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Hey, how about let's try to update like, twice a month.

That's a doable goal, right? Maybe I'll just recommend dumb things I run into during life. Three things every two weeks. It might be fan stuff, it might be movies, might be food you can ONLY BUY in one place in the US what can you do? Sounds doable, and really, not much else is really going down with me.

I am training someone at work, that's sort of new, I suppose. It's stressful (because of management, not because of the new person) but okay. I don't know if I'm a good preceptor per se. I think I am for this person, because they're laid-back too, but sometimes you get someone who needs, like, more concrete guidance. I hear lots of tell I should go back to grad school and I'm sure education courses would help with that but man, that's some hot money, isn't it. I think I'll wait til I pay off undergrad (so, never).


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Life has been going.. Swellish? There are some exciting new whatsits I have obtained lately, including

-NEW BIKE, which is about ten times faster than OLD BIKE and the fact sorta surprises me despite my knowledge of how poorly I treat OLD BIKE and how I have generally weighed it down with tank-grade tubes and a basket and all that. NEW BIKE was obtained for a friend's visit, and I spent about half the time wondering why she wasn't pedaling when I was? Hooray for bikes that actually, you know, coast once in a while.

-100 MILE ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED, wherein [profile] deadtrain and I biked somewhere around 100 miles over the duration of her visit. Longest ride was to the San Xavier mission which was super amazing to see in person even if it was sort of exhausting to bike 20 miles to get there.

-SHINY NEW PHONE as in an iPhone 5 wtf? I also got a new phone number so for the time being I am just... sort of having two phones. Ugh. I know you can keep your number even if you change providers and yes everyone is making a huge glubbing deal about how I changed my number. But to tell the truth, I've been failing in a years-long battle to get T-Mobile to correct my name on EVERYTHING (as of now they have my proper name on the bills, but on caller ID I still show up as my old name) and I frankly can't imagine transporting my number over to Verizon will make matters any less frustrating. Also: avoiding my alma mater and their incessant pleas for donations, jfc people I have better places to throw my dollar bills at.

-NEW HOLIDAY FILM SEASON hell fuckin yeah! I have seen loads of movies in the last week. Just got home from Wreck-It Ralph (SO GOOD) and Rise of the Guardians (so... mediocre? although Cupcake is friggin THE BEST character), and with [profile] deadtrain I saw Skyfall (!!!!!!BARDEM!!!!!!!!) and The Man With The Iron Fists (OMFG THE MOVIE YOU WERE WAITING YOUR WHOLE LIFE FOR THANK YOU RZA, SERIOUSLY SEE IT AS IT IS GORE-FILLED KUNG FU AWESOME) and the fucking Twilight movie which was SO AMAZING if you are someone who has perhaps only seen the first movie once while drunk and otherwise has obtained 100% of his knowledge of the series from Internet. Loud whispers included "I THINK THIS IS THE ONE WHERE A BABY BREAKS THROUGH HER RIBS" and "WAIT THE BABY IS ALREADY HERE???!!!" and "WHERE IS THE RAINIER IN THIS JESUS." I also was That Guy that makes the entire audience laugh, quite accidentally, when after a certain pivotal scene in which A PLOT TWIST IS REVEALED, I didn't realize the music was suddenly going to be very quiet and I said "OH, COME ON!" in a tone that was very near shout level. I am inclined to believe the entire audience was in agreement even if they were fans of the books or movies.

-NEW WRITING! I have been mega busy with writing again off and on. But sadly for 99.9% of the universe it is a giant ball of Homestuck. :/
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For reasons solely to do with Not Owning a Car Whilst Living in an Inferno, it is now Two Movies Per Theater Visit Season.

Yesterday was also the first day off I had (and wasn't broken with exhaustion on) since Prometheus came out, and I knew I had to hustle on that. Dude, I'm on tumblr, and I only give it another week or so before the entire movie is one long gif; or at least the parts with Fassbot.

But that didn't help with deciding the second movie. And a second movie there had to be--unwilling to pay non-matinee prices, I need two to be reasonably capable of biking before and after the peak temperature hours.



