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Okay so I am incredibly slow and just started (and finished) watching That Mitchell and Webb Look and I KNOW I was warned what with the sketch about Black Adder and the depressing endings to comedy shows




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Oh what my extra userpics expired again? Maybe this time I'll 100% fail to notice. I need to hire someone to give me a swift kick in the pants re: moving over to DW for goods.

I feel like making another I AM SORRY I DON'T EXIST post, even though I think I make those more than I do any other sort of post. I'm trying to be a somewhat productive member of internet society (editing things! posting things! writing about a sentence a week!) but in general this month I have just been working. I loaded a month's worth of workdays in to the first two weeks of August so I could take that vacation, and so now I generally am either at work or sleeping; possibly I am slumped in front of a computer watching EXTREME COUPON or HOARDING BURIED ALIVE or STRANGE ADDICTION or 600 POUND LIFE or something equally hideous that I generally spend 90% of my time cringing at and hating myself for watching. What am I even doing, I'll ask myself. Making matters worse, I am also generally reading trashy fanfic at the SAME TIME so I'm really just... listening to the show??? Strange Addictions or whatever, I'm trying to not ever watch that again... the addictions are usually pretty harmless and the attempt to make them seem horrible sometimes fills me with this passive sort of rage that I can't even explain. "These cat treats are full of sodium. YOU COULD HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE." Ugghhhhhh dude if that's the worst, WHO CARES. Intervention everyone in America while you're at it. WHY DO I GET ANGRY AT THIS, IT IS JUST A STUPID SHOW. There's one about a furry. She makes a big point about it not being a sex thing for her. I spend the rest of the show wondering if it's bad that I consider furry fandom the same as any other fandom--if not for the porn, why bother? Feels, I guess. It was a little silly. The end of the show was all SHE CONTINUES TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FURRY LIFESTYLE... AND IS CREATING A NEW "FURSONA." Most of the shows end with something like that, except, like, the ones about stabbing scissors in your ear.

I pulled my back kinda bad a few weeks ago at work, so I've generally been in a lot of pain. I have done NOTHING about it though, haha, besides sleep and eat ibuprofen and get angry at trash TV. I don't really think the ibuprofen helps, and I nearly got to the point of going to the doctor to get it checked out when I became too hideously lazy to ride my bike that far. It's feeling somewhat better, but still I have a really hard time getting together the energy to comment to posts and stuff, so sorry if I seem ignore-y of late. It would be awesome if I was not so neurotic as to be terrified of going to a massage therapist here, but nope.

The B7 rewatch is starting up again, if folks are interested. I am hoping to not be total shit with participating, but my track record of late is pretty abysmal.
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I dreamed, last night, that Allen Ginsberg had called me before the Supreme Court.

To tell them I was a total slut? I woke up feeling a little perturbed that this universe is so far off from that one, where I'm apparently getting enough action to upset Allen Ginsberg.

If I've seemed absent from Internet lately, it's not because of manwhoring (tragically), but rather because my dial-up has decided to suck more than usual. I mean, yeah, it is dial-up, it isn't terrific by nature. But lately I get dropped every five minutes or so and it's very tedious to be online. I've been filling the void of school and interwebs with a steady supply of work (somehow more boring than usual), pals (the ones that don't seem to have vanished with the last final of the year), MegaTen (Devil Survivor remains awesome) and for some reason a pathological supply of Deep Space Nine. The latter came about one day at the rental store, where I saw the DVD sets and thought... "hey, I remember that being good... In 1994... when I may have been eleven" and rented the first season. I'm up to the third, and while I occasionally do remind myself that if I were watching TOS I'd be done by now--also I'd have seen Lincoln instead of watching Sisko slowly and gruelingly build a goddamn space yacht--it's by and large a lot more fun and hilarious than I had hoped, considering yeah... I was eleven? I guess I had okay taste at that age, at least in television. But I'm not going back to a wardrobe of braces and X-Files t-shirts ten sizes too large. And while I started having an itch to listen to Beck today, all my Green Day CDs are blessedly in the possession of my niece, so I am so not going down THAT road either.

Otherwise, I'm about to go out of town to a family thing, and I'm likely going to be forced to spend time OUTSIDE. Ugh, one of my friends was just talking to me about how I was a wuss who hated nature, and I tried to defend myself. I've been camping! I can hike! But now I'm spending my summer watching Colm Meany's giant Irish face, so I feel a little like I'm sliding further into my future of Aging Fanboy. Good thing I think the lulz you get when Nixon starts running Bajor are worth it.
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At my mother's insistence, I finally caved and sent for one of those DTV coupons and got my converter box. I was going to use the switchover as an opportunity to cease watching teevee altogether, but, as my mom put it, "how will I make you watch Frontline?"

I just hooked it up. I now get over twenty channels.

What? What are some of these? Since leaving my parents' home at 18, I have never had more than five channels that came in with watchable-grade reception at any given time. Since moving to the Hill, I've only been able to watch the NBC, CBS, and PBS affiliates consistently well--ABC has been usually-watchable, the WB/CW is a spooky blur, and the Fox affiliate was an occasional hiss of terrifying noise. Now there are three channels that play the same episode of Tyra at once. There's some channel that just seems to play old cop shows! There's a KCTS Create, which is like Food Network for jerks who won't get cable! I can hear what people are saying... On every channel!

Aaahhhh nooooo....
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Why do the DVDs for Sherlock Hound prompt you for the password to set the parental control to "eight" on your Playstation--and not the Granada SH?

I guess we can ignore categories like "fantasy violence" and "gay ass-sex," as both series have plenty. You know, it's all fine and dandy to have dudes shooting up, hallucinating William Blake paintings, and ogling Jude Law in frumpy drag--but you had better get a password up once there's a chance of knotting.
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On the bus home, I passed not one, but two homes with curtains open, and House playing on a large-screen television. Clearly, the world is taunting me again. "See, Red? See? You could be watching this, too, but you just had to choose math over buttsex."

