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I'm sort of super behind on creating the card post this year, for which I apologize. If you don't mind a card which'll be perhaps a bit later than usual, I'd love to send you one. Comments are screened if you'd like to leave your address, OR, if you've not moved since last year/the year before/ten years ago when you friended me I may still have it on a screened comment from the GOLDEN PAST.

Lemme know! I've sent a few out already, always stoked to send tons more! If you've a card post you think I missed, link me up as well.

As always, international postage is 100% fine! I love sending these things. :D
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A very merry fishmas was had by all:

here's the startings of a fishmas, incorporated in Shipwreck Light's card!

And the results, a dual-sided fishcreature (I... wasn't really sure! there was a lot of fishsupplies so I thought maybe it was supposed to be a double-sided ornament?)

It was a super cute gift, so franks a million! :D (background supplied by Shirokuma Cafe's credits, sorry!)


Nov. 26th, 2012 09:07 pm
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You all are probably quite used to the hijinks of Red During The Holidays. EVERY YEAR WE GO THROUGH THIS:

-I ask kindly for your address

I promise this year's batch WILL NOT DISAPPOINT, as it is mostly compiled of items I liberated from The Step-Aunt's Hoarding Situation (a story that begins with "moving in to assisted living" and ends with "family stuck with two stories of garbage, plus a few sheds"). No extra charge for that faint aroma of mildew and sadness!

I love sending cards, so as always, no worries on return cards (stamps are like a dollar by now) and no worries about living on the moon (I will pay for the rocket fuel). I will send cards wherever and to whomever and you will probably not like it BUT I AM DOING IT ANYWAY.

Comments are screened, of course! I do have some addresses still from last year, but not many... so if you haven't got a postcard recently, assume I lost it in the wilds of my house.


Dec. 25th, 2011 12:37 pm
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I want you guys to imagine the most awesome pile of consumer crap ever.


MERRY TOPATOCO CHRISTMAS. That's right, I am now the proud owner of a frankly insane amount of T-Rex, thanks to [ profile] ndoto and [ profile] trina. Also maybe [ profile] dasie miiiight have brightened my kitchen up with a little Brandon Bird and the color magenta, OMG. Other crap on my wall has been there, but also: Fremont Troll Chia Pet? Small dog carrier for a large cat? Weird candlesticks, thanks mum? CHECK YES.

Please just stop and reflect on the size of T-Rex )
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The other day, Handel's Messiah was on the radio. For the first time I was seriously like wow, this is actually sort of awesome, I could listen to this all day.

Then I realized--you know, props to the Pittsburg Symphony and all--that really I just didn't want to get out of bed for work.

Biked down to the theater, mainly to watch Game of Shadows. I never wound up too in to the Ritchie Holmes, for various reasons (some of which have to do with the first movie, some of which was timing, some of which was that really I just got obsessed with original cannon and, though I love interpretations, it's hard to influence my original perception of H & W. Stuff like, you know, SH22 and BBC Holmes are different enough for them to play in as seperate fandoms, but closer splices like Granada or Russian!Holmes are more just fun-to-watch for me? IDK), so I guess it's not entirely surprising I missed that it came out. Seriously, even the fact that I'm on Holmes comms did not help. It was just like one day I looked at what was out in theaters and was like... wait, they made a new one? Where was I? Well, probably asleep or obsessing over mutants or something, suppose that's the answer. I liked it pretty okay.

As it's a ride to the theater, as ever I decided to see a second movie. It was sort of Arthur Christmas. STOP LOOKING AT ME. The theater was mostly empty for both movies, which made me feel a little creepy; particularly being a single dude at fucking ARTHUR CHRISTMAS. It... It was actually cute. :( Stop looking at me. I was unsuccessful in my attempt to stroll in late enough to miss the Bieber video, so yep basically a large part of me is tainted forever. Ahaha, well, there were a lot of sweet voice actors. Imelda Stauton you will never fail to rule, will you? SNOPE. Also, McAvoy and Laurie awww you guysssss MY HEART.

Basically I was in a theater for fourish hours today going "AWWWW MY HEART WAIT GUNS AWWW MY HEART." I was going to see a third--either Hugo or Tintin, but neither were playing for another hour, and I just couldn't think of anything else to while away the time, and I felt pretty crappy because I'd not had enough caffeine... I guess tomorrow that movie about aliens and the dark or something is coming out, so I might go out again, anyhow.

Hopefully everyone is having an okay time so far. It's a little lonely down here, but I guess I've never been huge into the holiday thing anyhow...

ETA, have some holiday cheer--and watch to adjust your volume with the Aimee Mann upload:

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This would have been my usual year-in-review post, but 2011 has decided to open with some exciting festivities for me: an amazing flu which has now decided to settle in my lungs. I know I've been slacking off on TBoAs, but this Thursday my face was leaking mucus at a rate I had previously imagined impossible--and now I'm half-tempted to record just so you guys can hear the Amazing Human Harmonica system I've had installed.

