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Despite the fact that Seattle has been (in a clear challenge to the weather forecasters, who keep saying "It'll clear up at noon, we swear!") a vaguely-defined concept more than a city of late, I decided to brave potential fog-dwelling assailants and go for a wander today.

And, by wander, I mean "head down to the library, then think 'oh, I'll go to the Olympic Sculpture Park, I think I remember where the build site was!' and then spend two hours walking there."

Now I know where Watson's "war wound" came from. He was just looking for newly-opened sculpture gardens, and was too proud to ask for directions to a sculpture garden. Really, it's embarrassing!

Still, I had fun! )

So, that's the Olympic Sculpture Park, in a rush of misinformation, bad photo angles, and completely unnecessary pop culture references!
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I went to go see the Bodies exhibit on Wednesday, and it was endlessly awesome. I want to recommend it to everyone, to say "hey, go see it when it comes to your town," but apparently it'll only be in Seattle, LA, LV, and NYC. Which in my honest, I'm-not-trying-to-taunt-the-flist-opinion, is simply insane. Seriously now, how did we get picked? Like, over San Francisco, Boston, or Chicago? Seattle, as a general rule, is a cultural hinterland--yes, bands tend to come on tour here (out of a sense of "well, it's the largest place in them Northwest Territories") but our museums leave a lot to be desired. I suppose the only reason we did get it at all is because the more-infamous Gunter von Hagen's work, Bodyworlds, is in Boston...

Anyway, everyone should at least take a gander at the website. The gyst of the exhibit is this: here are some real bodies, preserved with acetone. Check out these dead people playing football. I wasn't so into the poses of some of the cadavers, and I definitely recommend skipping the audio tour (especially if, like me, you've already done anatomy courses and don't want to be seriously bored by some guy telling you that smoking can cause CANCER!!) but the sheer beauty of some of the preserved organs on display was astounding. I think the cardiovascular exhibit was my favorite--I mean, to just see, first-hand, how densely vascularized the human kidney is...

Interestingly, the portion of the exhibit with preserved fetuses offered you the option to "bypass," cutting through to the next exhibit. I love America, for the ability to be Totally Cool With Adult Dead People, and But to Freak Out At A Fetus. I guess seeing a preserved baby with no head could be a little disarming, though. I'd just imagine it to be no more so than an intestine filled with ascaris lumbricoides.

Other than that, my life remains the same exciting flux of riding buses and sleeping on sofas that it has been these past weeks. I think I'm pretty set on working myself to an early grave just to stay in Seattle, and I want to find an apartment soon. Say all you want about generosity, I need out of this situation almost as much as I did the last.

Oh, and here's a random link gathered while looking to see if I had the name of our nematode friend, a. lumbricoides, spelled correctly: parasitic worms drive grasshoppers to suicide.


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