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Sep. 12th, 2010 09:20 pm
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...Or is it technically three?

I've my board exam on Thursday. Today's study plan appeared to be "get up, bus, eight hours work at old retail pit, bus, two hours catching up with Internet, ???, sleep," and there's no doubt that's tomorrow as well.

Folks keep telling me, "let's just remember 100% of the rest of your life, and all remember YOU WILL BE FINE," but I pretty much just oscillate between thinking I will make the computer explode with my giant brain and envisioning my eventual future living in a cardboard box under the interstate because I failed so amazingly I won't be permitted a second chance.

Um, wish me luck?

In other news: I just sneezed up a cat hair. I do not own cats. This is my life.

ETA: in other other news, I got the incredible Houdini & Holmes by the super-talented [ profile] pollums the other day! If it prints again, make sure to order, everyone! I loved it... and the sketch with sweaters, of course. Thanks, Polly!
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Well, somehow the earth continued to rotate around the sun at the usual rate this year, and we've somehow wound up hurtling irrevocably through time. I also managed to roll together the funds--thanks to these awesome folks--to buy another six months' worth of T just in time for last week's shot (which... I'd though I had more than 0.1 ml in the last vial, and probably did, but it's a bit hard to shake a small glass vial full of what is essentially thick cottonseed oil like a bottle of stubborn katchup) so I'm happily at six months of uninterrupted hormones.

I just noticed I haven't done one of those how-I've-been-doing-and-what-I've-noticed things for three months. This is half because I was being consumed by my final semester, but it's also because my voice likely won't ever get any lower, and that's the only change I really ever notice. I guess it's hard to tell if some of the other stuff I've been up to--gym, graduating, the two months of sun we get up here causing my body to go into a frenzied state of overambitious seritonin production from which I'll crash when I start basement living in October--is also responsible for any changes I notice. So that's about three half reasons there. But still, six months is probably some sort of super exciting milestone or something, so I might as well try and write about it while I'm on about five hours of sleep because my brain keeps finding extra energy and trying to get me to clean all the things.

So, el jay cut! Six months on T and five hours of sleep! It's a fiesta! )
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We'll see how I manage writing about gaming when I always am thinking, "What's up with not having a month off for just gaming"!

But for the time being...

DOJIIIIIMAAAA YOU ARE THE FRESH HOBO ON THE BLOCK. Persona 4 spoilers through 4/18 )

Yeah, sorry that's so rushed... But I guess I have to take my finals. Heck, all the gameplay was from the 9th--spent all of yesterday faithfully pouring over books at the library.
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Ooh, it's time for the free end-of-the-quarter rant! )

In other news, I've started up a bit of Touch Detective because I've got all this time to kill when I should be reading powerpoints before P4 gets into my greedy paws. I finished the first case, and man... It's adorable fun, but, at the same time...

Inflation kinks? In a kid's (well, 10+) game? I... huh?
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Okay, so... There should be some program somewhere where you can donate your body to science for exactly five days and they put you out for the duration, right? Anyone?

I did get my vote on already--like the entire population of Washington except [ profile] fiveagainsttwo, I had an absentee ballot--and now it's just down to less-than-a-week of intense anxiety! I know Obama has ALL the airtime from here til Tuesday. I saw the super-glittery inspirational infomercial last night (or at least part of it). I realize he's something like 10% ahead in the polls. BUT THAT PTSDFTLTE* IS SO INTENSE, AAAAHHHH.

Deep breaths. Okay. I can do this. I'll just, ah... focus on school? Yeah!

Midterms are almost over, which means I can probably get back to Nocturne soon. Ha, who am I kidding, I've been playing all along! I managed, finally, to get through that "Dante's an asshat and keeps chasing me" portion of Amala, and proceeded to hand his ass to him on a plate when we finally fought. I guess, as per usual, I'm sorta crazy-high-level for where I am in the game--I'm just hoping I don't waffle around with side-quest crap all month, as I sort of need to beat it before December 4, when it's Persona 4 time, baby! have a career I'm supposed to be training for, or something?

Oh, and preemptive wish of happy Halloween to those who are doing things. Guess what I'm doing.

