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Those of you following any mainstream news (well, "mainstream" in a broad international journalism sense, not an "American television" sense) have likely already read about the Malawi couple sentenced fourteen years with hard labor for "gross indecency." And those of you doing any following of trans news/media-analysis blogs have likely already read about the severe problems with the international coverage of this case.

Almost without exception, all the media reports the couple as being two men, no-questions-asked; on the few occasions where gender identity comes up, it's almost as an off-hand comment: this BBC article has the glancing paragraph, Our correspondent says Mr Chimbalanga, 20, who dresses in women's clothes, acknowledged the crowd with a wave as they shouted: "Aunt Tiwonge, Aunt Tiwonge", and the NY Times has the particularly stroke-inducing line, He said he considered himself a woman and had been eager to dress as a bride. The Guardian at least seemed to put forth a vague attempt at mentioning that this horrific human rights violation might involve something else than a cisgendered gay male couple.

But it's always male pronouns, no matter Chimbalanga's perception of her own gender identity. More about this case and the media representation thereof is here and here (and likely elsewhere) by those much more talented at actual blogging than I. What I'd like to be annoyed about (and as a result type ceaselessly) is a sentiment I've seen blog comments, and in this February NY Times article--that Chimbalanga's claims regarding gender identity are merely "the imagined claim of a gay man in a repressed society desperate to think himself a woman."

Gender, objectivity, and those pesky societal influences: or, You're Only Real if You're in a Void. )
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Dear flist Arizonians: okay wow, sorry for the massive failboating of your state government. May the tenure of the law enforcing your new police state be short, and may you ditch your governor swiftly. But seriously what the hell, I can't even understand what's wrong with brains where this seemed like a good idea, and seeing a bit of the footage of her signing SB 1070 it seems as if perhaps it's lack of brains which is the issue.

I tried to find more cheerful news to help remind myself people are not horrible, and at first the news of Oklahoma's governor vetoing two horrific anti-choice bills made me believe in humanity, the fact that a bill which enforced doctors to perform ultrasounds with a vaginal probe on women seeking abortions was even written quickly reminded me why I need to live in a yurt on Mars.

Thank god for people who are passionate about decent things. LIKE SPACE. Happy anniversary to Hubble, and here's a bunch of astronomer squee to celebrate. Nothing cheers me up like folks who obviously love what they do. You know, providing what they do isn't being total racist or misogynistic dickwads.
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Oh, yes, your researchers laugh now.

But first it's coconut shells. Then it's your cars and homes! Arise, my bro...

Oh, hey guys! Um... Why don't you look at these adorable baby meerkats? I'll just be over here, doing nothing insidious and/or cephalopodian whatsoever...
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Hey stomach--

Uh, thanks for randomly kicking up to "ulcer" again? The little stab-in-the-gut feeling that woke me up at one in the morning was pretty sweet.

That said, at least omeprazole is OTC now...

I haven't done this in about fifty years, so!

-Sure everyone else has seen it, but I couldn't avoid it!


-I love the prehistoric giant snake news, but I'm done with the negativity of scientists these days. To quote: ...Dr Matthew Huber, a climatologist from Purdue University in Indiana, who was not connected with the study, questioned whether the link between size and temperature was "generalisable and accurate". C'mon, Dr. Huber. We have one little thing to look forward to with this whole doomed-to-global-warming bit--namely, getting to ride giant snakes, preferably ones equipped with lasers--and you go and rain on the parade.

And from the flist ([ profile] irksnapple and [ profile] arcian, respectively): how much would you guys love me if started wearing this while holding--and occasionally lovingly stroking--this?
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Aaah, still totally working on this "skool" thing. I'm sure I'll get used to the brutalizing attacks of sleepy brought on by waking up at 6:30. B'aaaawwwwww, poor me, right? Also, I have major complaints to level against whoever forgot to sand down all the hills in this city. It's a problem!

Anyway, this is all really a post to remember how old [ profile] arcian is. God, now she's one of those totally scummy twenty-five-year-olds. Happy birthday!