If anyone sees past me, there are some words that are somewhat stern he needs to hear. Until that time, have my impressions. They can basically be summed as OH GOD WHAT AM I DOING SITTING HERE, OH WAIT COLORS, WAIT STOP GETTING DISTRACTED BRAIN AND HATE THIS MORE, OOH COSTUMES, but I thought you might be liking to click on a cut tag. Aw yeeeeaaaaah BELLA AND THOR something for everyone )

Then, of course, I had to faff around for about an hour before Prometheus came on in something besides XD 3D. Say what you want, if something is out in standard, 3D, and "XD 3D," I am not about to spend a bunch of money to see the latter.

Short review: YES. I guess it is long, in the way you should be used to with Ridley Scott by now (and, for that matter, it's only a minute longer than Snow White), and mostly like watching a very well animated Giger artbook, but THAT IS OKAY. Rapace is amazing and the best you've seen since Weaver, and Theron (who I guess I saw quite a lot of the other day) rocks her role. YES FASSY IS PERFECT. A PERFECT ROBOT. And OH MY GOD WHEN ARE WE NOT HAVING AN ORGASM EVERY TIME IDRIS ELBA IS ON A SCREEN OH OKAY NEVER THAT'S FUCKING RIGHT AND JESUS CHRIST CAN I MARRY CHANCE AND RAVEL IN A TIME CALLED NOW AND HAVE GAY THREESOMES FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE OH YOU WANTED A SERIOUS REVIEW HERE YOU GO: Spoilers Ahoy for Prometheus )

Otherwise, I've been watching some stuff here and there on the Netflix. If you ever get a moment for it, I highly recommend the documentary, The Pruitt-Igoe Myth. I also recently watched, for the first time, Play Misty for Me, which I also quite recommend even if it features the tragic destruction of some fine art I would not be ashamed to have framed in my home.
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Okay I TRIED. But actually I will not put forth a giant review because I realize Every Last One of You shall not be surprised by the STUNNING NEWS that I dislike something touched by the mealy hands of Whedon.

Going in to it, I forgot all about it! This was a stunning work of mental prowess on my part if I don't mind saying so. "Whedon? Who is that?" I lectured myself. "I think this was written by the other guy. Yeah! Wesley Crusher, he's a great writer..." and it worked, actually.

I just still spent most of the dialogue groaning and shuffling down in my chair, and generally looking indigested; though TOTALLY ALL THE LOKI and THE VERY END YES.

There were four recruitment ads before the movie. One for each branch of the American services (well, okay, no Coast Guard; guess those dudes didn't make the target demographics?), and one ad for a show with a whole lot of white women called BUNHEADS. That has very little to do with the movie, I suppose. You may click this cut if you want to hear me talk vaguely about the movie in spoiler-y terms. And by vague I mean in a bunch of caps. )

Seriously though guys there was a preview for Brave AND for Prometheus I LOVE MOVIE SEASON.
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The other day, Handel's Messiah was on the radio. For the first time I was seriously like wow, this is actually sort of awesome, I could listen to this all day.

Then I realized--you know, props to the Pittsburg Symphony and all--that really I just didn't want to get out of bed for work.

Biked down to the theater, mainly to watch Game of Shadows. I never wound up too in to the Ritchie Holmes, for various reasons (some of which have to do with the first movie, some of which was timing, some of which was that really I just got obsessed with original cannon and, though I love interpretations, it's hard to influence my original perception of H & W. Stuff like, you know, SH22 and BBC Holmes are different enough for them to play in as seperate fandoms, but closer splices like Granada or Russian!Holmes are more just fun-to-watch for me? IDK), so I guess it's not entirely surprising I missed that it came out. Seriously, even the fact that I'm on Holmes comms did not help. It was just like one day I looked at what was out in theaters and was like... wait, they made a new one? Where was I? Well, probably asleep or obsessing over mutants or something, suppose that's the answer. I liked it pretty okay.

