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I finally edited and posted the lot of the Cabin Verse fics on AO3. For those of you about at that time, this is the verse with "Porn Train," et al. I've had all these fics linked in the "Master Fic" post for ages now, but for those of you who can't stand reading things split up in comment boxes, it might be nice to read in a kinder format?

Fics: Porn Train, Clean Sheets, Testing the Wares, Increasing Pay for Trash Collectors: the Novelization, and three untitled PWPs of varying length.
Pairing: Miles/Phoenix
Rating: Hard M / Explicit
Warnings: D/s, consensual rough sex, spanking, face slapping, breathplay, consensual humiliation play, orgasm control, dirty talk... the usual?
Word Count: total 35,000+
Spoilers: vague spoilers for all the Ace Attorney games through GS4. All take place post-GS4.

Summary: pretty much just a bunch of stories about a former lawyer and his professor boyfriend having kinky sex in hotels. There's not a lot of plot, and--as said above--all the fics can be read as one-shots; they just take place in the same universe with a sub-leaning Phoenix and his indulgent husband.

Read over on AO3!
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So, I have recently come to terms with three things:

1) I am seriously disorganized
2) I am addicted to writing anonymously, mainly due to severe levels of writer's anxiety
3) I am too lazy to edit, make titles, or repost anything pretty much ever.

This is all bad news, as it all adds up to me completely forgetting that I write--ever? As you all know by now, me writing is rare enough that I hardly need issues posting what little I get out there.

So, I've finally decided to compile all my writing under one post. This is already half-heartedly accomplished on my memories, but the way I write subject headings makes it nearly impossible to know what you're clicking. Also, I am posting straight-to-meme links to any fics over two years of age that I still haven't edited/de-anoned. This isn't to say I've posted all of them--a dude needs his shameful kink secrets, some fills are only three sentences long, and there's some younger fics I'm maintaining will be edited one day--but most. If there's any issues accessing anything, or if you notice I forgot something, please comment and I'll update the links. Also, please do let me know if I don't warn for something you think I should be warning for on any fic, as I think my threshold is set a bit high. Honestly, there should be a warning for this entire post--just the descriptions are bad enough, half the time. Finally, not linking to anything from anything earlier than '05, because I just don't know about the 1998... I was sort of fifteen? Sorry, no Cid/Vincent!

One day I swear I'll start uploading these to AO3, where I can also be found. See above for the whole "motivation to edit and post" thing, though.

Sorted by fandom alphabetically, then roughly by posting date. For the record, when I write pairings, order does not indicate anything (ex: Phoenix/Edgeworth will still have Edgeworth smacking Phoenix about). I'll be adding when I actually remember to write/edit... Or when I let writing I've already posted on new memes sit about for two years, underedited and lonely?

Comments remain awesome to me, even on very old fics.

Blake's 7 )

Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney series) )

House )

Sherlock Holmes - original canon, ACD, whatever you call it? )

Sherlock - BBC series )

X-Men: First Class )
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So, from my file names on those last two fics, I realized that there was a third werewolf fic somewhere that I did not remember writing. Luckily, sometime last year I'd been attempting to fix my ancient laptop and backed up everything in a few ways, including getting all my writing stored in a manner that is moderately search-able. This is incredibly handy when you write things you decide never to release, and promptly forget about all together. I can see why I didn't post this anywhere, but for the sake of completion (it bothers me that the files "ww1" and "ww3" are online, but not "ww2") I thought, eh.

It's just about that interim time when Gumshoe is crap all at guarding Phoenix from crazy vampire dudes, and not long at that. It is two years old and terrible (moreso when you read it away from a context of werewolf headcanon), poor thing.

About 1200 words of Phoenix and Were!Gummy. )
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Continued from over here, if you like my rambling notes and links to the original prompt. Again, this is only a bit edited, and only I am to blame (no friends were abused for betaing in the production of this werewolf porn).



Or more porn. Now with more bloody noses? )
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I finally beat AAI on Friday. So, in honor of certain wolfy characters, I thought I'd... edit some werewolf porn which has nothing to do with AAI? The pair of these are nearly two years old, to be honest, and I was never really going to attach my name to them to begin with, but lately I have been having a hard time erasing Agent Lang from werewolf headcanon.

Also, I wrote what is possibly my favorite thing I ever wrote on the entire kinkmeme in this thread.

Cut for author's notes, original prompt location, all that. )


Cut for fic one )
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You know that awkward moment when you realize you've pretty much ruined an entire franchise of games for yourself?

I mean, when it dawns on you that you can't really concentrate on gameplay because you are just relentlessly thinking of the main character slapping his boyfriend around in a cabin?