To celebrate, I'm going to use this post to pimp politics from a country that you're not even living in!

Duuudes, just a totally no-pressure reminder that--at least in Washington state--the last day to register to vote for this year's election via mail is this Saturday. You can still walk things in until the 20th, though. For all my non-WA American pals, you can find the deadlines for your state (and did you know Ohio already gets to play?) here. And remember: hiiiilarious Thursday is... THIS THURSDAY! Too excited to wait for the impending internet memes? There's always the Palin Interview Generator!

Yeah, so here's some appeasement-for-being-pushy links/apologies to the Australian/British/Canadian/Finnish contingent! Hey, this coffee tastes really great, and for [ profile] sherlock_2040, it's an ancient carved hedgehog.
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Lately, I've been thinking that there ought to be some sort of god of bus passengers to which one could pray. You know, someone who would effectively respond to demands like "Oh, Bus-Ridero, please friggin' let that driver see me, because I have been running for four blocks and am beginning to resemble a drowned puppy... oh, okay, AWESOME." Usually I'm not so much for breaking internal organs running like that, but waiting for another Sunday bus...

I've also decided recently that I really ought to crack down and do something important this summer. I've only got one month left before classes start, so I really ought to do something character-building. Something that will shake my very foundations. Something that will change this world for the better.

Of course, I'm talking about getting the hell around to beating Nocturne. I've made pretty okay progress on this goal so far--at least for a guy who spends six or seven hours on the stupid puzzle mini-game (should anyone ever play this or care, you do win a pretty good magatama)--finally surpassing the gone-but-not-forgotten lost saves of yore. I'm aiming for an ending where I do it with manikins, so I guess I'll let you all know how that one turns out!

News: not sure if you've seen this yet, [ profile] rollerdragon, but all you need to do to get extinct aphids named after you is buy them on Ebay. Everyone else: enjoy a heartwarming tale which will encourage many a young lad into the wonderful world of aquarium ownership.
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So I found out the other day that there are people who look at you with blank disbelief when, in an attempt to get back to work, you say "The Olympics are just a diversion, anyway. They did give it to Hitler, too." Fun times!

But screw human rights! Let's talk about puppies. Dogs can catch yawns! It's something most dog owners can attest to anecdotally (and I've caught them back from mine), but it's fun to have ACTUAL SCIENCE about it, right?

And, uh... These swarming robots could one day kill your puppies? M-maybe?

Secret messages, which are likely the whole reason I'm posting anyway: [ profile] rikoshi, I got your book in the mail today! I don't know what I was expecting, but man, is it pretty. I'll let you know when I actually read it, instead of admiring hexagon-adorned page numbers. [ profile] shinkuu, I saw Zippy's chili at the grocery store yesterday! I think they're having a Hawaiian food sale next week, so I'm might go pick up the vegetarian stuff--but they had all kinds.
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Everyone born in the months of June and July...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I'm a bad person, and forgot you got older. Congrats on your oldness!

To everyone born in August through December:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I aim to continue in my career path as "perfectly horrid person," (it's a little safer than "guy nearly killed by his fridge," or becoming a receptionist) so, um. Congrats on your oldness?

Let's celebrate with BEES!
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Oh, fine. I know you guys are looking at this news article and waiting for me to put a link to it: SEAL/PENGUIN NON-CON, HOMG. There is so much Bonus Hilarity in this article, so here's a breakdown:

-The link on the "SEE ALSO" sidebar for "Pick Up a Penguin"
-The line "EXTREME MAMMAL BEHAVIOUR," as if raping penguins is being mammal... TO THE MAX
-Insulting adelie penguins, calling them hookers
-Great, almost fanfiction-style writing, like: "The penguin flapped its flippers and attempted to stand and escape - but to no avail."
-The claim that this is the first recorded mammal/other vertebrate sex recorded, as if the BBC hasn't been watching that eel video.

Nothing else is going on over here, so, yes, this is an ENTIRE POST ABOUT SEAL/PENGUIN SEXXORS. Sorry?
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I just realized why I have a headache: I only drank two cups of coffee this morning. Come on, self, get with the program! That's just what I drink on a work day before work, my body needs those bonus mugs you drink while leaning on the counter, waiting to ring people up!

