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News, as I keep putting it off:

-I'm not sure, Stephen Fry or no, I can quite handle even seeing stills of this cartoon. It was allegedly created to help autistic children. What it actually does is invoke fear.

-The BMJ is launching one of those "let's have a wacky quiz!" competitions which journals are occasionally driven to conduct. This time, it's "Name The Best Discovery in the Last 166 Years!" This seems very odd, because... I mean, did they forget to conduct this when the Journal turned 150? Can they not wait until they are 175? I guess "166" sounded round enough. The lame suggestion award goes to "Risks of Smoking." Honestly, if you're going to mince about it, you might as well put up "The Dangers of Cocaine," or "It's Actually Not Such A Good Plan To Be Drinking Brandy All Day, After All."

-Newly-discovered fish is named after the Bats!

-Finally, the requisite down-note: my god and yours, the inventor of instant noodles Momofuko Ando passed away this Saturday.

All my labwork for tomorrow night is already done. That means an entire day of slack tomorrow! Shall it be Devil Summoner, or shall it be Good Omens? The possibilities for fannish glee are endless.
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Most importantest things first: happy birthday, [ profile] metron_ariston! Dude, you are the awesomest.

Secondly, everyone will be excited by the fact that I finally got off the lease last night. Thank goodness my old landlord has the world's most insane hours, and the only time he could inspect the place was at 8:30 at night. Which made for two less-than-pleasing events in my life: first, that I had to hang out with the ex--who had been drinking all day--for an amount of time (which started out okay, but quickly degenerated into him seeming to forget that we had, you know, broken up, and then deciding to be extra-emo); and secondly, that I only got to see about twenty minutes of House. From what I saw, though... Mang, Wilson is one crappy Watson! Way to promote drug-use and not mysteries, ass.

Finally, here's a way-class meme from [ profile] rollerdragon:

My top 5 choices for a Fake Internet Death♥ to get attention and/or make Those Meen People feel sorry!!!one!

5. Being buried by several volumes of Jungian psychology textbooks while researching my 50-chapter super-insightful Xenogears/Persona II crossover fic.

4. Dying of complications related to scurvy, so I could meet Foreman!!onE!

3. Starvation while waiting on hold when calling the New Kids on the Block personal hotline, 1-900-909-5KIDS.

2. Snake-related accident during the filming of my Snakes on a Plane fanvid.

1. Drowning in a quagmire when it is discovered that my multi-chapter House/Wilson slash fic was really just Hound of the Baskervilles with all the names changed.
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I guess tonight's episode was okay... But I just kept getting hung up on Cameron's bangs.

I mean, bangs. At first I was very strongly against them, but... I just kept getting the They Might Be Giants song stuck in my head, and started to like them.

Yep. That's my deep feeling.

Srsly, though, I still like the show, but the flame is gone. We've been together for two years, and now the honeymoon is over, and I'm cheating on the show with Holmes/Watson. Hell, I'm even gearing to cheat on Holmes/Watson with Aubrey/Maturin. I'm so fickle...

I guess what I mean to say is that now House, as a show, has to Actually Be Good now. I'm willing to forgive a lot in that initial fangasming reaction to something, but once that first rush is gone, I expect more quality! Which might be rough, because S1 was definitely better than S2, and I don't know how three is going to pan out...

Then again, maybe that's not true.* After all, I did go see Highlander: Endgame, and I forgave Highlander for that.

Just like how I've forgiven Highlander for pretty much everything ever.

*About forgiving a show, I mean. Season one was definitely better than two.
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Okay, this is okay, right? Because no one on my flist is in a timezone behind me... I think?

Anyway, just in case. House! Zomg! Insane! )

I kind of want to justify this post with something else than "ZOMG I AM A FANGIRL." But it's... not happening.


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