...Yeah. Hopefully I can beat this game with a minimum of game overs, because every time Edgeworth tells me to use LOGIC I am really just thinking "boners boners boners." Sorry, Edgey.
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I can't believe I wrote this a year and a half ago. I guess I'm still not okay with the edit, but, like a standardized test, you always hit a point where you've just gotta turn it in or you're going to keep changing crap from one wrong answer to another.

Cut for author's notes, long as ever. )

And direct to the porn. Warnings include sex toys, orgasm denial, D/s, GS4 spoilers, etc bbq )
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Quote of the day, from the kid walking in to the bar where I use wi-fi: "Oh, no. Not this place again!"

Nice one, mom!

Anyway, sundry pals have all vacated the greater Seattle area, after a pretty rad weekend. I've never been down to PAX before, but I guess being as I got to tool around with the trial, uh... trial... of what is now apparently known as Miles Edgeworth Ace Attorney Investigations but what will consistently be parked in brain as Perfect Prosecutor, I guess this was as good a time as any? The demo was plenty sweet, as I believe any game in which one gets to hit a "Logic" button is automatically awesome. And even in the short demo provided, Edgeworth found the time to mention his SPARKLEHOUSE BOYFRIEND and also to be called a fanboy by Gumshoe.

And I got a tin advertising the game. That falls apart the minute you open it. Nice, Edgeworth. Other PAX highlights included repurchasing Super Mario 2, spending entirely too much time dancing with someone in a Katamari costume, and meeting up with a lot of swell folks. I think I said this at the end of that comic convention, but I'll say it again... I need to hit up more cons!

Otherwise, I'm still out of Internet at the apartment, and I've just been reading my weight in books and trying to wrap up Devil Summoner 2.

This weekend was also Bumbershoot and the Gender Odyssey conference. I'm glad to prove once again that my personal priorities remain: music < gender stuff < GIANT FANBOY BONERS.
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Well, I discovered the secret of getting my ass around to editing more-than-a-year-old kinkmeme porn!

And that's a massive paper due in two days.

So before I accidentally email this edit to my professor, I'm just going to get it posted!

Door Number One leads to my usual dithering )

Number Two is right to the porn. Phoenix and Miles boning in the summer. Yeah. That's pretty much it. )
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Well, I guess it's around time to finally out myself on more thrilling Phoenix Wright Kinkmeme material!

And, in an unprecedented move, it's something utterly tame and it has a title--so, of course I've been ridiculously nervous about sharing it. Anyway. The usual cut to rambling author's notes! )

ACTUAL TITLE! "The Last Lines"

WARNINGS: spoilers through GS4, forty-something dudes on a couch watching movies, gratuitous use of Billy Wilder films (no, you don't have to have seen them, but YES YOU SHOULD see them).

Original prompt and fill here.

Or straight to the fic. )
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Well, okay, so this is that other thing.

Or, to be frank to all you, this was one of many other things I've been spending my free time doing. You see, when you're trying not to spend a lot of money on your extended summer break, there's lots of cheap hobbies one can take up. You could read more. Maybe start making reusable bags out of discarded rubber tires. Maybe try taking up collage. And if you're no good at any of that, well...

There's always writing over seven thousand words of graphic humiliation play between characters trademarked by Capcom!

Usual drill: click here for extended author's notes )

Spoiler info: while there's absolutely no plot (I mean it, none at all) this does take place ~3 years after the big spoilery events mentioned in the first case of Apollo Justice. This basically boils down to me getting to write even more snark c/o the power of hobo, but intense spoilerphobes might like to stay away. No real plot elements are mentioned until around the second-to-last paragraph, and even that's fairly vague. Your call, chaps!

Or skip right to the porn. Rated a hard M for graphic sex, D/s, humiliation play, gagging (yes, uh... yeah, no, that kind), blindfolds and... yeah, flist, you just might want to roll on by. Yes, I'm sorry! )
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Okay, so.

Well, there's this thing, and I've... I don't know, been alluding to it all summer. It's that little, you know, Phoenix Wright kinkmeme thing.

I know I've never been anything like a prolific writer, as much as a diehard fan of stuff as I can be. I mean, you folks have seen the "writing" tag. Abysmal, isn't it? And if I were y'all, I'd seriously never, ever believe me when I said I was working on something. Because 99.9% of the time, what do I do?

I go eat some key lime pie and take a nap and forget all about it, and never finish anything. That's what.

Which has been what made this summer so stupidly awesome. I'd never thought "oh, anonymous writing! That's what I need in life!" before, but given my nervousness over posting any of my writing elsewhere, and my extended delay in doing so (keep in mind: it's basically October and I wrote my first thing in friggin' February)... Well, maybe I'm a big dorky insecure... dork. Hey, I never claimed to be otherwise! Anyway. While I'm sure I'm not the most prolific person over there, I was just so crazy prolific for me that I can barely believe it: in seven months, I've written over twenty-five things. I'm not going to own up to them all, no. And some are pretty short. But for me? It was a rad summer.

