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So I decided to wisely spend money on fine art, care of [ profile] froggie. And... and everything turned out EVEN BETTER THAN EXPECTED.

The following el jay cut contains art that is perhaps ludicrously NSFW. And that is ludicrously hot. And contains FISTING? Hello everyone! :D

Cut for dudes! Hot dudes! Amazing fisting hot and trans dudes! No really this is so NSFW it's silly. )


Jan. 15th, 2011 10:14 pm
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Guess who may or may not have bought a new laptop?

It might have also been a MacBook Pro?

Yes, well. We will get a new job soon, we hope; until then we are building an iTune library for the first time... ever?

Life is shiny, oh my.
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I still want to run out and go crazy photographing what the streets are like up here. The Hill's gone crazy with joy and exuberance; I hugged at least thirty people on the way home from the bar, whooping and screaming the whole way home.

I almost can't believe it. I've never felt so proud and happy to be living in America until now. Obama's speech was simply amazing, and went over splendidly in the bar (where, it may be added, we enjoyed an election called at nine p.m., when everyone was certain it'd be called in a few days), where folks began dancing on tabletops and Obama's presidency resulted in $1 brews.

The most "this guy is hilarious" moment was, of course, the "okay, I guess we're getting a puppy" line. But the most "I can't friggin' believe this is happening" moment was, for several of us in the bar, that simple moment when he was speaking of the diversity of his constituency. Asian and Hispanic and Native American and... and then he said "gay and straight," and I swear, so many folks almost cried.

What president has done that? I mean, who has bothered to acknowledge us? It was just an amazing, brilliant moment.

And when I toddled home--well, it looks like Gregoire has the vote, and it looks like mass transit and Pike Place Market and a bunch of sane initiatives have won.

It's a beautiful night. And for once--drunk or not--I caterwauled out the Star Spangled Banner.

And meant it.


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