZANY one year, particularly as I decided to do approximately fifty million other things as I transitioned. The post is on the way, no worries--it may just be a week late, which is par for the course for me.

Gonna be at Emerald City Comicon tomorrow, so if you're in the area and attending and you see a short dude with red-and-yellow Tigers (the el jay name has been incorrect for years), feel free to say "hi"!
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Well, somehow the earth continued to rotate around the sun at the usual rate this year, and we've somehow wound up hurtling irrevocably through time. I also managed to roll together the funds--thanks to these awesome folks--to buy another six months' worth of T just in time for last week's shot (which... I'd though I had more than 0.1 ml in the last vial, and probably did, but it's a bit hard to shake a small glass vial full of what is essentially thick cottonseed oil like a bottle of stubborn katchup) so I'm happily at six months of uninterrupted hormones.

I just noticed I haven't done one of those how-I've-been-doing-and-what-I've-noticed things for three months. This is half because I was being consumed by my final semester, but it's also because my voice likely won't ever get any lower, and that's the only change I really ever notice. I guess it's hard to tell if some of the other stuff I've been up to--gym, graduating, the two months of sun we get up here causing my body to go into a frenzied state of overambitious seritonin production from which I'll crash when I start basement living in October--is also responsible for any changes I notice. So that's about three half reasons there. But still, six months is probably some sort of super exciting milestone or something, so I might as well try and write about it while I'm on about five hours of sleep because my brain keeps finding extra energy and trying to get me to clean all the things.

So, el jay cut! Six months on T and five hours of sleep! It's a fiesta! )
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Today a customer came up to me and asked if we had any tiger statues or figurines. Scene as follows:

Customer: I have this friend, you know. And he's really into being a tiger!

Red: Oh, is he...

Customer: Yea, he was born in the year of the tiger! What do you have? :D

Red: Ah. Um... Yes, right over here.

I have never been so thankful for being interrupted. Explaining that I'm not a doctor, and can't cure cancer with flowers? Easy. Explaining "furry" to a customer? I need more training in that.
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So, after a large spurt of theft over last weekend (including someone stealing five identical statues of Shiva) we've been trying to actually enforce the whole "bag check" thing at ye ole job.

Which has brought to light a few interesting things: 1) hideous giant bags are apparently all the rage now; 2) women are overly attached to these hideous bags, and apparently spent the greater part of their husband's pay on them, and are wary to leave them with some snot-nosed shop clerk; and 3) an absurd amount of our customers either came from the moon, or some sub-sector of suburbia where bag or coat checking is an unheard of concept. Seriously, I cannot tell you how many people have responded to my question, "May I check your bag for you?" with, "For what?"

I frankly wonder if I'm witnessing a strange sort of cultural divide between my coworkers and I (all of whom live in the city proper, and are well-used to surrendering our bags) and the customers who have driven in from Redmond. Are bag checks so unheard of? Or is it just Seattle suburbanites who have a fit of the crazy bag love?

[Poll #834157]
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You know the last episode of Clerks: The Animated Series, when Dante and Randal have to run the shop while there's a crazy circus going on? And the store is empty most of the time, save for when folks run in to yell random things?

Yea. That was work today.
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Homemade burrito! You are my true love!

Anyway, [ profile] arcian, I (like everyone else) got your card today! It was the funniest card ever. Why is the boy with the puppy so sad? Also, even though I have Animal Crossing: WW for the DS now, I still totally want to do the memory-card swap. I'll go and buy a card next weekend, and in the meantime, we'll have to strongarm two more people into joining our town.

And [ profile] rollerdragon, I got the package! I think my favorite part of the "actual galloping action cowboy" is the clip art on the back. It's like a warning... "Your Child Must Be This Stupid To Enjoy This Toy."

In other news, one of my coworkers is, yet again, being an asshat! I guess he's been an asshat every day for the year I've worked with him--it's just that on some days my tolerance for his jerkery isn't as good as on others...

Hopefully I'll get around to some meaningful updates soon. I've been so tired and worn lately, it's hard to do much after work! I can manage opening a beer and turning on the Simpsons, but turning on the computer is one step too many.
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Note to the LJ Powers That Be:

Why, pray tell, is "NOES!" in the eljay dictionary, but "NES" isn't? Why is NOES in there, at all? Other than to distress me, that is...

Also, in an open letter to The Dude Who Looked Way Too Spookily Like Neil Young:

Look, dude, I'm all about you looking like Neil Young. Who wouldn't be? But when you come into my store looking like Neil Young, you'd better be singing 'Southern Man.' At the least, you could be just buying bulk salts, or something. What I do not enjoy is your odd desire to pull out every other book we sell and stacking them haphazardly on the couch. Despite what you may have heard to the contrary, Neil-Young-lookalike, Neil Young's mom doesn't work here.

Yea! News!

I'm sure you've all seen the Great May-I-Go-Potty Note by now, but for future reference, the BBC coverage is to be had here. In the world of my beloved prions, the Brits have lifted the ban on human consumption of cattle older than thirty months old, but cattle born before '96 will still be under the ban. This lift really hasn't much of a difference here nor there--what will make the difference is keeping animals from eating the brains and spines of other animals.

Speaking of animals, why does Germany get all the awesome tabloid news? Twenty cats! I don't know what is more awesome--the fact that someone wrote such an article, or that the inventor dignified the idea of kitty fuel with a response.

Dude, I had the best meal of penne pasta, fresh basil, garlic, olive oil, and Heirloom Brand (TM!) tomatoes ever tonight. I must resist the urge to continue stuffing my face!


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