As it's a ride to the theater, as ever I decided to see a second movie. It was sort of Arthur Christmas. STOP LOOKING AT ME. The theater was mostly empty for both movies, which made me feel a little creepy; particularly being a single dude at fucking ARTHUR CHRISTMAS. It... It was actually cute. :( Stop looking at me. I was unsuccessful in my attempt to stroll in late enough to miss the Bieber video, so yep basically a large part of me is tainted forever. Ahaha, well, there were a lot of sweet voice actors. Imelda Stauton you will never fail to rule, will you? SNOPE. Also, McAvoy and Laurie awww you guysssss MY HEART.

Basically I was in a theater for fourish hours today going "AWWWW MY HEART WAIT GUNS AWWW MY HEART." I was going to see a third--either Hugo or Tintin, but neither were playing for another hour, and I just couldn't think of anything else to while away the time, and I felt pretty crappy because I'd not had enough caffeine... I guess tomorrow that movie about aliens and the dark or something is coming out, so I might go out again, anyhow.

Hopefully everyone is having an okay time so far. It's a little lonely down here, but I guess I've never been huge into the holiday thing anyhow...

ETA, have some holiday cheer--and watch to adjust your volume with the Aimee Mann upload:

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Some movies I saw with [ profile] deadtrain. Actually this post is entirely about the two movies I saw with her that I'd not seen before, as we also saw Planet of the Apes (more derpy time two, but that's to be expected) and X-Men First Class (her second time seeing it, my third; don't judge it's in the $3 cinema now and also seriously I'm just looking at peens the entire time).

Green Lantern and Cowboys and Aliens and so on )

redders: (sga - video games) my general review of Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

And that's even if you aren't reading the entire movie as an extended AU mpreg fic where Rodney McKay is SUPER PISSED that all you left him with was three kids and a pilot's license, Sheppard. Guys, I really can't recommend that interpretation enough.

Otherwise, spoiler-free... The plot was so-so, but all told they did a great job of making you hate humans in general. Bonus points for product placement of--of all things!--Deschutes Brewery's Mirror Pond, and for good guest casting of San Francisco and of mounted police.

Warning for the talking scenes with the apes being super cheesy, I suppose, particularly as it's heavy-handed and they're already using sign ffs why bother, and also for Rodney McKay being SO ANGRY and much of California being played by British Columbia.

Also, there was a preview for In Time which I'm sure is going to be just terrible but was a lot of Cillian Murphy standing about giving me boners so I'm SORRY I AM GOING TO SEE THIS. :\

Seems like I've been going out to a lot of movies lately... this go around I biked out for the last showing (2230) and for some illogical reason I took the rear light in the theater with me. And left it there. Good job, self. I also got hit in the face with no less than two trees on the way home, and yup I should probably buy a better headlight while I'm replacing that taillight, huh?
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And honestly it was about two hours of realizing... I'm becoming my father?

When I was a kid, it was non-stop with any historical movie or television show (but particularly ones to do with 1912 onward). "Dad, you're ruining it," we'd all say. "It's not like anyone else cares that the B-17 Flying Fortress wasn't used in combat until 1941."

Well, it was a GOOD THING I was on my own, and it would be a little rude to start complaining to the eight-year-old sitting next to me. "Pfft, penicillin shots probably hurt worse than that glowy stuff," and "I wonder if they actually did give them in the arm back then, because lord knows it's all asses from here" and "uh, wasn't the Army like... not integrated until 1948?" and general giggling at the attempts to gloss over racism with sparkles and approximately two minorities and oh my goodness.

It would probably be even better if I cared about when certain rivets were put into mass production?

