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Okay, okay, I know I've said I'd get on this for weeks!

Majortowne spoilers for all endings of P4, with bonus warnings for me possibly less-than-threeing certain characters a bit too much, and additional threats against those who tempt me with new kink memes! )

I think that's all I really want to say about P4... Or at least everything I can think of for now. I'm slowly replaying, though, so I can see dithering about it in the future, too--just as long as I STAY OFF THAT MEME.

...And I'm not reading it just because it only has one part! It's one part with thirty pages. This isn't healthy for me.

Luckily for red, my tastes pretty much are swung for the 30+ character market. So unless there's a Dojima/Adachi face-punching kink, I'm pretty okay!
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Can you tell I'm supposed to be writing a paper yet? No?

Well, links for [ profile] cannedebonbon and anyone else who may enjoy--but primarily Candy, as I might get hot DOJIMA/KYLE/HOBO art from this: I shop at grocery stores that stock the P4 Official Design Works artbook, so I has got some Dojima scans for you!

It's a pretty sweet artbook, for the price--but I was a little bummed they left out the images a little special cabbage-lovin' someone's Shadow. Ah, well!

Otherwise, just been homeworking and getting a bit further in Hotel Dusk. I finally got kicked out by Dunning! I seriously thought about my screwup before it happened, too. "Oh, gotta hide all this stuff," I thought. "Eh, but he might get suspicious if I put back all the tools."

Come on, Dunning! ONE SCREWDRIVER. Sheesh...
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Ah, mornings where I'm supposed to be doing homework so I don't freak out and have to call out of work on Sunday--I see you are the new only time for me to post to el jay!

The quarter's winding up being a bit crazy, thanks, but I've managed to find some small amounts of time in which to keep myself sane. Aside from passing out on the couch and pretending I'll ever be tired of this amazing video [ profile] deadtrain sent me (no, seriously, I'll think I'm done and then I remember how concerned Tatsuya is. Or how sassy Raidou is. Or how terrifyingly happy Demifiend is. Or how precious Serph's junk is. And I'm sure people on my flist are a lot more knowledgeable about the whole jpop thing, but I do also love the source commercial, which is apparently about six men they found on the street somewhere and bribed with warm jackets to DANCE. You might also want to see the two P4 covers, but both contain spoilers, so watch out), I have also been formulating ways to write longer sentences than ever, and playing a bit of Hotel Dusk.

YES I KNOW I still have to spam with stuff on P4 (and I'm also back up to Yukiko's shadow on the second playthrough), but haha, why was I not warned about how sassy Kyle Hyde gets? Okay, maybe I was warned, but why did I not listen? Seriously, this is Kyle Hyde:

"Hey, Kyle, wanna get a sandwich?"
"Sure. I'm sure it'll be great. Sandwiches are for chumps."
"Oh. Uh. Hey Kyle, wanna get some pancakes?"
"Sure. Yeah, sure. What, you want I should eat flat things? Is that it? Think I look flat? Like a chump?"
"Uh... I... I'll be over here faking my death, because we can't have nice things."

MAAAAN. I am not far at all, but clicking on stuff alternates between amusing and "someone-needs-a-slap." Not even lamps are safe. That said, he is pretty hot when he keeps his mouth shut...

Anyway, hopefully everyone had a good Lunar New Year. I realize usually I buy porn for you guys on that day, but I sort of wound up crashing out to be ready for yesterday. BAWWWWW AND NOW I HAVE TO DO THIS WRITEUP BAWWW.

...After I watch Serph's junk again, of course.


Jan. 16th, 2009 09:59 pm
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Well, gents... Ninety-eight hours and twenty-five minutes later, I did it!

True ending on Persona 4! You know, complete with sparkles and flowers and Yosuke and Naoto basically trying to give me a blowjob not that I'm complaining! It's so awesome, and uh. Bewilderingly long?

I managed to get my usual Megaten threshold of levelslutting early enough (level 81 has been fly-form Beelzebub for a few games, and I always go for it), but I'd been thinking of getting up to Lucifer. No dice! Man, it just... I would be doing that for months. 86 for Asura was the best I was doing.

I guess now I have to "concentrate" on "school," or something.

Pffft, come on! I'll bet you I get bonus bonus endings for New Game+... And I never, much to my eternal, sobbing regret, maxed my sweet dear mancandy, DOJIIIIMAAAAAAA. Also: physically incapable of typing his name with a standard number of vowels.

Ending maxed Slink round-up: Fool, Judgment, Star (all a big "obviously"), Fortune (fun, but either not dateable, or I have to choose a dialog option that would make my HANDS BURN OFF), Emperor (eeeeee, the best), Priestess (shrugsville!), Empress (sassy!), Magician (um, almost gay enough to make me forgive King Dickweed!), Chariot (shrugsville, but uh, man, Christmas Eve... :O), Sun (music track and extremely boring!), Strength (Kou, medium-entertaining), the Devil (funtimes!).


Slinks I always form at the last minute in every Persona game: Tower (but I got it to 3!)

I'm sure I will make a lengthy spoilery post on it later, too--okay, yeah, it'll mainly be about who I want to smooch the most--but for now... Whew, it's just awesome to have gotten through. That game's probably one of the longest I've played.
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Whelps, got the "fake" ending in P4!