No, no, it's more fun than that.

Oh, yeah. IT'S A MIDTERM.

*post-traumatic stress disorder from the last two elections
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I keep thinking, "aww, man, I've gone months without posting news," but then all I find are excuses to write letters such as:

Dear BBC:

The next time you use a headline involving the words "homing crocodile," the article better be a little more awesome. Namely, there should be some sort of crocodile-related weaponry involved.

All I really want to do lately is write a detailed review of Persona 3, at any rate... But sadly, it would be somehow even more useless than my Devil Summoner wrap-up, as I feel the ending of P3 is a bit different if you've played Revelations or EP, and pretty much no one has played those. So, I'll leave it at: Persona 3 is hardcore crack. Please do not allow loved ones to buy this game. You may not see them for months, and they will awake from their gaming coma to say, "Oh, man. Is... this my apartment? What... is this calculus? Oh, god!" (Man, in case of relapse: I will wish you happy birthday NOW, [ profile] rollerdragon, so I do not forget as I have EVERYONE ELSE'S.)

Otherwise... Classes are going fine, although I'm getting used to Thursday being a 14-hour haul (I go to class at 8am, work, go to chemistry, and get back at 10pm). I'm actually sort of having fun in organic chemistry, mainly because the instructor is one of those Genuine Chemistry Instructors who tells bad puns about molecules and looks expectantly around the room, as if to say, "Guys? Yea, isn't that the best joke ever?! HOW ABOUT THAT CHEMISTRY!"
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Hmm, only took me about three hours to catch up with the flist. Alright, so I cheated and got a peek at it on Sunday and Thursday mornings, prior to school/work, but. Still pretty good time--and fics, art, and work stories galore! Yay for all you dudes.

I had a pretty nice week, insane and confused studying for chem aside; [ profile] rollerdragon and I ate too much, played too much Kingdom Hearts 2 (which she owns, not I, alas) and generally loafed about. I was further pleased to hang out some with [ profile] fiveagainsttwo, even though she clearly pressured me into buying this freaking garbage.* I believe the highlight of the week was the time my Seattle geography was confused by food and drink and I decided walking up 100,000,000 flights of stairs would be grand fun! Everyone wins! Sadly, [ profile] rollerdragon had to leave this morn... Though I did send her off with Memoirs.... It's going to be a gay plane ride indeed!

This week is actually final's week, however, I managed to have both of my finals today and now essentially have two weeks of spring break. In which I shall mostly work, but I'm quite excited for the opportunity to read books other than Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology during my breaks, and to spend my evenings in a proper zen-like state of gaming and porn. All in all, I'd say the quarter went fairly well. I'm thinking of formally complaining about the chem instructor (a long story of his general ineptitude which is honestly far too boring to write about) but I at least passed the course and hopefully got fair marks. As for my anato course, I'm actually a bit bummed it's over--my instructor was even a bit crush-worthy and I adore the subject. Heck, I had drinks with some of the other folks from the class after the final--that's the sort of fun it was.

I'm always half-tempted to write Watson-in-med-school fic, as he'd certainly be all "FINALS WEEK (OR 19TH CENTURY EQUIVALENT) IS OVER DUDES, LET'S BOOZE IT," and it would be fun; but I know it'd boil down to my sheer rage about his not having to study the freaking Kreb's cycle. Man, I don't even think that ho knew what enzymes were. Pssht! Yes, I'm certain he had to learn tricky things and all, but. After the fifth time you've learned Kreb's (and you know you forget it every. time.) you've got serious bitterness at anyone who doesn't have to go through the magic of the ETS!

I'm certain there was a lot of interesting news, etc... However, I think I've gone on long enough. And not even about anything interesting, how usual of me. And just think, you've got me here full-time again, spamming away!

*Between this and the arrival of [ profile] spacefall's disc of SH22, I may die of the horrifying consequences of DiC-poisoning.
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Oh man! I'm back at the home fort before work, because I owned today's chem test so hard, I finished it in ten minutes. And it was supposed to take an hour. I feel full of win. Okay, so almost no sig fig questions, and most of it was stuff a five-year-old could get, but, uh. Win?