Otherwise. There was like one time where Bucky aaaaaaaaalmost kissed Steve, but it happens in the first twenty minutes of the film. So trying to space out thinking about anal sex is difficult, unless you just start idly thinking of other Marvel characters. I pretty much spent the last half of the movie trying to figure out the guy who appeared to be a fireman from 1910 (look, all I know about Captain America I've learned from other comics and gossip and that amazing 1990 film, and I've looked it up now, okay?) and waiting, with little patience, for (highlight for something you already know if you know minimal things about comics as I do, i.e., the old adage about Uncle Ben and another character) Bucky to die, because JESUS WHEN WILL THIS KID DIE ALREADY. I also spent most of the movie trying not to yell "USA! USA! USA!", my usual response to any over-the-top patriotism (seriously there's a line where Red Skull's all "I've seen the future, and there are no flags," and Cap'n says "NOT IN MY FUTURE." GO PACKERS, WOOOO!)

My Hugo Weaving cognitive block--you know, the one where you imagine him in a dress, constantly--was in full effect during the movie. He is also incredibly not-German for the whole two hours. Granted, he's CERTAINLY more German than Kevin Bacon, but well. Most things are?

Hugo Weaving does, however, appear to outfit Hydra with nice little steampunk broaches, pins, and no doubt some goddamn fascinators, and if the scene where BLOOD DRIPS ON THE SKULL AND LOOK, GUYS, THIS MUST BE RED SKULL!!!! isn't fine cinema well I don't even know what to say.

Anyway, if you want to see it to see the preview for the Avengers movie, or to (possibly) see the preview for ANOTHER SPIDERMAN REBOOT (seriously there are OTHER CHARACTERS STILL, where was that promised Wonder Twins movie, come on people) and for Rise of Planet of the Apes, well, go for it.


USA! USA! Wooo!
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Starting to get more cozy with the bike--which needs a review in and of itself, one of these days--so I've been riding around town to Do Things a bit more lately, and today I finally got over to one of those mall megaplex joints to see X-men: First Class.

I, uh, wound up sticking about afterwards to see Thor as well. Hey, it's sort of a haul--and on a crazy non-bike-friendly street, and X-Men got out at 2pm which is quite inhuman for pedaling on asphalt--and it was only an hour before Thor was gonna show, anyhow. Despite my Movie Magic Experience being somewhat impaired by nearly constant fretting about my only means of transportation being jacked by someone, oh my god it was a Tuesday well-spent. You know, well-spent with a few breaks to walk clear back outside to pet my bike, poor dear. Despite the theater being in the city limits, my paranoia is likely fueled by the fact malls are inherently suburban in nature, and NOTHING sets off Red's spidey sense like the hellish waters of suburbia (seriously, I had my ride locked up downtown at night for three hours on Monday, and not a single fret?).

But back to movies! Spoiler-free reviews: Thor was fun, worth seeing, and had a preview for COWBOYS VS ALIENS or something like that. X-men?

C-can we say... turtlenecks? Mods? Lots and lots of UST? ULTIMATE HEARTBREAK OH MAAAAAAN. I've got complaints (but don't I always), but mainly you should watch Magneto be pretty. Why else do you see an X-men movie?

Cut for spoilers, though some are pretty obvious! )

Also: I didn't know til recently that a PG-13 film can only have one instance of the word "fuck." This movie uses it up pretty well.

In further biking news, I made the five-mile trek to downtown to attend a transfolk meeting on Monday. I was never really involved with the in-person queer community too much in Seattle, because I was sort of... just living in a queer neighborhood? But now I'm surrounded by the stanky press of heteronormativity, and I have to do something before I go mad. It was an awesome time, and despite being Afraid of Crowds, I even said words and things. Amazing. There was a pretty good talk about the whole brain-mapping/genetic link to transness thing, so I decided to voice my contrary opinion (being: unless it's of some great import to you personally wtf does it matter, hatters will still hat, and even if I chose to be trans it's not infringing on anyone else's parade, thanks). Which in retrospect is somewhat relevant to the movie conversation?

...But seriously now Azazel and everything. You should go.
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Last night [ profile] deadtrain and I got out to see Kick-Ass. Without all that teen romance and bad mafia omg! stuff it might have been pretty awesome; certainly it would have been a lot better without the homo- and transphobic comments (which to be honest, such comments are so endemic with pop culture that it seemed to be artistically honest to have them in there on a certain level, but really filmmakers thanks for being part of the problem!). Actually what would have been great would have been two hours of Big Daddy and Hit Girl, continuously pressing my "Single Slovenly Dad with Tragic Past and Also Zany Daughter" button as hard as Persona-or-GS-4. I also like foulmouthed bloodthirsty children in film. Judge if you like! If you really like that sort of thing, maybe sneak in for the parts where that occurs?