Broke my eyes from over-essaying yesterday. YET HERE I AM, STILL ON THE INTERNERDS.

-Yes! Cephalopod news: it's the hexapus! Best line in the article: "Octopuses are renowned for having three hearts and blue blood, but not usually six legs."

-Robot news, too: killer robot news.

That's about it. If you need me, I'm pretty much on page four of the Phoenix Wright kinkmeme 24/7. SEND HELP.
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Things I'm not doing:

1) Playing Digital Devil Saga again.
1a) Remembering I'm still trying to get to the lost save in Nocturne, playing that.
2) Hitting "refresh" hourly on college application websites.
3) Ripping my arm off playing fake tennis.

Things I'm really, really doing right now, I swear:
1) Writing 120334942304 papers.
2) Being a functional member of society.
3) Finishing defrosting my freezer, not leaving some giant chunks hanging off the freezer just because I think they "rule."

Apollo Justice comes out in just a few more days! M-maybe I've been telling that to myself as an anti-Professor Layton's Village mantra for a week, now... D:

In news, when I see it out of the corner of my eye, the teeny image of this picture of Christopher Walken on the BBC homepage keeps looking like that kid who plays Ron in them new-fangled witchin' movies. JUST THOUGHT I'D SHARE. Also, BONUS to the BBC on this article about robots being as smart as us by 2029, for turning a boring summary of a convention of scientists into a hilarious "WATCH OUT FOR SCIENCE"-a-thon by quoting the "robots in your brain" guy. Go robots-in-your-brain guy! That 2% of what he said will teach him to talk to reporters.
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Aww, I somehow missed all about this little guy! Okay, yes. While new mammals are always cool, I'm really just posting this so someone else can be needlessly drawn in to the hypnotic world of beholding Mr. Scientist's clothing. I mean, is it gypsy-meets-my-dad? What is that look?

That's all the real-ish news I have. I've got to admit it: I spent most of last night getting stuck in a series of Wikitraps and in-depth excursions to, and all I have to show for it is this website on aliens and medicine, or something?

Maybe it's due to the complacency brought about by the robot spider eating through my complex of bodies, but I'm also increasingly all about my new and crappy layout. This is mainly because I am childishly entertained by the colors red and orange and enjoy being able to read all of Dinosaur Comics on my friendslist without ten pixels being shaved off one side by a list of lame tags. One of which has now hit 100 uses--hooray for wasting time with the BBC! That's a hundred posts of pure filler episodes, right there.
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Okay, Nordstrom's. You had better still be bringing the creepy out of backstock, and things best be at the proper level of seasonal depression by the 25th of next month, because what I found downtown this afternoon was simply unacceptable.

Seriously, every window is like this: it's as if they traded out anorexic hostility for whimsical curly-tailed foxes. And, while it's true that there were still dressers working in the main window (the one which featured the robo-dachshund last year), it looks like "mouthless fox staring soullessly at humans" seems to be the all-around theme this year. Macy's seemed a bit more promising, but I was chased away by particularly aggressive Salvation Army volunteers, so I guess I'll have to check back.

At least it was a nice day out. Yea, a bit too nice for photos without 10000% glare...

In news: you just have to respect any news organization that uses the word 'poo' in a headline. Also, robot roaches.
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Bear steals car? How can this be! If you hurry and click, you can see a GREAT poll about Smart cars, as well.

[ profile] laureth also has a wonderful link about the integrity of the human race. Although, speaking of math geniuses--that no-sleep test on Monday I referred to? Augh, 100%! It's as if I can do math, but only if I've looked into the sun long enough gotten so little sleep that I forget I'm terrible at it.

