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Hello friend! Thanks for signing up this year, and thanks in advance for writing/arting for me!

As with last year... I'm still down for most stuff, but this letter keeps getting longer?? SORRY

Things I love: FEELINGS, sex-positivity, EMOTIONS, porn of varying sorts, MISCOMMUNICATION THAT ENDS IN PROPER COMMUNICATION, people being awkward, FAMILIES OF CHOICE, feelings, PEOPLE EXPLORING THEIR SEXUALITY IN AWESOME WAYS, and of course feelings. I adore all sorts of stuff about body positivity, but super have a soft spot for stuff with themes about disability or gender identity. :) I'm good with AU or canon-based, sad or happy, silly or serious, porny or not... I hope this gives you a small idea of what I like. :D

Things I definitely do not like: please, no walking!Charles AUs. As it was in 2015 and forever shall be: there's already loads of walking!AUs out there. :D Which is cool! If that's your jam, that's your jam! But I'd prefer, all things being equal, for my gift to have Charles using a wheelchair if he's involved in the fic/art. And also, please no Avengers (they just aren't my thing).

Otherwise, really, I'm cool with most stuff. Honestly, sky's the limit on kinks, tropes, etc--I mean, kinkier the better, let's be fair. I dig d/s themes, A/B/O, body changes, unexpected anatomy, ridiculous and improbable amounts of fluid being produced for no good reason... Like, SERIOUSLY, knock yourself out. If you've been like holding out on writing some zany Erik/Magda/Charles sex-swap xenokink AU because you think no one wants that, my friend, I SO WANT THAT.

DO NOT BE SHY when it comes to writing tropes or kinks, is what I'm trying to say.

BUUUUUT I do adore fluff and gen and angst too, so don't feel like I'm hanging out waiting for porn??? If you're someone who doesn't dig writing sexy times, please, do not feel as if you have to (and I swear, I would be just as over-the-moon to get a gen gift as I would that E/M/C xenokink).

All that being said, please no incest (tho I'm keeping this from last year: HOLY CRAP unless you're writing a FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC AU then BY ALL MEANS, YES, GO ON, I LOVE YOU you glorious V.C. Andrews of fandom) and please no sexual content between adults and minors.


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