Also the lead starts to look a bit like Tarrant (well with 30% less teeth) after he's been punched in the face a few times. I mean they're a bit similar when bloodied up, not that punching that kid makes him look like a non-bloody Tarrant. Mainly, however, you will just be seeing that same story about Some White Geek Boy Is Actually NOT GAY And Look He Is Now Dating The Prettiest Girl Dude Dating In High School = NOT GAY, which is kind of ehhhh. It'd be nice if a movie dealt more with actual themes of what it means to be perceived as queer and maybe about how hetero/cis folks can also be very much screwed by systemic homo/transphobia. It would also be very nice to have a movie about Big Daddy getting married to his old partner and having them argue about how to raise a child less irresponsibly, with lots of knife fight scenes, but that's not going to happen either.

Afterward we got beers and proceeded to figure out last week's movie fiesta (we'd gone to see The Cremaster Cycle--yes the whole thing, all 8+ hours--last Sunday) and I got very drunk and played with some cats and passed out, and the next morning was bummed because I thought that this one certain post was gone from a comm. Not that I actually have anything to add to it, unfortunately, as at the point I'd make commentary, it's driven the car way off the Cliff of Staying On-Topic. But as I seem to have thoughts in my head and it's something I feel like writing about I will do so in my most special lifejournal.

Like everything else, it's all a problem of definition. Slash, sexuality, queerness, and the folks who love to attempt describing them. )

In conclusion: angst is fun and all, but I don't think a H/W with an asexual Holmes needs to go there, and honestly reading something where there's some cuddles and Holmes being like ARE YOU DONE IN THE BATHROOM YET FFS would be awesome?
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So, last night [ profile] deadtrain and I took it upon ourselves to see The Wolfman. I pretty much will see any "real" horror movie (read: I don't do torture porn like the Saw series, and I tend not to be too fond of the 'lets kill everyone with boobs' coed-slaughter genre) regardless of how bad it looks, but for some reason... I don't know what I really expected for this one.

All we'd known of it was from trailers before Sherlock Holmes and Daybreakers, and I guess I thought the trailer was one which implied the filmmakers were perhaps making a Serious Werewolf Remake. I don't know why I had this notion, the trailer is pretty much "spooky thing fog spooky thing moon Anthony Hopkins." But even if it was crap, we thought... eh, werewolf movie! Needless remake or not, those are getting scarce, right? And maybe Benicio del Toro will stand around and look moody, which tends to be a good time.

Okay. So the title screen? Is a stone marker! With WOLFMAN carved on it! And BLOOD DRIPS DOWN IT. This movie is amazing. Perhaps at some stage of production they thought they were making a real movie, but at a certain point it just came to breaking out the cheesy red fonts and the extra fog machines, and telling Benicio del Toro to stand in a moor and look as moody as humanly possible. Film spoilers within, you know, if anyone cares to not-be-spoiled for this little number. )

All in all, if you like movies where it's just Anthony Hopkins doing... well, what Anthony Hopkins does in American movies... and Benicio del Toro is busy pouting, and all of a sudden lot of intestines are strewn about, yeah. You will like this movie!

And though I thought initially this was just me, [ profile] deadtrain confirmed--the movie shows you exactly what Victorian England was like, if you were going from the imagination of preteens in rural America. Fog! Tunnels! Asylums! Everywhere in London is two feet from Tower Bridge! Moors! Quicksand! Lots of facial hair, and guys going to the country and gettin' frowned at for city ways when they ask for "A pint of bitter"! Mastiffs! Scotland Yard talking to ladies of the night! This was all seriously what I thought Victorian England was like when thirteen and reading some pretty dodgy vampire novels. Amazing.