While it's a bit amusing to me (having grown up short on oxygen, I think I'm desensitized to the noise), I feel bad for the guy in the laundry room this morning... I'd struggled down some laundry and had somehow pulled the Quarter-Eatin' Dryer. I kind of groused about the loss of a dollar and the continued dampness of my clothes, and he tried to give up the dryer he'd claimed to my obviously-wheezing pathetic form. Naturally I declined, but of all the days to stubbornly believe I should walk up and down one flight of stairs...

I also foolishly went to work yesterday. Um, oops? I don't know why I think this is a good idea, but at least I let up on the idiot pride thing to call in a theraflu rescue mission from [ profile] dasie and co. I'd say hopefully 2011 is only going to improve from here, but honestly the rescue thing and a bunch of texts from pals and a good excuse to sit about watching an anime backlog (finally watched the "new" Slayers) has kept me in good spirits.

All in all, though it was occasionally zany and stressful, and though it could have been improved by I DON'T KNOW A JOB OFFER, 2010 was a pretty good year for me. I finally graduated college, traveled to some new places, started testosterone, made some new pals, read some awesome books, and didn't have to give up my apartment. I think you can reasonably guess my main goal for 2011 (it may have something to do with, IDK, A JOB OFFER), and I'm just trying to stay optimistic about that. I hope for the best for everyone else's 2011, too!
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Oh man, "skip 260" is so on for the flist. Been dogsitting a member of the [ profile] dasie family, and staying at the dog's apartment and feel a bit dodgy using someone's work computer for much more than email, so. Bit behind on everything.

Super thank yous to all cards and presents! There are probably more at my postbox I haven't seen, my hours are very strange right now. Cards will still be arriving to others for the next few months. I have no real excuse, but appear to have posted cards to Finland on December 24th. So yes, not really going to be timely.

Going to spend this year celebrating Michael J Foxmas, a delightful plot involving booze and Back to the Future hatched by [ profile] fiveagainsttwo.

I should be back on the radar somewhat come Tuesday. And no, I've no word on the job front.

I hope everyone is awesome, and I can't wait for New Year's Day... to stay at home and catch up on seasonal fic?
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THAT IS RIGHT. A bit late this year, but it's the official "get your shady dollar-store cards" card post! Folks on the flist for decades know the drill by now, but here it is for new folks:

-I don't care how long you've known me... Don't be shy! I love sending these travesties of capitalism.
-I don't care where you live! I'll pay top dollar to pollute the mailboxes of other countries, so don't stress about an out-of-America address.
-I don't care that it's going to be late! ...But maybe you do. Sorry?? I am always pretty slow.
-I don't care if I get a card in return! Seriously, it's all about spreading holiday horror for me. And this year's card is a total winner!

As usual, comments are screened. Leave your address if you don't think I have it (I may be able to dig it up if I sent one to you last year), and prepare yourself for cardmageddon.
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I got Holmes, Watson, and a barely-dressed hobo in my mailbox today! Amazing. Super thanks to my talented pals [ profile] spacefall and [ profile] cannedebonbon! I guess this means I should get around to sending out cards sometime, huh...

Meh, feel like I haven't done a dream journal in a bit, but I've been amused enough by the last couple nights. I mean, y'know how it's usually nearly impossible to get back to a dream after you've been woken up?

Well, it turns out that the sure-fire way to fix this is being interrogated?! Um note to self, limits to masochism are acceptable and advisable at this juncture but, in a tired jumble from finals study, my brain decided I deserved a free fandom dream. And in an effort to do a bit better than the dream I had about running in quarries (nothing else happening, not even styrofoam avalanches) after the night I watched *coughtenepisodescough* of Blake's 7 in a row, it supplied me something a bit more exciting.

And by a little better, I mean I dreamed Servalan* was interrogating me? I can't remember much about what, but I do remember it was in general a lot more laid-back of an interrogation than the time Spock questioned me about beating up nuns**. I think I was just telling her something about the philosophy essay my brain was additionally worried about (sure she loved to hear about Nietzsche and American pop culture) when my alarm went off. The last thing I remember was her saying "wait, I'm not through with you yet!"

...So I hit the snooze button. I think I might have even mumbled something like "ffs shut up she's not through with me yet." And I managed to get in fifteen more minutes of answering her questions about Nietzsche, without much break in the dream-logic continuity. That almost never happens for me, but yeah. Brain, we can have words later.

In other news, one final down, the Nietzsche paper is crap but turned in (Servalan refused to beta for me I guess), had my eval for my rotation (got a 3.4, solid!), and one more final to go. Whew, it'll feel good when this quarter is done with on Thursday.

*Pictorial reference for folks who haven't seen here. Along with commanding the entire costume budget, she presses buttons that make people more dead than usual, which my brain apparently finds just swell.

