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Via devon, as i thought this too fun not to:

Take this list, remove a thing, sort it by how much you like the things, add a thing at the top, a thing in the middle, and a thing at the bottom (preserving the sortedness):

(most liked)
Successfully coding someone (YOU DON'T KNOW how hard it is to think of something better than cats)
Getting something in the mail that isn't bills
Handknit scarves
Action movies without superpowers
Steam locomotives
Eating paper
Firefox upgrades
Getting up early
Ingrown nails
Ortho surgeons
(most disliked)
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Obs I am trying not to write, eh. Ganked via [ profile] greyhat perhaps MAINLY to complain about the ABSOLUTE RANDOMNESS of this list. WTF "classic" Dan Brown. Kill me.

The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed.

1.) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2.) Italicize those you intend to read.
3.) Underline those you LOVE.
4.) Put an asterisk next to the books you'd rather shove hot pokers in your eyes than read (and I'm adding: put an asterisk next to the ones you DID read, perhaps for school or under duress by the hideous machinations of friendship, that you would rather shove hot pokers in your eyes than ever read again)

I am also adding:

5) "put series you have read some of and rage quit" in blue


6) "put series you started but sort of forgot to keep going, but you'd perhaps give another go" in red

because for inexplicable reasons this list is actually of something like 150 books and not 100. You can kind of see by my ragequits that I don't like a lot of typical geek stuff. If you do, it's not a judgement on you, etc. I just like what I like?

books, yadda )
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I'm supposed to be doing write-ups.

I think we can see how successful I am! It's been about a year since I posted a meme, and I did such a good job of beating [ profile] cueballex... A-at being beaten? Whatevs, internet quizzes: not skool quizzes.

Kink spectrum test with uh, sort of unsurprising results. Hey, I scored above 95% of my peers on receiving humiliation. YOU GUYS ARE SLACKING. )

Meeehhh otherwise it's been the same-old with me! I should be asleep, but I guess Jesus invented Peeps today or something, so I don't have to go in for work.
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Man, I'm sorry about slacking off on telling the whole Belize story, but my perfectionist streak is basically limiting me to "complaining about my flight home" mode until I have a full-on story complete with photographs formatted in. Argh!

In other news, my body apparently has a case of the hates for me. I'm not sure if I'm still jetlagged, or if the accumulation of airport stress and pre-quarter (class starts on the 24th) worries are creating a non-functional brain environment, but I have been having the worst insomnia since high school lately... Even though all I did this weekend was play Persona (hence the lack of a 12 of 12), I was just beat going back in to work, as I couldn't turn my brain off until two in the morning. It's curtains for you, brain!

And on Persona... I'm approaching the point of needing a serious peer intervention. I'm in October in the game, and logged at 65 hours of gameplay. I sort of don't want to know how much of my life has been spent in front of one Megaten title or another. Also, despite my experience, Megaten still has the power to rip my heart out, stomp on it mercilessly, and then shove it messily back in my chest. Thanks, guys. I'm looking forward to more of that.

Oh, man. And I totally wasn't going to include this, but that meme that's going around, about MY RESULTS ARE THE BEST EVER. )
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I have a new man in my life, and his name is Narumi Shouhei.

The game so far is a lot more Nocturne than Persona, and good fun. It stars Rasputin, dudes. Also, the game over screens are pretty hilarious--the main character is the fourteenth person to carry the name Raidou Kuzunoha, and is a v. pretty devil summoner indeed. However, if you die in battle, you just "faint." The game over screen has you wake up in the temple of the summoners, and all your ancestors kill you! GOOD TIMES.

Unrelated: Here's a meme I post only because I am amused by Watson's reaction! )
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Alright, this one was too much wacky fun...

"Comment and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. Afterward, post this in your journal and give out some letters of your own."