Also: I ate some wonderfully greasy Thai food yesterday which resulted in this unfortunate condition where I do not keep food in my body. I'm getting pretty tired of my couch at this rate after the flu of earlier this week, more so as the sun is actually trying to exist in Seattle at the moment. Ah well.
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Red, explaining where he was when calling his mom back: Sorry I didn't answer earlier... I was on a date.

Red's mom: Oh, okay. Was she nice? Was it one of the gals from the other week?

Red: Yeah and yeah. We had a good time watching this really campy vampire movie.

Red's mom: Well, that's nice... But why would anyone want to date someone like you?

Red: Uh, I... *stunned silence*

Red's mom: Or is that a rude question?

Red: Well. Kind of.


Anyway, Daybreakers is pretty much exactly what you'd expect: every vampire cliche ever, gallons of fake blood, Willem Dafoe lugging a crossbow, zany corporate evil antics. But it's one of those movies that's ultimately pretty fun for all that you can predict the "plot", and the filmmakers never seem to be trying to be taken seriously, which is a plus.
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Well, I somehow survived the family reunion--including the parts where distant cousins informed me that they didn't believe in evolution or global warming. To which I intelligently replied... "I... better eat that potato salad before it goes bad."

The trip was perhaps particularly memorable for the fact that I got a little too inebriated with [ profile] deadtrain the night prior (a fine evening complete with my drunken Cliffs Note rendition of Othello for a bartender) and I wound up with a puke-inducing hangover on a day I'd have to be in a car for several hours. Thank you Airborne, for assisting me in my successful quest to not hurk all over my parents.

I also got to swim in a river. A river made of glacier. It was... uh... bracing.

Otherwise, I finally got out to see Humpday on Sunday. I'm sure the movie would be awesome everywhere--it's a great premise, and the dialogue is beautifully unscripted--but there's definite Seattle-specific appeal. [ profile] fiveagainsttwo and I kept wondering what these people had been in... Only to realize they were pretty much all mirrors of people we knew: that barista, that guy at the comic store, the dude in the back of your class. Still, I highly recommend it for non-Seattle folk, if it can be found in some cinema.

I do not, however, recommend seeing the GI Joe trailer. WHY AM I GOING TO SEE THIS.
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I don't care what anyone else says! After seeing the trailer, I know only two things:


...In other news, it'll be okay? Haha, I admit RDJ isn't the perfect Holmes, but considering how many WTFBBQ Watsons we've dealt with it's not too off.

VICTORIAN TAZERS, hahahaha. I'm excited for Holmesian tazer-porn, coming this December!
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Fuck yeah Sulu!

Also, got to see it in IMAX. There's something awesome about watching The Enterprise on a six-story screen, and then walking out into the night right under the Space Needle. It's like living in the future.

The one with miniskirts.
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While it wasn't exactly conductive to today's class schedule (got back to the apartment at 12:15 and asleep an hour later, only to have to get up in four hours) I got to see Watchmen in IMAX last night.

So of course--now that I'm done reclaiming about three hours of sleep on my sofa--I have to write the usual Fanboy Talks About The Movie post. And remember, any kvetching I do? Yeah. Let's remember that if it was called Koyaanisqatsi With Two Stories of Uncircumcised Blue Cock: The IMAX Experience red would have paid twenty dollars more and got his ass there three hours earlier. So it's not like my opinion is srs bsnss, and it's not like I didn't have a fun time.

That said, it's SPOILER TIME )

All in all, I had a rad weekend... But now I've got to get buckling down for finals week. It's going to feel good to be done with this quarter.
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Well, I guess nearly everyone is enjoying similar weather, so I'll just say: I hope you all are staying warm and careful, and enjoying such winter scenery as:

-urban cross-country skiing
-grocery sleds
-semi trucks realizing "oh, maybe chains would be cool" in the middle of the road
-fleets of buses lined up on this one side-street, explaining you why you'd been staring at
-that same crazy snow-bicyclist come by four times while you wait an hour and a half for your bus.

