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I'm working on my film homework, and after spending a while writing about the two things I cannot ever shut the hell up about (namely, media and gender), I got hit by Justifyable Curiosity.

It is now poll time. A poll on stars. Or, more aptly, actors: stars being people that can sell a film, and if y'all are anything like me, well... Sad to say, the one ticket to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone sold to the guy who just wants to see the wand salesman (OH GOD NO REALLY I'M NORMAL, THE DELIVERY OF "WE CAN EXPECT GREAT THINGS FOR YOU HAAARRRRRY" IS TOO CLASSIC) does not count.
[Poll #1125802]

Finally, in comments: WHAT DOES YOUR FAVORITE STAR SAY ABOUT MASCULINITY/FEMININITY. Mad props if it's "dudes wear golden bikinis and sleep with their own sisters."

Oh, and if you find this post boring, read some hilarifying old vampire schoolboy fluff or something. Of all the things I've distracted myself with today while working on papers, this is the best.

ETA: Be sure to complain about the worst movie ever to me, or I'll get into wikitraps about Jet Li and have to lollerskate at things like "However, Star Wars Episode III opened the next week, taking away much of Unleashed's target audience." Poor Jet Li, one-uped by FIERCE LEG REMOVAL.


Mar. 11th, 2007 09:18 pm
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Man, I'm having a huge dilemma about accepting a friend's sofa (she'd give it to me for the price of renting a truck... This is actually sort of a deal for me, as I don't drive) as I seem to wish to fill every square inch of my tiny apartment with some sort of media, and have a problem with confusing "giant life-threatening pile o' books" with "honest furniture." I have to at least take a chair she's going to sell me (having finally reached Furniture Critical Point with [ profile] rollerdragon's coming visit--I only own one chair) but... sofa! I'm torn between my desire for comfortable furniture, and my wish to only own camping equipment I can easily rid myself of when I need more books!

[Poll #944725]

Okay, yes. Sort of a meaningless post! I'm rather all over the place lately, though--finals week is coming up, and I'm trying (with some difficulty) to finish all my work before [ profile] rollerdragon gets here. That said, I'll be a bit away from Internet! for the next week or so as we try to force our fandoms on one another and generally laze about. So Holmesslash people: no getting obsessed with Holmes/Gregson while I'm gone, or anything! And everyone else: no having really hilarious dreams, or being angered by retail, or saying anything witty at all!

Well, at least the next week is spring break... I better be utterly incapable of leaving the computer due to accumulated porn.


Feb. 27th, 2007 09:31 am
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Man, of all my terrible habits/quirks, one of my favorite is my tendency to oscillate between believing that gaming is more productive than engaging in fandom or that writing porn has to be way more worthwhile than leveling up! Currently, I'm on a bit of a gaming jag (dudes, I just met Rasputin in Devil Summoner, this game is limitless awesome!) I mean, seriously, neither one is a productive way to spend my life! If I didn't also have work and school, I'd feel a mite guilty about it.

Oh, what am I saying. No, I wouldn't! I was raised a total geek, and I should be more proud of it. But honestly, what sounds more cool to say at a party?

[Poll #936406]

Sekrit answer: neither!

News, before I get back to the horrible gaming crack:

-The tooth! Especially handy for those days when you need to kill the Baron!

-Hot girl on girl koala action!

-Finally, this is less of a link to the article, and more a "BBC News icon insanity" link: 200 year child porn sentences are best accompanied by amusing imagery! It's just crying out to be iconified, I tell you.
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I feel like somewhere near 90% of all my personal stories lately begin with "Riding on the bus this morning..." And man, today is no exception.

I was just looking out the windows, trying not to smell the passenger in front of me, when I noticed that a florist along the route had a big board with mistletoe on it for sale. Now, okay, this is a little past-due for mistletoe--but, as we all know, Seattle is too busy crying in our low-fat latte, smoking our clove cigarettes, and hoping that no anorexic women steal our argyle-sweatered pale dudes during Christmas to be arsed with kissing people. So, post-holiday mistletoe for sale. I'm in the bus, and I think, "WOW, MISTLETOE, I'VE NEVER ACTUALLY SEEN THAT IN REAL LIFE."

Which made me stop. And need to post a poll, because that's what I do:

[Poll #897502]

Also today: bought some swank half-off shirts that make me look a little less dodgy, in case of funeral/job interview/wedding/hot date with someone else than self.
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So, after a large spurt of theft over last weekend (including someone stealing five identical statues of Shiva) we've been trying to actually enforce the whole "bag check" thing at ye ole job.

Which has brought to light a few interesting things: 1) hideous giant bags are apparently all the rage now; 2) women are overly attached to these hideous bags, and apparently spent the greater part of their husband's pay on them, and are wary to leave them with some snot-nosed shop clerk; and 3) an absurd amount of our customers either came from the moon, or some sub-sector of suburbia where bag or coat checking is an unheard of concept. Seriously, I cannot tell you how many people have responded to my question, "May I check your bag for you?" with, "For what?"

I frankly wonder if I'm witnessing a strange sort of cultural divide between my coworkers and I (all of whom live in the city proper, and are well-used to surrendering our bags) and the customers who have driven in from Redmond. Are bag checks so unheard of? Or is it just Seattle suburbanites who have a fit of the crazy bag love?

[Poll #834157]
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This weekend has been altogether awesome in every way last weekend wasn't.

Even though it included an ordeal with DVDs. The SO bought me Brokeback Mountain yesterday--he brought it home, I squeefully opened it, and after throwing out the plastic realized that it was the full-screen edition. I was going to resign myself to it (in retrospect, that would have sucked, because about 75% of that movie is panoramic sheep action) but the SO said he'd ride back to the store and try and return it. Luckily, they let him swap it out for the widescreen (and acted as if that was some huge favor, apparently: the guy at the counter called his manager, then told the SO "all we can do is let you swap it." You know, as if having the full-screen for twenty minutes made us never want to own or see Brokeback Mountain ever again)... But the whole ordeal was so crazy. I mean, the two DVDs look exactly the same. And it's not even like anyone really thinks about checking on that stuff anymore! Who's watching fullscreen movies, anyway? Because it's probably not people who watch Brokeback Mountain.

Actually, this makes me curious...

[Poll #706070]

And dream journal... )

Better get back to cleaning the apartment--I kind of left fabric scraps everywhere last night. Yesterday I finally went out and bought a darning egg and some sock thread. Darning is... shockingly and awesomely easy! At least with the egg--without, I think I'd have sewn my hand into my sock fiftybilliontimes, and I'd still be bleeding this morning. I'm not very crafty, so I'm always pleasantly surprised when I can do something like this.


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