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The problem with living in a mail-in ballot state is the eternal wait for poll results. Neurotic refreshing of the Seattle Times results page? Check yes!

Anyway, as of yet it looks like everything that matters is GOING RIGHT (though it is neck-in-neck enough for mayor that I don't feel comfortable there), including for Ref 71. As of now we're at a good 51.65% approval--so although Maine is sort of a tool, I'm feeling optimistic for this corner of the States.

Also, DOW CONSTANTINE has been totally confirmed as our new county exec. As he is a gentleman with a rad name and also a tendency to open his mouth to say intelligent things like, “It was a great day on the County Council when we were finally able to pass civil rights protections for people on the basis of gender identity. As I said then and I’ll say again today, we do not have the power to ban bigotry. That is a matter for the individual human mind and heart. … In banning discrimination and putting into law the fact that we will not tolerate people being treated unfairly, we set the stage for bigotry to slowly abate,” I am very content with this.

In short: go Washington state?

Also, I want to give props to everyone rocking NaNo or NaBloPo or (PERHAPS MOST IMPORTANTLY) [ profile] i_mop! Y'all have a lot more discipline than I and deserve some serious love. Carry on with the rocking, okay!
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And as I couldn't put this in the last post in good conscience, for those of you who have not seen this yet...


Oh my god what is not to love? ANSWER: nothing! What is with his face! And he wears socks forever! And the lei! And his name is freaking BO I can't get enough.

Alright. Alright.


...Aaaahhhh why is this dog so cute. Tedward Kennedy: this dog is a friggin' crime against nature.
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Okay, so I apologize for the two post-election summary posts, but uh... I was sort of insane and not everything had been called the last time?

Also, I sort of went out to the mad and wonderful street party?

And took pictures?

Cut for a bunch of blurry crowd shots and more political talkings )
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I still want to run out and go crazy photographing what the streets are like up here. The Hill's gone crazy with joy and exuberance; I hugged at least thirty people on the way home from the bar, whooping and screaming the whole way home.

I almost can't believe it. I've never felt so proud and happy to be living in America until now. Obama's speech was simply amazing, and went over splendidly in the bar (where, it may be added, we enjoyed an election called at nine p.m., when everyone was certain it'd be called in a few days), where folks began dancing on tabletops and Obama's presidency resulted in $1 brews.

The most "this guy is hilarious" moment was, of course, the "okay, I guess we're getting a puppy" line. But the most "I can't friggin' believe this is happening" moment was, for several of us in the bar, that simple moment when he was speaking of the diversity of his constituency. Asian and Hispanic and Native American and... and then he said "gay and straight," and I swear, so many folks almost cried.

What president has done that? I mean, who has bothered to acknowledge us? It was just an amazing, brilliant moment.

And when I toddled home--well, it looks like Gregoire has the vote, and it looks like mass transit and Pike Place Market and a bunch of sane initiatives have won.

It's a beautiful night. And for once--drunk or not--I caterwauled out the Star Spangled Banner.

And meant it.
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I'll be in classes all day and proceeding to get somewhat intoxicated as I watch the polls close tonight, so I won't get another chance to make this post.

I've spent basically all weekend checking and re-checking the BBC coverage. It's still at 53% - 41% as per Gallup this morning, and I just... Hope it there's enough working voting machines in the nation and all.

It's a stormy day in Seattle, windy and rainy and looking not-at-all pleasant. And perhaps others might take it as a bad sign, but all I can think is: heck yeah. It's simply a perfect day to sit indoors with friends, celebrating the election of our first sane president in nearly a decade.

I feel optimistic. Guardedly so, yeah; and okay, I'm sort of in a isolated bubble where even sorority girls from Mercer Island love Obama, but still.

Good luck to all of us. And if you're bored, take part in [ profile] shinkuu's poll! I'm interested to see how folks vote everywhere, too.
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Okay, so... There should be some program somewhere where you can donate your body to science for exactly five days and they put you out for the duration, right? Anyone?

I did get my vote on already--like the entire population of Washington except [ profile] fiveagainsttwo, I had an absentee ballot--and now it's just down to less-than-a-week of intense anxiety! I know Obama has ALL the airtime from here til Tuesday. I saw the super-glittery inspirational infomercial last night (or at least part of it). I realize he's something like 10% ahead in the polls. BUT THAT PTSDFTLTE* IS SO INTENSE, AAAAHHHH.

Deep breaths. Okay. I can do this. I'll just, ah... focus on school? Yeah!

Midterms are almost over, which means I can probably get back to Nocturne soon. Ha, who am I kidding, I've been playing all along! I managed, finally, to get through that "Dante's an asshat and keeps chasing me" portion of Amala, and proceeded to hand his ass to him on a plate when we finally fought. I guess, as per usual, I'm sorta crazy-high-level for where I am in the game--I'm just hoping I don't waffle around with side-quest crap all month, as I sort of need to beat it before December 4, when it's Persona 4 time, baby! have a career I'm supposed to be training for, or something?

Oh, and preemptive wish of happy Halloween to those who are doing things. Guess what I'm doing.

No, no, it's more fun than that.

Oh, yeah. IT'S A MIDTERM.

