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Sep. 12th, 2011 01:50 am
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Who forgot to call me the minute this found the internet, because.

Hot Chip? Bonnie frickin' Prince Billy? That dog shirt? THE FACT THAT I NEED TO HAVE BABIES WITH EVERYONE IN THIS VIDEO?

I could very possibly listen to this version forever.
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Exhibit A: for some reason I am enjoying Joey Comeau and Jess Fink's new web... YA novel??? with a ridiculous amount of hearts. It's just a nice serious-but-fun look at two gals becoming SUPERFRIENDS and trying to learn chess and lockpicking and telling each other that Alan Turing rode in a magic touring van. I guess it just started on the 11th of July, so we'll see how it goes!

Exhibit B: [livejournal.com profile] fegie posted a good article on how the possibility of a decent youth resistance has been crushed probably forever. My idea of activism has now devolved into quietly trying not to kill everyone, so I can't really offer any hope on this one, but uh there you go?

Exhibit C: I've been using Spotify lately for finding the musics, and it's pretty decent. Like a not-crappily-organized GrooveShark with slightly fewer ads (the ads still throw me off, though, because I'll be listening to some Neko Case and suddenly it's like waaiiit this is Prince and it's an ad about Prince?). I've not played with some of the actual features of it, like sharing playlists and all. But I'm redorama over there if you do want to share listenings.

Exhibit D: Through Spotify I've been going through a small resurgence of obsessing over Ratatat, and have you seen their videos? Because YES they will give you the BEST nightmares and the music is awesome, and I'll just end with that (note: the artist for the Drugs video... his work is even creepier straight-on):

cut for Ratatat's video for Shempi, which is just good ol plain nightmare fuel )

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Perhaps not a perfect post, but reading little light's clamavi ad te on Questioning Transphobia has made me want to link it all over. There's a million little lines that are perfect, especially with the It Gets Better-verse that's going on, like:

If you or the people around you are using words that make you feel like a thing; if you are frightened to have basic bodily functions in public; if you talk about yourself like a disease, not a person; if you see nothing ahead in your old age but the bleakness of despair, isolation, and abuse; if your youth is a neverending desperation to get out and away to somewhere you cannot trust exists... (emphasis mine here).

The opening's statistic is so ridiculously large (and, though I'll concede that statistics on transfolk are usually a bit crap due to small sample sizes and largely inept researchers, I think this is a conservative figure) that I think it gets forgotten: over half of living trans folks have attempted suicide. Youth anti-suicide campaigns hardly target trans youth, by and large. Some extent, I think they'd find it difficult to know quite what to say. How can you guarantee things'll improve? How could you promise--even best-case-scenario in today's terms (for many: hormones, therapy, surgery)--that life will be perfect, that families will be accepting, that a kid will figure out how to let go of that core of guilt they've built so meticulously?

It pisses me off, sometimes, because (as the author says) this isn't some self-help, you-need-therapy, here's-a-help-line issue--though of course, these resources are necessary for many. This is a social issue, a you-need-a-sea-change issue.
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I'm sure a lot of you have seen this, but for those who have not: the tale of Deviantart asshats winning awards in asshattery at the all-state asshatatron is definitely worth a read. I mean, everyone expects cisgendered programmers to offer limited choice radio buttons for data completely irrelevant to the service/community at hand, but the customer support in this case is particularly excellent.
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Sorry I've not been updating as much. Busy being driven nuts by school and having my therapist leave me (seriously! Private practice! The nerve!) and maybe pretending going to barbeques = working on writeups.

But I have had time to get to school and catch up on INTERNET VIDEOS, two of which I have to share. One was stolen from [livejournal.com profile] rikoshi. The other was stolen from somewhere on my mid-study angstathon about deciding which bathroom to use at the library, as my campus Does Not Believe in Unisex At All and I'm at the awkward duckling phase of "could maybe use the right bathroom if everyone was drunk and it was very poorly lit in there." I'll leave you to decide which is which!

Bathroom Gender Benders: All Signs Point To Androgyny - The most popular videos are a click away
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Ah, mornings where I'm supposed to be doing homework so I don't freak out and have to call out of work on Sunday--I see you are the new only time for me to post to el jay!

