Oh my god

Sep. 12th, 2011 01:50 am
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Who forgot to call me the minute this found the internet, because.

Hot Chip? Bonnie frickin' Prince Billy? That dog shirt? THE FACT THAT I NEED TO HAVE BABIES WITH EVERYONE IN THIS VIDEO?

I could very possibly listen to this version forever.
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Exhibit A: for some reason I am enjoying Joey Comeau and Jess Fink's new web... YA novel??? with a ridiculous amount of hearts. It's just a nice serious-but-fun look at two gals becoming SUPERFRIENDS and trying to learn chess and lockpicking and telling each other that Alan Turing rode in a magic touring van. I guess it just started on the 11th of July, so we'll see how it goes!

Exhibit B: [livejournal.com profile] fegie posted a good article on how the possibility of a decent youth resistance has been crushed probably forever. My idea of activism has now devolved into quietly trying not to kill everyone, so I can't really offer any hope on this one, but uh there you go?

Exhibit C: I've been using Spotify lately for finding the musics, and it's pretty decent. Like a not-crappily-organized GrooveShark with slightly fewer ads (the ads still throw me off, though, because I'll be listening to some Neko Case and suddenly it's like waaiiit this is Prince and it's an ad about Prince?). I've not played with some of the actual features of it, like sharing playlists and all. But I'm redorama over there if you do want to share listenings.

Exhibit D: Through Spotify I've been going through a small resurgence of obsessing over Ratatat, and have you seen their videos? Because YES they will give you the BEST nightmares and the music is awesome, and I'll just end with that (note: the artist for the Drugs video... his work is even creepier straight-on):

cut for Ratatat's video for Shempi, which is just good ol plain nightmare fuel )

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I'm probably going to have this song in my head all week. Pretty awesome remix.

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Having spent all day trying to think of something more coherent than "dude, it was so awesome" to say about last night's Echo and the Bunnymen concert, I've realized--yea. I've got nothing. I can say that opening band Innaway was also, uh, awesome. Yes.

So, since I apparently only have the mental capacity of a ten-year-old fangirl, here's two pictures from the concert.

A blurry photograph from an aging digital camera has to be worth at least two hundred and thirty words or so, right? )


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