Finally, I deeply apologize to linking to USA TODAY with this (as it means you get even more ads from the Picture Book For Adults than even if you looked at the print copy, which is saying quite a bit), but come on. It's a story about Conan O'Brien having a stalker. And any Conan stalker would, of course, have to be a priest. Yes, naturally!
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Well, the day is finally upon us: I've spotted my first adverts on the BBC site. So far, though, they only seem to be on the main page, and don't seem to be animated with terrifying voices that demand I click for free IPods. But let's give them a few weeks, shall we? I mean, who doesn't want a pop-up ad for the exciting new toy, The Li'l Frat Party?

Lately, I've been enjoying an exciting step back in time with the resurgence of my old friend, crippling insommnia. I suppose it's common for one not to feel stressed or anxious mentally, but for one's body to wig the heck out. However, when you're experiencing it at three in the morning, it's hard to remember to think "just anxiety, not a bundle-o-heart-attacks." I wound up getting all of three hours of sleep on Sunday night, as every time I'd almost get to sleep it was as if a surge of adrenaline would go through me. I'm pretty excited to see how I did on that math test Monday morning--sometimes I do my best work when totally cracked out from lack of sleep!

At least one thing amused me enough on Monday to keep me awake through eight hours of work... Remember that credit card I got last year to build credit/pay for classes without starving for a month? Well, I guess I'd been vaguely wondering sometime this summer, "eh, I wonder how that credit score thing is going," but I didn't care enough to check. Well, on Monday, I got a letter from the company saying "YOU PAY THINGS SO FAST, WE ARE UPGRADING YOU. HERE IS A CARD. WITH 'UNLIMITED PURCHASING POWER.'" I... aaah! What does that even mean?! There's no limit! And the way they phrased it in the letter it sounded like I could buy GOD if I wanted to. "Yes, please... I'd like to buy the internet. Of course I want all the tubes as well!" Pretty terrifying.

It's funny though... I think for 'normal' credit card owners in society, they have an image of what someone with a 'signature' or 'platinum' card looks like. You know, a suit, a good job, 2.5 kids, a yacht, a mansion, and dead of coke. But really, it's 'retail clerk/student with a tiny cluttered apartment, a bicycle, a heap of student loans and a weird fixation for cowboy shirts.' They should do a photoexhibit on 'people with good credit.' It should be subtitled, "god, don't buy that house if you can't afford it... HEY, ARE YOU HAVING EXTRA BABIES OVER THERE? WAIT, YOU--WHAT'S WITH THAT EXTRA CAR?!" Though that doesn't take into account things like medical debts... Silly America!

I had an extremely cracked out dream involving the plot of Digital Devil Saga (mainly something about a supreme baby forming of glucose?!) last night, and I was sort of flummoxed it wasn't real, as it made a bit more sense than what's going on in the game right now. I guess I'm close to the end... At any rate, if you make certain choices in DDS1, and respond to two interactions in a particular way in DDS2, you can unlock a "secret" character. However, one of your other characters won't join you in the final part of the game (basically, you can only have 5 characters out of 6). I managed to respond correctly to get the secret dude (honestly, if you are a) a pacifist, and b) a slasher, you'll just wind up making those decisions), and I thought I'd be happy... but man! I miss the other dude now! Tactically, I guess they're about equivalent, but still. Stupid SMT, making me need to play their games a bajillion times...
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Apparently, parts of the internet are exploding over one of the top-emailed stories on the BBC, and exploding in a manner so extreme they're leaking into parts of the internet that don't even care! I guess it must be over this article on essential oils treating MRSA.

Also in news: hopefully this won't mean the end of newsasaurus (although school and gaming seems to have brought about a hibernation of that, anyway), but the BBC international page is to start posting ads. Aww, come on, BBC! I have dial-up, I can't be looking at pop-up ads for tea and bad teeth!* Seriously, though... Lack of ads is probably half the reason anyone goes there for news. I figure they're just trying to cut readership to SAVE money, not make any money with the ads themselves.

Today at work, a guy asked for moustache wax. AGAIN! If you've worked in one place long enough to be asked for moustache wax twice--and you don't work in Big Phil's Facial Hair Emporium--you've probably worked there too long.

