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Apparently, yes. That old twice-a-month resolution sure fell through in November, now, didn't it?

I still feel a bit determined to ATTEMPT writing posts now and then. So let's do a second rec post, with the same categories, perhaps a bit shorter.

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Oh what my extra userpics expired again? Maybe this time I'll 100% fail to notice. I need to hire someone to give me a swift kick in the pants re: moving over to DW for goods.

I feel like making another I AM SORRY I DON'T EXIST post, even though I think I make those more than I do any other sort of post. I'm trying to be a somewhat productive member of internet society (editing things! posting things! writing about a sentence a week!) but in general this month I have just been working. I loaded a month's worth of workdays in to the first two weeks of August so I could take that vacation, and so now I generally am either at work or sleeping; possibly I am slumped in front of a computer watching EXTREME COUPON or HOARDING BURIED ALIVE or STRANGE ADDICTION or 600 POUND LIFE or something equally hideous that I generally spend 90% of my time cringing at and hating myself for watching. What am I even doing, I'll ask myself. Making matters worse, I am also generally reading trashy fanfic at the SAME TIME so I'm really just... listening to the show??? Strange Addictions or whatever, I'm trying to not ever watch that again... the addictions are usually pretty harmless and the attempt to make them seem horrible sometimes fills me with this passive sort of rage that I can't even explain. "These cat treats are full of sodium. YOU COULD HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE." Ugghhhhhh dude if that's the worst, WHO CARES. Intervention everyone in America while you're at it. WHY DO I GET ANGRY AT THIS, IT IS JUST A STUPID SHOW. There's one about a furry. She makes a big point about it not being a sex thing for her. I spend the rest of the show wondering if it's bad that I consider furry fandom the same as any other fandom--if not for the porn, why bother? Feels, I guess. It was a little silly. The end of the show was all SHE CONTINUES TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FURRY LIFESTYLE... AND IS CREATING A NEW "FURSONA." Most of the shows end with something like that, except, like, the ones about stabbing scissors in your ear.

I pulled my back kinda bad a few weeks ago at work, so I've generally been in a lot of pain. I have done NOTHING about it though, haha, besides sleep and eat ibuprofen and get angry at trash TV. I don't really think the ibuprofen helps, and I nearly got to the point of going to the doctor to get it checked out when I became too hideously lazy to ride my bike that far. It's feeling somewhat better, but still I have a really hard time getting together the energy to comment to posts and stuff, so sorry if I seem ignore-y of late. It would be awesome if I was not so neurotic as to be terrified of going to a massage therapist here, but nope.

The B7 rewatch is starting up again, if folks are interested. I am hoping to not be total shit with participating, but my track record of late is pretty abysmal.


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