I have to run to work soon, but I'd like to share some links in my joy:

-[ profile] metron_ariston sent me this: a wine ad 1000 times more sexy than anything ever should be. Seriously. watch it. I don't know what country it came from, as I don't think androgynous people are ever protrayed in such a sexy light in the States, but... Wah, I just want to do them! At once, plz?

-And this is from not-on-el-jay awesomesauce writer/fellow Lovecraft-fan Pythoness (and yes, I know I need to post it on [ profile] tws_support, but here's your sneak preview): Shope's papillomavirus makes real-life jackalopes.

Alright, work...


Jan. 25th, 2007 09:31 pm
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Man, I hate jerky instructors! Shamed at my chem-grade (I also made a sloppy mistake on a surprise quiz), I went to go speak with him during office hours about what I should work on, etc. He basically said, "oh, it's too early to worry about anything. I drop the lowest quiz and test score. It's your fault for not studying, why don't you go home and study?" Gah! *stab*

I feel like there's something I need to be doing, but I guess it'd all just be reading ahead. Maybe I should pop in Devil Summoner, instead...

News, for once!

- Speaking as someone who has been hit with other non-lethal forms of "crowd control" (most notably tear-gas; although I've been in a close run with rubber bullets), I can just tell you that there's nothing that makes me feel better than the fact that the military is making heat-guns. "The weapon could potentially be used for dispersing hostile crowds in conflict zones such as Iraq or Afghanistan." By "hostile," we mean "opposing the status quo." Oh, and by "Iraq or Afghanistan," we mean "Seattle or DC."

- I think this is a nice gesture, but who can look at that pictogram running woman without laughing?

- If you ever needed proof, here's more of the fact that foxes = teh gay. A fox shuts down a shoe store. The best part of the article would be the fact that the clerks put up a sign reading, "'We r closed due to a diseased fox in the store." That's right. They R closed.

- I'm sure you've already seen this, [ profile] rollerdragon, but wasps babysit at nests other than their own!

I wish I hadn't left all my Lovecraft in the hometown. I'm starting to really jones for it now... Well, I guess SMT titles are the next-best thing!


Jan. 23rd, 2007 09:50 am
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Well, I got the chem test back this morning, and it was a 70%. Which at least is not failure--but if you're anything like me, you take anything less than an 85% as proof you're the stupidest person in Teh World. At least my neuro test also came back at the same time, and that was a 90%? Also, the chem test isn't really a quarter of my grade, I was mistaken... Anyway, I'm still a little down, but things will be okay--I just have to crack down!

Anyway, DINOSAUR COMICS. I finally remembered what yesterday's comic reminded me of. [ profile] elina_kivimaki, it's the Adventure of the Red-Headed Students!

Also, today's comic would like to remind you that today is a Global Holiday, and that I don't have enough problems!

Veiny forearms; suits; slightly crooked teeth.

Going in to work today for a coworker... I better get those case studies done for class tomorrow!


Jan. 22nd, 2007 10:15 am
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Okay, who forgets one's calculator when one has a chemistry test worth about a quarter of one's grade?!

I mean, you know that moment when you look in your bag, thinking, "oh, there it... WHY IS THAT A CHECKBOOK?!" and then you think, "no, no, it'll be fine. I can longhand it," and then you see the test and it's got problems to work out with ten decimal places? Oh, and you're math-stupid?

I mean, WTF do you do? I asked the instructor if he had a spare, and he didn't. So I just answered the questions I could, then sat in front of the "how many molecules of H2 in 4.2930 grams?" questions in a terrified sweat. I think I may have pulled a passing grade on the test--certainly, I showed that I knew some of the stuff, and I know I got at least three or four problems correct--but that's only if the instructor is feeling forgiving, and doesn't want to shame me for my disorganized case of the stupids.