*Haha, good thing I don't have anyone reading from England or anything, huh? By the way, people from California can't drive, people who live in Texas smell funny, and Canadians can't buy cold beer in grocery stores.
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I went out to buy some more (non-T) shirts, thinking "oh, I could use clothes for the trip."

I got home with a pre-order of Persona 3.

Basically, I need adult supervision. Not as if that's any news: current news sports the tale of a gal who overdosed on espresso, totally lol-worthy to me as I once spent the greater part of a lunch period in high school laying on the band room floor in a sweat after drinking fifteen cups of coffee in an hour and a half. Even better, it was finals. I got 115% on the one I took right before lunch. Ah, memories!

Also, some New Zealand* parents are naming their kid 'Superman' after being thwarted from naming him '4real'. Personally, I think this is a bit of a cop-out. I'd at least name him OMGNOWAI or DONOTWANTTHETHIRD.

*Dear New Zealand: you may be interested in the fact that, according to their spellcheck, el jay does not consider you to exist. PERHAPS YOU SHOULD GIVE UP THAT SNARRY PORN?
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Man, someone help me figure out what I love most about this story. Is it the title? Is it merely the concept? Is it the possibility that this dude made the whole story up for Internet? Or is it the amazing bear-in-a-pool?

Also in pictures: have a seven-legged lamb.

In reading, I just had a nightmarish day of CAREFUL BOOK-PACING as I neglected to grab a second book when starting Chabon's The Final Solution this morning. Just barely had enough for the bus home, thanks to reading a paper on my lunch, argh! So, yea, that's my review: it's good, but there's no way it's going to last you two bus rides and your breaks at work.
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Curse you, weird Friday hours! I was easily fooled by my belief that the central library was open until eight into going down there after work, in the hopes of checking out some travel book or another, and was instead turned away by a six-o-clock closure.

This event was further disheartening as I was denied the chance to record a birthday greeting for [ profile] spacefall from OUR BEST FRIEND, THE ROBOT BOOK DROP. It only reacts to library materials, of which I had none to feed it. Perhaps had I a stray kitten... But no. So, enjoy the fact that robots have succeeded over humanity once more, [ profile] spacefall, and, in the meantime of my raincheck on recording that bot, have a video showing what happens to stuff after the robot eats it.

I actually apparently did not have as much news as I thought I did (this is a more common issue than one would think: I'll often leave the apartment thinking "oh, man, that one article will be terrific!" and upon returning it may be gone, or just boring) but a few choice things are to be had: from [ profile] rollerdragon, there comes a tale of what sort of pals I'm due to invite into my scalp, a teen in Michigan claims that spiders warned her of a house fire, and an already-over-circulated article about a thieving seagull is over here. Oh, and quick heads-up: if you're out of opium for your curry, ecstacy should work just fine.
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At the risk of making this my fifth annual "WHY IS IT SO HOT" post, it is currently above 85F in my kitchen. I suppose we'll chalk this one up to "getting ready for Belize" and carry on, but it's still a bit rough to go through a day with a brain so fried it can't play with lawyers. At least there was serious SH22 watching, followed by serious "what, it's only been a year! Okay, more than that!" finishing of Ouran Host Club yesterday...


-[ profile] sherlock_2040 already posted this one, but for everyone not on both our flists (and just so I can look at the spiffy photo again), an extremely well-preserved baby mammoth was discovered in Siberia. Also, this story contains the unique quote, "You can now go on almost any fossil marketing website and find mammoth hair for $50 an inch." You don't say!

-This article is just fun for the "oh, man, how many people totally started counting their moles after this" aspect: a study points to a connection between number of moles and the ability to fight off the risks of aging. For some reason, I didn't know that you lost moles as you got older...

-I'd say that this is only quality if you've seen the MST3K of Squirm, but the police department employee has the best. quote. ever. Giant worms fall out of the sky in Louisiana, and a brave employee cries, "It's worms! Get out of the way!"

-Finally, it's only six meters, and there's no bones or anything! If you folded it up, it'd totally fit in your bathtub. R-right? Giant squid washed up on the coast of Tasmania.


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