In a related memo to Atlus:

Dear gents,

I have enclosed in this parcel the bloody mass which consists of the remains of my heart. Oh, no. Please, don't shove it sloppily back in this time. That's quite all right. I'm quite aware you're just going to rip it out and stomp once more the minute it heals.

Please enjoy it.

Aaah, I can't wait for the real ending now! Spoiler-free not-really-an-update, but I really wasn't even thinking of this guy (and I'm still suspecting someone else pretty strongly). Man, I'm slow.

Oh well, I guess it's not as bad as that time I was like, "Wait. Waiiiit... Who's left that could have killed her? I... I don't know where Phoenix was! HE KILLED ELISE DEAUXNIM IT'S ALL BEEN A LIE, HASN'T IT?!"

...Man, now I can't shake the feeling that's how Atlus would have ended it.
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Wow, I really slacked off on updating this. But I guess I knew I would!

Spoilers through approximately August 14, with mention of what occurs gameplay-wise when you max a team character's s link, but no real mention of the plot of that link, and it appears I'm perfectly willing to never begin a new sentence here. And really, I guarantee I go on for a while, so if you're not into this game, slide on by. )

I think that's all for now! I've got the next three days off, though, so I'm sure to be fanning again later. Who knows, what with that snowday... Maybe I will beat it this break!

And promptly click New Game+.
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Well, I guess nearly everyone is enjoying similar weather, so I'll just say: I hope you all are staying warm and careful, and enjoying such winter scenery as:

-urban cross-country skiing
-grocery sleds
-semi trucks realizing "oh, maybe chains would be cool" in the middle of the road
-fleets of buses lined up on this one side-street, explaining you why you'd been staring at
-that same crazy snow-bicyclist come by four times while you wait an hour and a half for your bus.

I wound up sticking home yesterday, as it was pretty much physically impossible to get out of the neighborhood. I'm a little bummed as it cost me money, but it was safer. And a good excuse to log in twelve hours of consecutive Persona. I'll do an update post later (I'm at a boss battle that I'll likely want to talk about) but for those playing, I'm into early August.

In backlog media news, on Wednesday I finally got out to see Milk. I'm sure by now everyone's seen it, but if you haven't, go. It's one of the most timely movies I've seen--every review out there goes into that echo of this last election season, and it's true--along with being one of the more inspirational. At once it makes you kick yourself for not being more active, but reminds you that it's okay if you start late in the game. Even if you take forty years to get around to speaking up, if you do get around to it, you can still make a hell of a difference. Everyone is awesome in it, the use of footage is great, and it features the least-Elfman Danny Elfman soundtrack you will ever hear.

And in other (related) news: guys, I'm REALLY sorry about increasing the greenhouse effect, alright?
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No real spoilers, and this is more of a placeholder post for the whole "Oh my goooddddd that dungeon" post of the future, but the (likely slightly misworded) quote for the week is:

Kanji: So, does this mean you came out to them, too?

Ahaha, oh, Kanji. For years I knew persona users must be This Gay to ride the demon ride, but you... You, my friend, are the first dude man enough to call it. KANJI TATSUMI, I salute you.

Even if you are lacking the pompadour.

Otherwise, I'm in through 6/13 or so, and just mucking around with S-Links and extra dungeon. I'm closest to maxing Chie (at level 6), but I've been macking on Yosuke and Kou plenty. Don't you worry about that--they're getting all the Thick Curries and Tasty Potato Salads some slobby guy named Tatsuya Doyle can serve up.
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We'll see how I manage writing about gaming when I always am thinking, "What's up with not having a month off for just gaming"!

But for the time being...

DOJIIIIIMAAAA YOU ARE THE FRESH HOBO ON THE BLOCK. Persona 4 spoilers through 4/18 )

Yeah, sorry that's so rushed... But I guess I have to take my finals. Heck, all the gameplay was from the 9th--spent all of yesterday faithfully pouring over books at the library.

P4 Day 1

Dec. 9th, 2008 05:09 pm
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Well, it's in my hands.

Or, more aptly, in the PS2. Yes. Yes, I do have the title screen just running as I update. Yes, I do realize I could wait until, you know, I've got a little in the game to start writing.

But this is my preemptive "you guys, you guys, I have to study and then I have pals coming over and then I know I'm going to get all caught up on fishing minigames and I'm probably not going to get this done in three weeks, am I?" fanboy post, and you're enjoying it!

While downtown, I also accomplished Red's Annual Walk Around Nordstrom's, only to be disappointed that it was identical to last year's display, and that there was no return to the proper Seattle interpretation of Christmas, which involves a lot of perfection, bleak despair, and manorexia. Furthermore, lexmas cards were purchased. No promises on when I'll get around to being done "studying" and waiting for the scruffy dude in the opener to show up.

Okay, it's go time. I'll try and keep up the gaming journal, even if I wind up falling behind everyone playing with me. Oh, and heads up: if you get the game from Gamestop, it comes with an apparently spoilery artbook! So if they did their usual "we sent our Tiara-Action Wright in a different box" song at your local store, be sure to go back and take it. It's pretty flimsily bound, so mine's already less-than-mint c/o my scummy hobo bag.


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