What's even more aggravating is that this is the first test, and it's on the last day you can drop a course with a partial refund. Should I still do poorly, I could still drop--but without a refund, I can't afford to. I can't just go around throwing away $400 dollars. Hell, my paycheck that usually covers rent? Was thirty dollars below rent! (Not that I don't have the money, but still...) I guess I just actually have to remember my freaking calculator from now on.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the bathtub. When I realize I don't own any razors, I'll be attempting to give myself a concussion on the tile.
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I was wandering about on a walk yesterday, when I was filled with a Sudden Urge to go to this one bookstore. It's not far from my place, but I generally don't go there, as I've been attempting to do the saving-money thing. So, I went over, and found--despite the fact that I've never seen DVDs there at all--volume four of Meitantei Holmes. For four bucks, win! Good job, finely-honed Holmesdar. None of the episodes on this disc were actually directed by Miyazaki (only episodes 3-5 and 9-11 were) but I remember liking The Three Students episode a lot... I guess I'll have to re-watch them, and giggle like the twelve-year-old I am when I have to enter that parental control code on the PS2.

Other than that, I've been generally busy with work and the new quarter... My anatomy class takes place from 5:30 to 9 PM on Mondays and Wednesdays. That's three and a half hours of solid anatomy*--and our class "break" is walking from the lecture room to lab. I don't know--my brain is only really good for two hours of anatomy, and the last half is basically my brain writing itself porn to keep awake. At least I'll have three days a week off from work, after all--I can work 32 hours per week and still keep my benefits--which means I'll be quite poor, but at least can limit myself to one nervous breakdown this quarter, as opposed to the two I had actually penciled in.

And [ profile] metron_ariston, I got your present today--the mail was backed-up and slow this week. Will I now be forced into a love for sibling porn? And the extremely-phallic turn-of-the-century cigar ad is the best. Thanks! You'll also be happy to hear that the wounded leg (which is MRSA-free) is looking much better today.

And the quickening picture is on the BBC front page right now.

*Unintentional dirtiness, again!
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On the bus home, I passed not one, but two homes with curtains open, and House playing on a large-screen television. Clearly, the world is taunting me again. "See, Red? See? You could be watching this, too, but you just had to choose math over buttsex."

Although the dude at my math table is trying to slash my math friend and I... We're the kind of friends who insult each other at every possible turn, and only call each other by our last names, so he's probably just a House/Wilson shipper missing his teevee, too. However, today in class my math buddy said, "Aww, you're just so adorable, with your snappy chapeau." Math table dude proceeded to pantomime cutting sexual tension with a knife, when my math buddy loudly proclaimed, "Hey, C and I's love here? It's pure. Our love is pure, okay?" Man, math is fun, when you have pure love going on!

Unrelated, but I'm watching Frontline right now, and tonight's episode is on the whole the-only-reason-anyone-ever-will-know-where-Spokane-is Jim West scandal. It's typical Frontline, but the reason I mention it is because, in some stock footage of a Spokane gay pride march, I spotted a gal I used to go to summer camp with! I haven't thought of her in forever, and I'm glad she's doing well enough to be on Frontline. Nevertheless, she ought to think about, you know, moving out of Spokane.
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Dear [ profile] rollerdragon:

You need this shirt. Boy howdy.

Dear video-correspondence psychology course:

I wish I was quite certain what the heck is going on with your assignments. I mean, they seem so "this is a high school course" that I wonder if I'm not being deceived, and the course isn't actually substantially more difficult than I imagine. As it stands, I'm fairly sure that I'm going to get higher marks in algebra than I am in you. Terrifying.

Dear everyone else:

I'm quite poor at coming up with summaries for articles today, and really ought to be working on writing a paper about how to interpret horoscopes anyway, so here's the quick-and-dirty-rolling-on-the-sitting-room-floor links:

-Giant camel!

-Shiny new finches!

-Limbo is so 12th-century, let's just forget about it!
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Oh noes, I appear to have been tagged by [ profile] rollerdragon for some book meme. I don't know why she imagines I read...

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.

'Oh, well; they could always find another apartment. But she hated scenes.
Marian got off the subway at the station near the laundromat. There were two movie-theaters close by, across the street from each other.'
-from The Edible Woman, by Margret Atwood.

Okay, that's the meme-age. Anyone who wants to be tagged, go for it.

