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Curse you, wily magazine publishers, for hiding your content from the intarwebs!

Almost every article in December's Harper's--which, let's note, by mid-November I've not only received, but read cover-to-cover--has me going "AUGH I NEED TO SHARE MY LOVE OF THIS." My only consolation is that no one really wants to be privy to my extended political rant/intrigue about atomic vs. 'natural' time/usual biological!dork!gasm ramblings. But still... Anyone who wants to know more about how physicists and astronomers are having a knock-out war on who gets to be time lord, or anyone who wants to wonder why I'm so enamored with the book review on why both of these Darwin anthologies were published--when both books contain the exact same Darwin writings*--should stop by a library and indulge my need to flail about these things. Also: absolutely everyone should read about Werner Herzog how fundamentalists are recreating American history to suit their needs. GOOD STUFF.

Okay, now that my extended-dance-flail is over...

-This article makes me quite happy that my mom knew I was going to be so sickly. Spending my entire childhood allergic to 98% of the world was tricky enough without an inept doctor. Also, did anyone else wince at the line, "Many of the doctors questioned, however, said they would advise a soy-based formula"? The... stupid... so... overwhelming... *stabstabstab*

-What I'm about to link to is old news, and I'm sure everyone has read about it somewhere. I just happen to be a little slow with these things... I found it via this recent article on the thallium poisoning of an ex-KGB officer. Anyway, in May, a 17-year-old girl in Shizuoka began systematically poisoning her mother, and kept a blog on the process. This blogger writes more thoroughly on the case--including the fact that the girl's blog has been reconstructed.

-I... just like this article for the fact that they accidentally put in an image of a quickening. I mean, what?

*Those who visit my previously-linked wishlist may be noting the fact that I sided with Wilson. TAKE THAT, MOLECULAR BIOLOGY. Also, the Norton edition is just so... shiny...
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Last night, I was actually nearby a television to watch Heroes. I was all geared up to turn it on. "Yes," I thought, "yet another fandom may be at hand!"

Then, in a stunning show of being an even bigger geek than I thought possible I saw that American Experience was going a program on Yellow Fever. "Alright! Turn-of-the-century medicine! Dudes giving themselves a deadly virus FOR SCIENCE! People vomiting digested blood! Excitement galore!" Honestly, I really should just get a civil war recreatonist's costume and wear that while playing Animal Crossing, watching Star Trek repeats, and reading copies of the Lancet from 1915. Oh, and move into my parents' basement. I mean, this is seriously The Level Of Geek I'm attaining here.

Other news...

Hey, I'm going to go to bed sad and lonely from now on! Also: glowing mushrooms were found in Brazil.
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Note to self: Stargate comes on Sundays at 11. So now my cable-free ass can still enjoy non-comic book character, non-doctor related gay sex on a weekly basis.

Also: yelling "Hey, turn it down, I can't hear my gay teevee!" to college students having drunken parties with loud rap music? Yeah. Just doom yourself to geekdom. Still, even if I weren't watching Jack watching Daniel's rear, the music is annoying and bizarre--usually, its such a quiet neighborhood, despite the proximity to the university.

Speaking of the Stargate, since my last post, the SO started telling me this exciting story of Richard Dean Anderson fighting seal-clubbers. And lo, I found some linkage, but I'm bummed I didn't see the documentary he did. He said it was quite exciting, and that Macgyver was totally fighting this guy with a giant pike in an attempt to save seals. Dude is awesome. Way to be both manly, and totally all about the wee fuzzy seals. And here's a picture that is just... far too adorable, to prove it.
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Ah, the end of another sunny weekend...

I finally got up to Northgate yesterday, to see if they had a copy of Shin Megami Tensai's Digital Devil Saga, and they only had one used one, without the case. I decided to pass, as is still selling them new, and wound up picking up a copy of Stella Deus. I've never even really heard anything about this game--it was just there, and used, and released by Atlus, and looked pretty okay. I hope it was a wise purchase! I was going to start playing it last night, but I wound up playing Nocturne, instead--a game I'd been putting off playing for some imaginary rainy day. And it's great! I can't believe I wasn't playing it sooner--it reminds me why I got into gaming in the first place.

I keep thinking, every time I'm up there, that I've really got to take photos of the Gamestop I go to. It's surrounded by a vacant lot that looks like the set to an apocalyptic movie, and it's in a complex of stores with two empty storefronts and a state liquor store. But it's the best game store in town! I think I like it so much mainly because it's in a storefront ten times too large for it, so it's quite spacious, and I'm not crammed next to some idiot buying Madden: 2006 like I am at most stores...

I also bought--as I desperately needed it after this post by Devil Doll--DC's Greatest Imaginary Stories. It is truly the most brilliant collection of comics, ever. I pretty much wanted to scan every panel--I mean, come on, there's a story about Batman and Superman growing up as brothers, in which we find out Clark wears leopard-print pajamas. But I'll make do with some from the story I found the best: Lex Luthor, Hero!

In this illustrious story, Lex decides to Stop Being Evil, and to cure cancer. And it doesn't take him long! 24 hours in a prison lab is more than enough time for Lex to find the wonder drug. But when he does--oh no! The criminal underworld is out to get him! So Superman decides to help his boyfriend friend out, by giving him a watch to signal when he's in trouble.

Which he uses pretty much non-stop. There's another panel where he sees a shadowy figure and calls Clark, too--but this panel is made all the more special as Luthor stands his ground in the face of that grenade. At the least, he could both duck and press the button. Even if Superman does have super-speed, there's going to be a delay while Lex actually calls him.

Soon enough, Superman finds that he can't always be there for Lex. So, he exiles him to a space-lab where he'll be safe. And, just in case, he has this:

Because, if you're going to have a signal rocket, it may as well be shaped like you.


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