Sep. 24th, 2012 05:14 am
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Just checking to see the crossposting works. Now that I let my account expire over on El Jay, I'm gonna try and get used to operating solely on DW, something I keep putting off.

If you don't follow me on tumblr, though, it is probably still where I'll be the most active, so I do recommend that: Panzercat @ tumblr is the user name.

As for all my writing, most of it's just going straight up to AO3 nowadays. I'm still working on de-anonning for stuff from the XMFC kinkmeme, and still writing other stuff (mainly Homestuck right now, sorry to say) and so keep an eye out over there as well.

Any tips on making this friends page have aaaaaalll the el jay things? I guess it is probably pretty straightforward...
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But for now haha this is pretty much what my journal looked like a decade ago, and eh actually it's more readable anyhow. Angst, etc--I guess the worst off may be the PW kinkmeme, which would be more-or-less rude to expect to go right off to S1 or import itself directly, as it's also someone's private el jay. Thank god I've moved on to writing ridiculous multichapter bdsm porn for other fandoms. I guess?


Jul. 27th, 2011 10:47 am
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Okay I guess it's working for now, but it was about three days of me going ":/ ?" with an ultimate depressing finale of ":D!!! I CAN POST MORE IN THIS ENDLESS ANONYMOUS PORN I SEEM TO HAVE SUCKED MYSELF INTO MY LIFE IS COMPLETE".

Otherwise, I want my money back, etc, and also I should proooobably move over to DW in a more proactive manner, but well.

Did I mention my preorder of Catherine is still not here? When I'm not hitting "refresh" on el jay I stare out my window for the UPS driver. It's all a little sad over here lately.

ETA: um el jay randomly logged me out while posting? I'm sure it was for my benefit. 
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Aww, man, this is my last weekend of freedom. Monday morning means the end of my life beginning of the new quarter, and with it, precalc...

I've been trying to make these last few weeks last--which unfortunately translates to "trying to finish that cursed videogame so I don't slack off with homework," not "socializing with others" or "cropping photos of Belize" or "getting any sleep." Still, I guess I'm far in the game... I've only maxed out three Social Links (Devil, Sun, and Death) though, so I've really got to work on that. Not knocking around Tartarus anymore! Man, I realized that's what's holding this train up: I just can't stop the levelslutting. I thought I was at a 'normal' level for this stage in the game, but when you're killing serious boss battles in three blows, it's probably time to hold off.

I'd fangasm over the game some more, but I get the feeling that those who'd care the most about how slashy (and femslashy--I'm not outside suggesting that having a Persona gives you a 90% chance of gay, and I totally know that SMT has mastered the fine art of fanservice) this game is are less far than me, or don't even have it...

But man, that Kyoto scene... hee.

Otherwise, things are well over here, despite my "I don't wanna go!" attitude to next quarter (don't worry, I'll suck it up--and anyway, now that I have NO TIME TO BREATHE I'll be writing again, so it's a good thing). Work just keeps getting busier...

Finally, PSA time, live from the friendslist: c/o [livejournal.com profile] laureth, El Jay is doing some data mining... thing, which seems largely confusing and like a good venture to get people on to other sucky journal communities (seriously, Internet! I held out with Diaryland forever, but nooo, you have to love this mess or clones of it), but you can find info on how to opt out here. Um, sorry if you get this a MEEELION times on your friendslist, dudes!

Oh, and, c/o [livejournal.com profile] rikoshi: LET ME BORROW THAT TOP.


May. 24th, 2007 11:53 am
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Livejournal! What's up with your server right now?

ETA: WTF? I posted this in frustration after a post failed four or five times. It'll take this, but not the original post. I... Okay, then! Yay, el jay and dial-up? BFF?

Anyway, it was only a news post (and still it's as if I currently have a character limit for posts--anything much beyond this causes eljay to say, "lulz, dial-up!") and the most important thing was an article you've probably already seen about exploding pythons. Also, two medical things I was a bit mocky at. Same as ever.

I have the day off here, c/o an orientation meeting, and then have Sunday and Monday off for the holiday. Two-day work week? FTW.


Jan. 23rd, 2007 09:50 am
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Well, I got the chem test back this morning, and it was a 70%. Which at least is not failure--but if you're anything like me, you take anything less than an 85% as proof you're the stupidest person in Teh World. At least my neuro test also came back at the same time, and that was a 90%? Also, the chem test isn't really a quarter of my grade, I was mistaken... Anyway, I'm still a little down, but things will be okay--I just have to crack down!

Anyway, DINOSAUR COMICS. I finally remembered what yesterday's comic reminded me of. [livejournal.com profile] elina_kivimaki, it's the Adventure of the Red-Headed Students!

Also, today's comic would like to remind you that today is a Global Holiday, and that I don't have enough problems!

Veiny forearms; suits; slightly crooked teeth.

Going in to work today for a coworker... I better get those case studies done for class tomorrow!
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Random second-post here:

If anyone else has been stabbing his or herself in the eye, as I have, over those damn text-pop-up things that happen when you hover over someone's eljay user icon--and is as slow as I am in discovering how to fix these things--you can turn off that hover doodle here: http://www.livejournal.com/manage/settings/ .
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I-I'm sorry.

I saw "Red Robots," and I couldn't stop.
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I just realized that, in my interests, "|-|4/\/\" has just been broken up so it is on two lines.

I am having an el jay emergency.


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