I wound up sticking home yesterday, as it was pretty much physically impossible to get out of the neighborhood. I'm a little bummed as it cost me money, but it was safer. And a good excuse to log in twelve hours of consecutive Persona. I'll do an update post later (I'm at a boss battle that I'll likely want to talk about) but for those playing, I'm into early August.

In backlog media news, on Wednesday I finally got out to see Milk. I'm sure by now everyone's seen it, but if you haven't, go. It's one of the most timely movies I've seen--every review out there goes into that echo of this last election season, and it's true--along with being one of the more inspirational. At once it makes you kick yourself for not being more active, but reminds you that it's okay if you start late in the game. Even if you take forty years to get around to speaking up, if you do get around to it, you can still make a hell of a difference. Everyone is awesome in it, the use of footage is great, and it features the least-Elfman Danny Elfman soundtrack you will ever hear.

And in other (related) news: guys, I'm REALLY sorry about increasing the greenhouse effect, alright?
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So, last night I got dragged out to that movie, you know, with wizards? I guess there were some explosions and the possibility of baby Alan Rickman getting depantsed, with magic--ultimately, it was fun, but there were a few bonus characters I was pretty, "uuuh, who?" about, as I've not been reading the books.

But what really ruled about the evening was the preview for The Golden Compass. CHECK YES. FREAKING BEAR FIGHTS! Yes, it'll rule! Although I must say, I'm happy I'm not part of any legitimate fandoms related to HDM, as I'm sure there's about a bajillion pages of "That is so not what Lord Asriel looked like! Boycott!" craziness. Personally, I believe anyone in a book fandom should, on the chance that their book gets a screen treatment, have some tenure in the Holmes fandom. I mean, there's only been about a hundred years of, "AUGH, THAT DOESN'T EVEN ACT LIKE WATSON!"

As far as I'm concerned, pretty much everything's cool as long as no one makes "Lyra vs. the Taliban" films...

Oh, and here's a post everyone must see, from [ profile] arcian: finally, it's chocolate-covered bacon.

MAN, I had to edit this nine times. I'm on crack today!
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I just finished watching The Stone Reader, a movie I'd been intending to watch for about four years now (ever since I voted it down for screening at a film series meet when last in college, hah! Not the movie's fault, to be sure--there were too many documentaries up that year, and I thought Capturing the Friedmans looked a bit better). I think I only begrudgingly liked it. [ profile] rollerdragon and [ profile] fiveagainsttwo might remember the old adage, "marching band is not a spectator sport," and reading is even less so. The film creator was almost spectacularly unlikable, yet there's that easy connection that forms when a movie is dithering on about various books... I suppose it was additionally sentimental as they showed a lot of the same dogged* editions of books that I have, like the old bright-orange copy of Cat's Cradle, or the chewed blue spine of Catch-22.

Otherwise, I hold by my vote.

I had a longer post that was brewing earlier, but I think I went and thwarted it by watching movies and researching trans fats. It was really just rather dull stuff about the psych class and how my internal world always goes and forgets about the fact that most people can't seem to tell gender identity from sexual orientation, and probably is all just thoughts everyone has already had a million times before. But we'll see about tomorrow, and for now, have a silly article on watermelons being vegetables instead.

*I know a lot of folks on my flist are very, very nice to books. But eventually, the more I love a book, the more I abuse it. I start out reading it in a polite manner, but as I get into it, I'm bending spines, cooking with one hand and reading with the other, and insisting a 6x9 book fit in a 3x5 space in my luggage, and so on. I actually bought pre-chewed used SH books, just for the "I know this is going to get mud on it!" factor. D:
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Required Oscar post (despite the fact I was late tuning in due to work, and that due to a crazy year I've missed many of the films concerned):

I love the fact that, as ever, the folks I really want to win don't even show up! Judi Dench and Philip Glass have better things to do, bitchez! Note: I prefer imagining them eating hot dogs and drinking 40s together, but YMMV.

Back to studying. If, uh, studying involves playing more Devil Summoner? Maybe I'm about to get to the level with all the limiting reagents!


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