Although the dude at my math table is trying to slash my math friend and I... We're the kind of friends who insult each other at every possible turn, and only call each other by our last names, so he's probably just a House/Wilson shipper missing his teevee, too. However, today in class my math buddy said, "Aww, you're just so adorable, with your snappy chapeau." Math table dude proceeded to pantomime cutting sexual tension with a knife, when my math buddy loudly proclaimed, "Hey, C and I's love here? It's pure. Our love is pure, okay?" Man, math is fun, when you have pure love going on!

Unrelated, but I'm watching Frontline right now, and tonight's episode is on the whole the-only-reason-anyone-ever-will-know-where-Spokane-is Jim West scandal. It's typical Frontline, but the reason I mention it is because, in some stock footage of a Spokane gay pride march, I spotted a gal I used to go to summer camp with! I haven't thought of her in forever, and I'm glad she's doing well enough to be on Frontline. Nevertheless, she ought to think about, you know, moving out of Spokane.
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On the bus back home after work today, I had the pleasure of sitting next to an upstanding woman who smelled exactly and unmistakably of formaldehyde. When she sat down next to me, I began to notice the odor. I looked about, and even smelled my own hands as casually as possible, as the last time I smelled formaldehyde on a bus it took me five stops to recall that yes, I had been dissecting a heart that morning. But no, this time, it was definitely my friend, The Older Lady With Three Overstuffed Target Bags. Is it honestly too much to ask for the two hours of bus I have to deal with every day to at least be somewhat neutral, olfactory-wise? Apparently yes!

I've been getting pretty in to MPD Psycho! I assumed I'd like it, as I fancy most of Miike's work, but I guess I didn't imagine it'd be this fun. Sure, the premise is dodgy at best (criminal profiler's wife dies, he has a schizophrenic break or something, and develops two additional personalities. One of which hops out of his body, and kills more people. Or, at least this is the plot so far... it's a miniseries not unlike Twin Peaks in that I'm sure I'll find out the actual plot at the end of the series. If ever) but it's enjoyable.

Since [ profile] shinkuu was making fun of my half-hearted defense of renting Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century earlier, I thought I'd do a quick competition for The Better Television Show Based on Episode One. Because I clearly have no drive to write papers about drive theory.

Cut for length, and possible spoilers for two shows no one will ever watch. )

And, alright. I... should be doing something constructive. Sleep might be a start.
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I guess tonight's episode was okay... But I just kept getting hung up on Cameron's bangs.

I mean, bangs. At first I was very strongly against them, but... I just kept getting the They Might Be Giants song stuck in my head, and started to like them.

Yep. That's my deep feeling.

Srsly, though, I still like the show, but the flame is gone. We've been together for two years, and now the honeymoon is over, and I'm cheating on the show with Holmes/Watson. Hell, I'm even gearing to cheat on Holmes/Watson with Aubrey/Maturin. I'm so fickle...

I guess what I mean to say is that now House, as a show, has to Actually Be Good now. I'm willing to forgive a lot in that initial fangasming reaction to something, but once that first rush is gone, I expect more quality! Which might be rough, because S1 was definitely better than S2, and I don't know how three is going to pan out...

Then again, maybe that's not true.* After all, I did go see Highlander: Endgame, and I forgave Highlander for that.

Just like how I've forgiven Highlander for pretty much everything ever.

*About forgiving a show, I mean. Season one was definitely better than two.
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Okay, this is okay, right? Because no one on my flist is in a timezone behind me... I think?

Anyway, just in case. House! Zomg! Insane! )

I kind of want to justify this post with something else than "ZOMG I AM A FANGIRL." But it's... not happening.
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Korean show I've been watching? Yea, now it's featuring Enya. Seriously, if you ever want to watch a show with a vaguely Croenenberg feel, an anti-abortion stance, a concept of multiple personalities that makes Sybil sensible, a complete disregard for the art of scene changes, and an absurd choice in music, M is probably the show for you.

What gets me is that this is always, always what I do at Scarecrow Video. It's almost as if the place has just a little too much selection for me. "I'll rent Carnivale," I think, walking downstairs with the DVDs in hand, "and get all caught up with my cable-owning friends! It'll be great! But first, I'll stop by the Korean TV section." And, inevitably, I rent a hilariously bad ten-year-old series, and put back the actually-good show.

The tacked-on part of this post: do you like Boston? How about the year 2003? If so, the four new additions to my deviant art account are for you.

Also, to further tack things on, does anyone know very much about knee issues? My left knee--the one I banged up pretty badly about a month ago--has a weird hard bump on it. It's not tender to the touch, and it doesn't hurt me to bike, walk, or stand. Indeed, it's only an issue for the lump (which feels like bone, just about) and for kneeling. When I kneel, it's tender to be on my knees, but excruciating to get back up. Any ideas what gives? Should I get it checked out? Because, at the moment, I'm content to just suffer when stocking sage.
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Well, thank god tonight's episode pushed House from Star Trek-gay up to Highlander/Smallville crossover-gay. I mean, wow. That was pretty gay. Really, there was no excuse for the stubble comment from Wilson. Other than the fact that those two are fucking.

Back to Animal Crossing now... Last night I was filled with the urge to play it again!

Which reminds me--I was wondering how many of y'all have that game, anyway--playing it last night, I thought it'd be fun to play it with several of my friends about the country! I'd be willing to buy a spare memory card and begin a file, and we could mail it between one another? Everyone could play in the town in turns.

Probably, that's already been done... but it still sounds like fun!


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