*post-traumatic stress disorder from the last two elections
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Aaaand I'm sorta not really in the brainspace to be writing about it.

Not that it matters, as I believe all we're supposed to take away from McCain is:

-Plumbing (?!)
-Palin = role model for women because she... has a vagina? IDK!

Heh, really though, it was all very fun. Audience highlights included horror over the condescending "ladies, like Palin--oh, and I'll make decisions about your uterus, okay?!" 'tude, and Obama saying that the American people are "currently getting hammered." Because you see... We were? I'm now entertaining myself watching the Twitter feed on "Plumber," which does amuse.

Oh, I guess that's an update. I decided to be a sheep a while back and sign up, but never did anything with that thing until tonight. I'm not going to ship any (rare?) updates over here or anything, as it'll just be texts like what's up now, and I'm not going to get updates on my phone or anything, and I'm possibly just going to let it languish, but if you're STILL BORED and want to watch someone: I'm 'redorama'.
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The best part of watching the veep debates at a bar?

Well, it's certainly not the acoustics--I'm pretty sure I missed 20-30% of the debate. But it is So Worth It for the audience reactions. Oh man, there's nothing quite like a stranger making sure your view of the television is unobstructed, like random folks sitting down at your table and sharing their beer and laughter, and your bartender bringing by a pitcher and saying, "OH NO SHE DIDN'T!" No, it wasn't as cracky a debate as I hoped--bar patrons were especially hilarified by her "ohmygod, pllllzzzzz don't mention fags!" 'tude and her "OMG, I <3 Israel, too! Let's be BFF" line--but watching it with [ profile] fiveagainsttwo and under the influence sure left me grinning the rest of the night. Thank god I didn't agree to any "every time Alaska gets mentioned" or "each time the word 'maverick' is used" drinking games, else I'd be on a liver transplant list already.

As much as I'd thought the evening would be one more opportunity to entertain myself at the inconvenience of American voters, it did turn out to make me feel even a little more drawn to Obama, beyond my usual "well, at least I'm not being totally raped" attitude. Just seeing Palin roll her eyes like that--like nationalized health care is a joke, something to be ridiculed, like five thousand dollars would pay for anything more than one ER visit for an uninsured American family (shit, I thought, does she really not know the racket the insurance companies are playing?)--made me sick. No, the Obama plan is not perfect. But it's not treating health care like a privilege. It's not assuming that you only have a right to your health--mental, physical, spiritual, or social--if you're in the right income tax bracket. And that's at least something.
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Aaah, still totally working on this "skool" thing. I'm sure I'll get used to the brutalizing attacks of sleepy brought on by waking up at 6:30. B'aaaawwwwww, poor me, right? Also, I have major complaints to level against whoever forgot to sand down all the hills in this city. It's a problem!

Anyway, this is all really a post to remember how old [ profile] arcian is. God, now she's one of those totally scummy twenty-five-year-olds. Happy birthday!

To celebrate, I'm going to use this post to pimp politics from a country that you're not even living in!

Duuudes, just a totally no-pressure reminder that--at least in Washington state--the last day to register to vote for this year's election via mail is this Saturday. You can still walk things in until the 20th, though. For all my non-WA American pals, you can find the deadlines for your state (and did you know Ohio already gets to play?) here. And remember: hiiiilarious Thursday is... THIS THURSDAY! Too excited to wait for the impending internet memes? There's always the Palin Interview Generator!

Yeah, so here's some appeasement-for-being-pushy links/apologies to the Australian/British/Canadian/Finnish contingent! Hey, this coffee tastes really great, and for [ profile] sherlock_2040, it's an ancient carved hedgehog.
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Those who have known me for a while--I'm talking perhaps five or so years--might remember that I used to be far more political than my current incarnation shows.

I still vote, sure. But, on the national level, I don't think my vote counts for much. I still follow the news, sure. But I'm really just looking for a laugh.

Campaign season never feels good for a laugh. It's almost absurd to me to see activists now and think that at one time that was me. I was passionate enough to truck over to DC twice before the war, to get tear gassed in Miami, to get stuck in a van with Bob Dylan on loop. Then, of course, the inevitable.

The war, the stolen election. I think the double-blow knocked down a lot of former activists; certainly, it's an apathy I've heard voiced by a few of my peers. Why bother, we began asking. What's the point? It's a large reason why I've chosen my new career path: it's naive to think that words and signs and a liberal arts degree will change anything, I thought. Better to have a job where you can actually help, even if it is just one person at a time.

But that's all just a ton of words to say the following: I have just not been that into politics for a few years. Sure, my faves candidate did pull ahead, but I've been missing the speeches and glazing over the news feeds. Sure, I had a good giggle at a few of our candidates in the primaries (I'll always miss you, dear MITTZIES). But never has anything caught my interest.

Until now. Cut for my sudden love of politics and the BBC coverage thereof )

But for now, from this safe distance, let's just take a moment to thank Palin and the gents who chose her. Because, my GOP pals, you're absolutely right. This is sizzle. This is entertainment. This is all the first time I've felt this excited, hopeful, amused, and just stupidly in love with politics in a long, long time.


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