I'm still pretty post-gloating with the whole "testing into 098" thing. It just works out so awesomely for my college plans... this way, I can take the higher-level chem I wanted to take next semester! I can't believe I did so well, being as I pretty much kept mistaking "re-reading porn by Komos" for "attempting to practice simple math" all of yesterday. Also: I thought, for some reason, that there were no graphs on the test. However, there were. Luckily, the problems were all ones easily solved by dialing 1-800-pythagoras, and I'm pleased that he still answers.
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That B-worthy test? I totally got 103%, oh man. I always love that "holy crap, I guess I secretly did know what I was talking about! I was just bluffing!" feeling... This means I can just sleep through the next two tests and still pass, right?

I had a Last Days-worthy bus experience this morning... This vaguely hippie-looking woman was on the bus, working on what appeared to be some math homework (interestingly, she did not get off on the stop in front of the community college, so I wonder where she was going with her algebra) a few seats ahead of me. I had a clear view of her, as she was sitting in the seats designated for disabled passengers--you know, the sort that face out toward the aisle? Anyway, the entire ride, she'd look at her notebook, make some marks, and then erase them furiously. After she did this, she'd chew on her pencil to sharpen it. She seriously did this once every two minutes. For the entire half-hour ride. Occasionally, she'd spice things up by adjusting her breasts that were about to fall out of her poorly-constructed hippie blouse, or by doing what appeared to be looking at the notebook of the guy next to her. Not only did this guy clearly not know her, but he was Clearly A Businessman, and Not Working on 'Algebra For People Who Sharpen Pencils With Their Teeth.'

She is now my second-favorite bus character. After, of course, this reoccurring extra on the 49 back to the District: Tall Skinny Pale Guy Who Sometimes Wears A Fake Moustache. Seriously. It's obviously the same guy, and that moustache wouldn't fool anyone. I really wish I knew what the story was behind that.

Oh man, speaking of moustaches! I totally forgot I had this article squirreled away (I have an extremely poor system for organizing my files. I'm forever finding dead links, news articles I forgot I found, and stories I forgot I wrote) on my drive! Even if I linked to it once, it was two years ago... So here you go, perhaps for the second time: some time in 2004, some dudes in India were getting moustache pay.
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We got the anato tests back yesterday--I missed one point, but got all six of the bonus points right. So, while I personally believe I should get some rollover with those extra points, I'm holding at a 100%. I just gotta do as well on the next three tests, and it's 4.0-ville for me!

Last night I had this pretty zany dream... This guy was making a ride based off of Pirates of the Caribbean, and I couldn't convince him that the movie was already based off of a ride. The ride really sucked, too--it was one of those hydraulic car rides. You know the sort, where you get into what is basically a large van on some hydraulics, and there's a large screen in the front that shows images that match the motion? What was worse was that the images were all of flying through canyons for some reason, and the motion made many of those in the car sick. I really yelled at the guy after I tried it (for some reason I was in a position of power concerning the ride--as if I owned an amusement park or something) and he just started insulting all the passengers who had been sick, calling them "scummy land-lubbers." I guess he was trying to sell it to me with that remark... I woke up after apologizing to this older woman who had been sick, and wondered what the heck the dream was all about.

Other (fangirlish) news: HOMG, frumply-in-drag Jude Law! I've been slowly watching all the Granada Sherlock Holmes adaptations, and... dude. He's just so young and squishable, despite his typical Evil Rentboy Looks.
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The college finally took their money. I guess I shouldn't have worried so much about them changing their minds on letting me in the class, somehow... I guess I just like to worry. I was also just generally depressed all day yesterday for some weird reason--probably just because I've been very busy lately, and yesterday was a slow day--so that didn't help any.

Oh well! They have their money, and I had an awesome day today. [ profile] fiveagainsttwo made it up here, and we had some fine conveyor-belt sushi. And then I went out to see Drawing Restraint 9, a surreal movie about whaling, Bjork, and animal guts, which has the rather dubious honor of being the first movie I've seen that had to list a supplier for a massive amount of petroleum jelly in the credits.

Next week SIFF begins! Too bad I'm going to be laid up for a large chunk of it...


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