The quarter's winding up being a bit crazy, thanks, but I've managed to find some small amounts of time in which to keep myself sane. Aside from passing out on the couch and pretending I'll ever be tired of this amazing video [livejournal.com profile] deadtrain sent me (no, seriously, I'll think I'm done and then I remember how concerned Tatsuya is. Or how sassy Raidou is. Or how terrifyingly happy Demifiend is. Or how precious Serph's junk is. And I'm sure people on my flist are a lot more knowledgeable about the whole jpop thing, but I do also love the source commercial, which is apparently about six men they found on the street somewhere and bribed with warm jackets to DANCE. You might also want to see the two P4 covers, but both contain spoilers, so watch out), I have also been formulating ways to write longer sentences than ever, and playing a bit of Hotel Dusk.

YES I KNOW I still have to spam with stuff on P4 (and I'm also back up to Yukiko's shadow on the second playthrough), but haha, why was I not warned about how sassy Kyle Hyde gets? Okay, maybe I was warned, but why did I not listen? Seriously, this is Kyle Hyde:

"Hey, Kyle, wanna get a sandwich?"
"Sure. I'm sure it'll be great. Sandwiches are for chumps."
"Oh. Uh. Hey Kyle, wanna get some pancakes?"
"Sure. Yeah, sure. What, you want I should eat flat things? Is that it? Think I look flat? Like a chump?"
"Uh... I... I'll be over here faking my death, because we can't have nice things."

MAAAAN. I am not far at all, but clicking on stuff alternates between amusing and "someone-needs-a-slap." Not even lamps are safe. That said, he is pretty hot when he keeps his mouth shut...

Anyway, hopefully everyone had a good Lunar New Year. I realize usually I buy porn for you guys on that day, but I sort of wound up crashing out to be ready for yesterday. BAWWWWW AND NOW I HAVE TO DO THIS WRITEUP BAWWW.

...After I watch Serph's junk again, of course.
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Happy 21st to [livejournal.com profile] sherlock2040! For your birthday, I bring you the only picture that comes up when you google "watson potato." Hey, it's a lot less pornographic than what comes up when you google "onion and lemon"...

Nothing too much to report on the front out here! Both classes seem a bit of a joke, but that's as expected--the psych course is in a room with these absurd student desks with writing surfaces about 8" x 10" and at an absurd slant--so, not only does your notebook not properly fit, but if you're like me (or, indeed, 99% of the populace out here) you cannot rest your coffee on the surface. It's all morning yoga, what with the juggling of coffee and balancing of notebooks and attempts to take notes without jabbing the person next to you in the arm. And the nutrition class is both on-line and graded on a curve. Absurdity!

Quick news:

-This is pretty fascinating: researchers at the University of Copenhagen have developed a method of converting blood from one type to another.

-Recorded for the sake of complaining about how much the news is spastic about it up here--this month marks the fiftieth birthday of the song "Louie Louie." The most famous song to come out of the Northwest would be, to quote an FCC official from '64, "unintelligible at any speed..."

-Finally, they're selling Kitt! Whatever will the Hoff do without his one true love?

You know, I believe that I never linked to this thing that [livejournal.com profile] metron_ariston horrified me with a month or two ago, and I really think that [livejournal.com profile] fiveagainsttwo would appreciate it. So, here you go: enjoy the nightmare which is the ad for Gelli Baff. The poor video quality makes it look even more like congealed blood, I think!
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Oh man! I'm back at the home fort before work, because I owned today's chem test so hard, I finished it in ten minutes. And it was supposed to take an hour. I feel full of win. Okay, so almost no sig fig questions, and most of it was stuff a five-year-old could get, but, uh. Win?

I have to run to work soon, but I'd like to share some links in my joy:

-[livejournal.com profile] metron_ariston sent me this: a wine ad 1000 times more sexy than anything ever should be. Seriously. watch it. I don't know what country it came from, as I don't think androgynous people are ever protrayed in such a sexy light in the States, but... Wah, I just want to do them! At once, plz?

-And this is from not-on-el-jay awesomesauce writer/fellow Lovecraft-fan Pythoness (and yes, I know I need to post it on [livejournal.com profile] tws_support, but here's your sneak preview): Shope's papillomavirus makes real-life jackalopes.

Alright, work...
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I knew I shouldn't have touched that credit card!

Not the oysters!
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As per usual, I'm watching home improvement shows rather than watching my psychology video lessons, and someone is trying to decorate their yard in an "Island of Misfit Toys" theme. Naturally, all I can think about is the old Brunching Shuttlecocks cartoon...