**Actually a dream I had a number of years ago: Spock was trying to get me to admit to false charges of nun-punching, and was not afraid of breaking the Geneva Convention. I held out--no one calls Red a nun-puncher!--but it wasn't fun. Thanks Spock.
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Happy Chinese New Year, all! It's the Year of the Boar, also, which is my year. I keep pretending as if this will help me remember how old I'm going to turn in June (for some reason, it is apparently too boring of a number to remember) and trying to add Chinese New Year cycles--then believing them to come in thirteen-year cycles, and thinking "Man, twenty-six? I thought I'd remember turning twenty-five..."

This makes me extra-determined to gift myself with my fourth tattoo around my birthday. You can laugh or disdainfully frown all you like, but it's been five years since my last one, and now it's serious urges! I don't have a solid design yet, but I've long wanted both a dog-related tattoo (I'm a dorky dog mom, currently with empty nest syndrome), and a squid tattoo. I have ideas for both, but it's best not to truly "fix" on something until you meet up with an artist with your sensibilities, who has a better idea of how things look on a shin or an arm. I'll get both one day, but:

[Poll #930278]

Also, today I found that Scarecrow had Region 1 copies of the Russian Holmes after all! I thought they only had Region 5 DVDs, but they were just out last I was there. Gay fest tomorrow!

All day I kept hilariating myself at work, because I forgot the name of a canon character when writing something (hopefully to be posted tomorrow, if not tonight, though it is really very silly!) on a break, and just filled in "Jarvis Cocker," because I knew it was J. Cocker or Crocker or something.*

A customer called me on my good mood, saying, "Wow, what's your secret? You're just so dang happy!"

I said something about just being a cheerful person, as I'm sure she didn't want the truth of my mental image of Dr. John Watson totally crushing on Jarvis Cocker!

*Yes, problem solved c/o having books here at home, just sadly lacking at work.
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Hey, it's time for another commercial holiday. In honor of this day, yesterday I bought myself a bottle of wine that went for $3.99 instead of $2.99 (which, with the way classes are going, and the way I've been writing, I'll get to in mid-May) and flowers. Yes, that's so shameful and right: flowers. They were cheaper than the wine, and will hopefully live for at least a week, given the whole "it's an entire plant" thing--I just, uh. I never got flowers from anyone before, okay? And I'm someone who loves me! *puts on the "dying alone" hat*

I also heart my friend's list. That's right! All of you dudes! Even if you hate this holiday, or just think it's a cheesy gimmick (as I do), it's a good excuse to make with the verbalization of your appreciation for the folks who keep you sane. So, whether you're in love and happy with it, not in love and looking, or (like me) perfectly content to ride the U.S.S. Solitary Life, today I say to you: thanks for being a pal of mine, and happy Valentine's! Happy every other day of the year, too--today's just an easy excuse for me to be a sap, and fess up to my thankfulness for such good friends.

Although I was hopeful to get in on the holiday-related porn, I just... didn't. However, the amazing Internet Celebrity Fyre Gal'XE--who once gifted me with this beautiful Greg/Grissom CSI story--wrote some extremely moving H/W. I DO HOPE THAT WATSON GOT TO FINISH COMBING HIS MOUSTACHE!

ETA: I'm pretty jazzed I got this up today! The servers were overloaded, and being on dial-up means that the post just kept timing out. Ah, well, that's what one gets for living the thrifty life. And who can be mad at Internet when there's stylish (NSFW, obviously) blowjobs to be seen?
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Plans with my friend fell through, so I wound up spending my New Year's in style.

And, of course, by 'style,' I mean playing Devil Summoner all evening while keeping my leg up (as a friendly gift to welcome the new year, my body supplied me with one extremely painful and infected spider bite on my left leg), then limping a few blocks to watch the fireworks. They were pretty "meh" this year, but honestly, it might have been the leg that made me think so. I concluded the celebrations by drinking shiraz out of my Spock glass, playing Leonard Cohen at a good volume, and reading Study in Scarlet in the bath. Obviously, this is the party to write about!

In news--nurses pilfer the tea of patients.
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Homemade burrito! You are my true love!

Anyway, [ profile] arcian, I (like everyone else) got your card today! It was the funniest card ever. Why is the boy with the puppy so sad? Also, even though I have Animal Crossing: WW for the DS now, I still totally want to do the memory-card swap. I'll go and buy a card next weekend, and in the meantime, we'll have to strongarm two more people into joining our town.

And [ profile] rollerdragon, I got the package! I think my favorite part of the "actual galloping action cowboy" is the clip art on the back. It's like a warning... "Your Child Must Be This Stupid To Enjoy This Toy."

In other news, one of my coworkers is, yet again, being an asshat! I guess he's been an asshat every day for the year I've worked with him--it's just that on some days my tolerance for his jerkery isn't as good as on others...

Hopefully I'll get around to some meaningful updates soon. I've been so tired and worn lately, it's hard to do much after work! I can manage opening a beer and turning on the Simpsons, but turning on the computer is one step too many.


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