[ profile] arcian gave me the honor of the letter L:

1. Lychee nut candies
2. Leonard Cohen
3. Lestrade, when not stealing underwear
4. Lovage
5. Lina Inverse
6. Logan's Run
7. Ladytron
8. T. E. Lawrence & his hot desert sex
9. (or at least the old articles upon it)
10. Landmark Theaters--especially the not-starting-with-the-letter-"L" former Freemason boxing hall, The Egyptian!

Wowsie. I didn't feel like that was super-difficult (I like that letter "L") but I still had to scrape up the last three!
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Most importantest things first: happy birthday, [ profile] metron_ariston! Dude, you are the awesomest.

Secondly, everyone will be excited by the fact that I finally got off the lease last night. Thank goodness my old landlord has the world's most insane hours, and the only time he could inspect the place was at 8:30 at night. Which made for two less-than-pleasing events in my life: first, that I had to hang out with the ex--who had been drinking all day--for an amount of time (which started out okay, but quickly degenerated into him seeming to forget that we had, you know, broken up, and then deciding to be extra-emo); and secondly, that I only got to see about twenty minutes of House. From what I saw, though... Mang, Wilson is one crappy Watson! Way to promote drug-use and not mysteries, ass.

Finally, here's a way-class meme from [ profile] rollerdragon:

My top 5 choices for a Fake Internet Death♥ to get attention and/or make Those Meen People feel sorry!!!one!

5. Being buried by several volumes of Jungian psychology textbooks while researching my 50-chapter super-insightful Xenogears/Persona II crossover fic.

4. Dying of complications related to scurvy, so I could meet Foreman!!onE!

3. Starvation while waiting on hold when calling the New Kids on the Block personal hotline, 1-900-909-5KIDS.

2. Snake-related accident during the filming of my Snakes on a Plane fanvid.

1. Drowning in a quagmire when it is discovered that my multi-chapter House/Wilson slash fic was really just Hound of the Baskervilles with all the names changed.
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Oh noes, I appear to have been tagged by [ profile] rollerdragon for some book meme. I don't know why she imagines I read...

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.

'Oh, well; they could always find another apartment. But she hated scenes.
Marian got off the subway at the station near the laundromat. There were two movie-theaters close by, across the street from each other.'
-from The Edible Woman, by Margret Atwood.

Okay, that's the meme-age. Anyone who wants to be tagged, go for it.

I'm still pretty post-gloating with the whole "testing into 098" thing. It just works out so awesomely for my college plans... this way, I can take the higher-level chem I wanted to take next semester! I can't believe I did so well, being as I pretty much kept mistaking "re-reading porn by Komos" for "attempting to practice simple math" all of yesterday. Also: I thought, for some reason, that there were no graphs on the test. However, there were. Luckily, the problems were all ones easily solved by dialing 1-800-pythagoras, and I'm pleased that he still answers.
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Stalker meme! )
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I think I heard the sound of a thousand fangirls' brains rupturing last night. Nail. Polish. So awesome!

Drama fun:

I feel so going to shoot someone! [ profile] hawkeyecat said they wanted to play Counter-Strike but they didn't show up :-(.

And also I went to gaming group with [ profile] azusa and [ profile] rollerdragon the other day but [ profile] laureth is getting favors from the game master. That totally sucked!

What sucks is that I don't know why [ profile] aru_projects went all psycho over me and [ profile] finding_jay having a little fun.

Oh yeah. [ profile] kozatoi went around saying how they saw me backstabbing [ profile] metron_ariston. And yeah. You might guess I don't give a flying f*** what they think anymore. I'm over that.

This entry automatically generated by the LJ Drama Generator!

By the way, [ profile] laureth, I had a dream in which your journal was being advertised on Air America... Apparently you're the new blogging hero of the left! There was even a press release from Bill O'Reilly that said something to the effect of, "I don't know why anyone would ever read that bleeping Live Journal." I guess that's what I dream of when I think about checking LJ while listening to Air America when I go to bed.
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Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In June I set [ profile] shinkuu's puppy on fire (-66 points). Last Sunday I gave [ profile] devildoll a kidney (1000 points). In August I bought porn for [ profile] metron_ariston (-10 points). Last month I gave [ profile] chaoscheebs a wet willie, then I took it back (-5 points). In November I stole [ profile] aruru's purse (-30 points).