Homework-avoidance news:

-Scientists are working on making cotton edible. Totally useful, I'm sure--but all it really does is remind me of Catch-22, when Milo serves chocolate-dipped Egyptian cotton in the mess hall.

- Rare Abbyssian lion cubs are being poisoned by the keepers at an Ethiopian zoo. To quote: "We can send them to the forest and to some governmental palaces but most of the time we send them to the taxidermists," said the Lion Zoo administrator Muhedin Abdulaziz. Although a dark article, it does contain a comical last paragraph: "The Lion Zoo is also home to baboons, monkeys, rabbits, Egyptian geese and goldfish." Emphasis mine, naturally. I mean, I hope those are some pretty sweet goldfish--because at the rate of lion-poisoning, that might be all that's left at that zoo in a bit.

- Ooh, maybe we'll catch him yet with this new composite sketch! Using modern profiling, an image of what Jack the Ripper maybe looked like was released. I don't know, dude with a moustache? That narrows it down to, what, 70% of 19th century London? It does, however, once again prove this t-shirt true.

- More BBC clip-art weirdness--is it just me, or does the hand holding the booze in this image look quite a bit as if it belongs to someone else? It's probably just one of those optical illusion things, due to the fact that the image is a silhouette... But it sure seems as if the cameraman is taunting his alcoholic subject.

- Finally, plunger v. sword!
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Directly and shamelessly ganked from [livejournal.com profile] rollerdragon, but I just wanted to share before CBS realizes their own ineptitude.

Let's play "what's wrong with the picture."
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I know everyone has probably heard about the Dick Cheney memo, but in case you haven't--or, in case you haven't read the actual document on thesmokinggun.com--here's the link. I think most people are fixated on the "TV must be tuned to Fox News" line, but my personal favorite is "All the lights must be turned on," with a penned-in request at the bottom of the page reading "Extra lamps." Is he afraid of the dark, or what?

I'm kinda wondering if the media was reporting on the protests when I made the last post, and I was just confused, now. Because the day after I posted it, the LA one was on the news all day... Anyway, sorry if I'm an idiot, whoops!

Oh, and I've been meaning to pimp this for my not-on-any-Houseporn-comm friends: this pulp romance cover by [livejournal.com profile] green_ghost is just brilliantly hilarious.
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Has everyone heard about Barbara "they were poor to begin with, so the hurricane was great" Bush's donation to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund yet? Because, lo, it is just as hilariously wrong as 90% of all that comes out of the Stay-Puff Ex-First-Lady's mouth. While the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund is a legitimate service, Barb decided to, you know, earmark the money to go to her son's software company. Brilliant! I mean, does no one realize that this is just basically a tax-deductible allowance for Neil Bush? Also, please note that this software costs $10,000 per school.

Also in actually important news: Canada, attempting to be almost as sinister as America, is starting up their annual harp seal cull; the Pentagon is apparently hiring evil entomologists to create a cyber-insect army; and here's some coverage on the insanely under-reported protests going on around the country. These are huge protests, and they're being completely ignored by the major media. Heck, how many people even know about HR 4437 in the first place?

Gah. I guess the fact that the local news covers freaking Sakura-con, yet says nothing about anything contained in this rambling post has me in a ranting mood...

And in the RL department, the SO and I went out to see V for Vendetta yesterday. As I suspected, it was essentially a slightly-more-upbeat 1984 with karate. Naturally, it ruled. And it also starred a bunch of British awesomeness--I went in thinking "ZOMG, I LESS THAN THREE JOHN HURT," but it also starred the wondrously crush-worthy Rupert Graves, and Stephen Fry. But, my personal crushing aside, everyone must see this movie, for it rocks.
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Why does my circa 1990 Korean medical/horror TV show contain music by Queen? It's not that I'm complaining, but...

Also, I believe [livejournal.com profile] metron_ariston would agree that I really ought to share this story with everyone. Maybe I should be posting Knight Rider slash on [livejournal.com profile] badfic_quotes or something, but honestly? I'm still laughing too hard. I mean, really. It's hurt/comfort. It's rapefic. It's a dude. And his car. And there's more where it came from.

In news, sucks to my plumbing.


Mar. 3rd, 2006 08:53 am
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Everyone who has ever seen Neon Genesis Evangelion, please check this out:

Best. Plate. Evar.

Thanks again, [livejournal.com profile] metron_ariston, for getting me addicted to [livejournal.com profile] fantasygoat...


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