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Okay, Nordstrom's. You had better still be bringing the creepy out of backstock, and things best be at the proper level of seasonal depression by the 25th of next month, because what I found downtown this afternoon was simply unacceptable.

Seriously, every window is like this: it's as if they traded out anorexic hostility for whimsical curly-tailed foxes. And, while it's true that there were still dressers working in the main window (the one which featured the robo-dachshund last year), it looks like "mouthless fox staring soullessly at humans" seems to be the all-around theme this year. Macy's seemed a bit more promising, but I was chased away by particularly aggressive Salvation Army volunteers, so I guess I'll have to check back.

At least it was a nice day out. Yea, a bit too nice for photos without 10000% glare...

In news: you just have to respect any news organization that uses the word 'poo' in a headline. Also, robot roaches.
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Wow, rarely do I have a weekend so filled with sheer accomplishment. Not only was tonight's neurology test seemingly aced (I got it done a half-hour early. To show how close I live to campus, I went home and cleaned my kitchen during the break), despite my better attempts to not-study, but I wound up going to a signing at Scarecrow video.

I knew about this signing, but wasn't going to go, mostly because I'm always the hundred-and-first person in line. You know what I mean: a hundred people line up for an autograph or a Wii or somesuch, and I'm number one hundred and one [ETA: and they run out after 100, and turn me away. I know I was full of squee, but I could at least try to make sense]. However, I had to return two movies from last Wednesday (The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes--a movie which seems to have the basic plot of "Watson kicks Holmes out of his own house, spends rest of movie trying to get Holmes to sleep with him again"--and the 1970 Bartleby, which had Colin Jeavons-y bliss within it. No, [ profile] spacefall, there will be no Venn diagrams) anyway, so I went down there around nine... And the line wasn't too bad! So I sat there and tried to study while I froze to death for two hours, when I was rewarded by...

SIR DAVID LYNCH. Well, he's knighted in the monarchy of Montana, alright? And he shook my hand, and was a benevolent and charming dictator indeed! He also is releasing his own line of coffee (confusing as ever, that Mr. Lynch) and handed out free sample bags of beans. It's difficult to know that there's coffee I can't open in the apartment...

I brought my beleaguered copy of Elephant Man, but when I saw that he was signing a "limit of four things," I thought... what the hey?

Well, it was the one thing handy? )
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I might learn, upon posting this, that cities far more major than Seattle have far larger department stores with far more frightful Christmas window displays. However, this is the third year running that I've been meaning to make a post about the Nordstrom's window displays in downtown Seattle--and this year, I've finally managed to both take photos and scrape together the energy to write about them.

Nordstrom's is a remarkable department store for two reasons: one, it's pretty much Seattle's only home-grown department store, and two, they--on a stunning yearly basis--have the most depressed, anorexic, and neurotic mannequins ever to take part in a holiday. Every display seems to need a short story dedicated to how these people wound up in the position they are in. To make matters better, this year The Bon Marche Macy's--located only a block away--decided to step up to the "weird mannequin holiday" plate. While their displays are a lot less depressing, a few of them made good pictures.

So, without further delay, here's a walk in downtown Seattle. Warning: this is pretty dang image-intensive. )

Also today: I was returning the over-due SH collection to the downtown branch of the library. I've never used the book-drop there, and, while I should have expected something from the vertigo-inducing ultra-modern branch, I was not prepared for what happened. I pushed the book into what I assumed to be a metal flap into a drop-box... and the panel slid up, revealing a lighted conveyor belt, and a robot voice began cheerfully announcing, "THANK YOU FOR RETURNING YOUR BOOK TO THE SEATTLE PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEM!" It kept talking to me, but I decided retreating was the best tactic for dealing with an evil robot book-drop.

I'm sorry. If I have to deal with robot libraries, I must demand my flying car. My own laser gun may also be required.
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Ah, summertime. The months of sun, college students yelling in the streets at all hours, and leaving the windows open.

And spiders.

Last year, I told everyone about the tiny spiders that choose to inhabit our apartment during the summer months. I believe I neglected to write about the huge ones. For the sake of science, I risked my right arm to bring you the following:

Spider vs. penny. )

I left the thing alone. Despite the fact that it was clearly big enough to eat me alive, I still have a sort of live-and-let-live-and-holy-shit-it-might-jump-for-my-face attitude to these things. However, when the SO came home and the spider suffered a strange newspaper-related accident, I did not protest too much.

In non-spider but still-heebie news, waiting for the bus to work (my schedule has me taking one bus from class to the district I live in, and then catching another to take me to work) yesterday, two drunk middle-aged men started milling around beside me. One of them approached me, and began rambling about how I should be at the beach, because, "It's such a pretty day, and all the pretty girls like you are there." I very nearly retorted with "I'm not a girl," but such would violate my policy of just pretending I'm completely deaf whenever intoxicated hobos talk to me.

I don't know--I didn't feel so much threatened (although perhaps I should--I weigh in at a mean 110 lbs, and have a great flailing technique) as I did confused. Inasmuch as I think of myself as female (which I often don't) I certainly don't think of myself as a "girl." I don't think of myself as a "lady" or a "woman," either, but I certainly don't think freaking "girl" is the word I'm looking for.

And granting that I'm biologically female, I absolutely do not think I am pretty. This isn't to say I have a bad body-image. I think I look pretty okay, and downright foppishly handsome from time to time. But I don't look pretty. I don't wear skirts, or make-up, or even shoes that aren't less than four years old.

Perhaps I shouldn't bristle so much at the word "pretty"--lord knows, I apply it to many a lovely boy. But it just seems so out-of-place applied to me.

Wow. This post certainly wound up being a two-for-one special. Spiders and body-image, oh my!
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Bzuh. It's been an exhausting, allergen-filled weekend, and I'm currently in zombie mode because of it. See, I finally got to cleaning out two of the closets here. You know, the "also known as where the SO and I just threw all the to-be-sorted stuff when we moved in here, and it never got to that 'sorting' day for over a year" closets. There was an insane amount of stuff to throw out, and I've got a huge pile of clothes and random crap to donate. Oh, and I just inhaled every dust mite in the world, and my face is still imploding.

But! I felt I had to post, as I went to this insane (and more-than-slightly-intimidating) rummage sale yesterday. This thing started at seven PM for some reason, but every woman in Seattle still showed up. To cram into a tiny church basement. Now, I'm not agoraphobic at all--but even I'm going to go crazy eventually when people continuously steal things I'm looking at from right in front of me.

Nevertheless, I got a lot of neat swag! Cast iron candle holders, a houseplant, a vegetable steamer, a collection of circa 1910 pillboxes (which I still need to scan, as now I've got some great information on how to cure my gripe) and the world's best postcard.

Welcome to the reason I'm making this half-awake post. I love it! )


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