Overall, I've been nice (889 points). For Christmas I deserve an Easy-Bake Oven!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

Aww... I guess I'm not supposed to be the porn fairy, after all! No more Gaylock Holmes for you, [ profile] metron_ariston!

On my way to go buy christmas presents yesterday, I passed by a van with an incomprehensible bumper sticker! I ran home to get my camera, but by the time I got back, the van was gone. All I can say is "thank god for the intarwebs."

Image hosted by

Wait... what? I guess, if that's what he's into!

Now, off to the mall to buy christmas decorations! I love destroying the minds of others with my holiday joy. Anyone can be a scrooge, but it takes a special sort of evil to hum one Christmas tune to your coworkers when a completely different one is playing on the store stereo!
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This meme was just too fun to resist--especially after seeing [ profile] rikoshi and [ profile] shinkuu's results!

Zach Warren demonstrates juggling skill while riding his infamous unicycle; multi-tasking at its best. Photo by Malia Welch.
You are 'juggling'. Jugglers, tumblers, and other
street performers were a very popular sort of
entertainment once, before movies and talkies
and online quizzes supplanted them.

You like to put on a show for people, and they like
to watch. You are friendly and well-liked,
particularly for your sense of humor, although
you sometimes play with people's heads. You
are frequently the center of attention, and you
like it that way. However, you have to realize
that the world does not revolve around you.
Furthermore, you have to learn that your
light-hearted antics are not appropriate to all
situations. Your problem is that juggling has
been obsolete for a long time.

What obsolete skill are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I got off work and just went to sleep today... I've been exhausted, and I think I'm getting a flu, guh.
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is a Tall Accounting Ninja that Shivers Uncontrollably when Cold, and dislikes Modern Architecture.

Strength: 4 Agility: 6 Intelligence: 5

To see if your Super Battle Ninja can
defeat redconverse, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights redconverse using

Dang, I can only beat [ profile] rollerdragon with my mind! And modern architecture!
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Fun meme ganked from [ profile] rollerdragon. Pleased to notice, by the by, that I would totally be all over this show, were it real--Harrison Ford, Rachel Weisz, Johnathan Rhys Meyers, and Tom Waits? I think yes.

My LiveJournal Sitcom
All My redconverse (BRAVO, 7:00): redconverse (Tommy Lee Jones) is allergic to irksnapple (Harrison Ford)'s sneakers. The week after, hawkeyecat (Chris Farley) tells sethrenn (Halle Berry) about Scientology. That weekend, rikoshi (Emma Watson) and kozatoi (Rachel Weisz) go waterskiing. Later that day, devildoll (Anna Chlumsky) borrows metron_ariston (Shirley Temple)'s car to drive to the beach. Also, arcian (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) buys laureth (Tom Waits)'s old television set. Hilarious results follow.
What's Your LiveJournal Sitcom? (by rfreebern)

Bits of news: congrats, Warren and Marshall, on the Nobel for proving ulcers are caused by bacteria. Marshall was the class hero in microbiology--you gotta love a guy with the cajones to swallow a vial of bacteria. Also: this article on the Bohemian Grove is as interesting as any on super-secret evil societies.
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Yea, I'm way into peer pressure )

Durr, mild news, but not so much today. I'm so cold that I deeply desire to hike up on and snuggle this giant rabbit right the freak now, and I'm sure everyone's heard the news that Simon Wiesenthal passed on. That's basically it--two stories--although I'm known to miss out on awesome tongue-eating parasites.

Also: special thanks to AIM banner ads for making me remember today's Tuesday. I'd have missed House, if it weren't for an advert for Supernatural. And it is such. A quality. Episode. The GAY!


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