And now--given the fact that I'm... well, okay, I'm going to be still probably writing during midterms, but... given I'm back in class and all, I ought to own up to some of this stuff.

Anyway, [ profile] aruru's gotta be done with GS4 soon, and she'll beat me otherwise!

So, while I was going to post one of the things I've been cleaning up from the meme today, I decided, well... yeah, I'll just be doing that tomorrow. Instead, today you get some random stuff I wrote in March that I'm never going to edit, but I thought was sort of fun and I fancied would make a good add-on to this placeholder "watch this space for whenever I get around to editing my longer stuff, which might be by next year" message! Yeah!

Well, it's just links because it's sort of meme-specific, and I'm not editing it, but it's some of that old recursion stuff if you were hanging out on the meme back then! )

So, um, see? Actual writing! And more tomorrow, barring "aaahh, this is so bad, though!" heart attacks tonight.
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Oh, man, sorry for the overposting, and clearly I should be asleep, but.

I just beat Apollo Justice! And it has... Well, I'm not really the type of person to get my heartstrings tugged, or to want to imagine twenty people having this giant touching Thanksgiving dinner together where everyone is totally this huge impromptu loving family with sunshine and rainbows but...

I... I just love Phoenix Wright's otherworldly special ability to build a giant loving family out of completely gay people orphans and kidnapping victims and poisoning victims and oh god, ghosts! The past games got pretty "aww, sniff," at times, but this one was just aggressively having you think things like, "Oh, oh, please let impromptu!son!Apollo bring his rockstar boyfriend to Christmas! He and Edgeworth can talk German together, and make you and Apollo wonder if they're talking about you!"

Man, wow. As I say, I'm not a super sappy person. But, while these games are pretty obviously not about law, and while they are meant to be hilarious... A lot of what makes these games so great is how every game basically ends with the same message: no matter how much you get hit by cars, kidnapped, robbed, or realize your life has been a sham (in general, no matter how utterly terrible and unfair life is), you can still build a great family out of your fellow broken human beings.

I'll... I'll be trying not to sniffle in my sleep, now. Also, I'll be reserving my right to blame 100% of this post on it being almost 3 AM.
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The universe is really looking up, lately! I hope some other folks got to see the lunar eclipse. I didn't know about it until yesterday (I was happy I decided to get the year's one good deed out of the way by working for my sick coworker, as another coworker told me about the eclipse), and man, it wound up being at the perfect time. Living in Seattle, fate was essentially against me seeing it: this time of year, one usually just lives under the general notion that there might be stuff above that thick layer of clouds, and usually the moon is going to be hiding behind some building or another, anyway. But it was so clear and nice... And I had to go downtown to pick up Apollo Justice after work, anyway, so on my walk up to my apartment I stopped at Seattle's Worst Public Art and got a clear vantage point.

Even when I eventually got back home, I realized the moon was aligned perfectly between the two buildings that Are My View, and I could see the eclipse ending through my kitchen window. Thanks, universe! It looked pretty great, but of course my cameras are all shitty...

Also yesterday: I got [ profile] metron_ariston's package (yay, thanks!) and oh, APOLLO JUSTICE.* Last night I finished the first trial, and I'm a little bit into the second investigation. If anyone is sitting around looking suspiciously at this new guy, twirling their thumbs and saying, "well, I don't know," COME ON. I have only beat the first trial, and the judge has already referred to Phoenix Wright as "FLAMING."

In summary, my one word review-so-far: FANSERVICE. It... It's a good thing?

I realize I have more work to do for classes, but for now, I just want to a) buy a new coffee grinder (seriously, mine just... exploded?... this morning. It grinds, but with a new fantastic "ahahaha, I'ma gonna cut you" sound effect), b) INVESTIGATE, and c) fuss with my brand spankin' new haircut.

*Dear Nocturne: I'm sorry. Really, I am. It's not your fault I lost your save all those years ago, and you do rule. All I can say is, barring another SMT game or lawyer game or, okay, another game about kissing inanimate objects, I'll totally beat you next. D:
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Finally beat Phoenix Wright: Justice For All last night. Man, what was up with what you give Edgeworth to 'show you how you feel about him'? I chose it as a JOKE, and IT WAS THE CORRECT CHOICE. Clearly, the creators are depending on the player's desire for kinky gay sex.

Anyway, I also finally had a wacky dream last night, after a few weeks of dream-free sleeping. Cut for mecha, poetry readings, and albino seals. )

Also, it's NaArMaMo! Check yes to art from talented pals, daily.


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