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As per usual, I'm watching home improvement shows rather than watching my psychology video lessons, and someone is trying to decorate their yard in an "Island of Misfit Toys" theme. Naturally, all I can think about is the old Brunching Shuttlecocks cartoon...

Homework-avoidance news:

-Scientists are working on making cotton edible. Totally useful, I'm sure--but all it really does is remind me of Catch-22, when Milo serves chocolate-dipped Egyptian cotton in the mess hall.

- Rare Abbyssian lion cubs are being poisoned by the keepers at an Ethiopian zoo. To quote: "We can send them to the forest and to some governmental palaces but most of the time we send them to the taxidermists," said the Lion Zoo administrator Muhedin Abdulaziz. Although a dark article, it does contain a comical last paragraph: "The Lion Zoo is also home to baboons, monkeys, rabbits, Egyptian geese and goldfish." Emphasis mine, naturally. I mean, I hope those are some pretty sweet goldfish--because at the rate of lion-poisoning, that might be all that's left at that zoo in a bit.

- Ooh, maybe we'll catch him yet with this new composite sketch! Using modern profiling, an image of what Jack the Ripper maybe looked like was released. I don't know, dude with a moustache? That narrows it down to, what, 70% of 19th century London? It does, however, once again prove this t-shirt true.

- More BBC clip-art weirdness--is it just me, or does the hand holding the booze in this image look quite a bit as if it belongs to someone else? It's probably just one of those optical illusion things, due to the fact that the image is a silhouette... But it sure seems as if the cameraman is taunting his alcoholic subject.

- Finally, plunger v. sword!
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Curse you, wily magazine publishers, for hiding your content from the intarwebs!

Almost every article in December's Harper's--which, let's note, by mid-November I've not only received, but read cover-to-cover--has me going "AUGH I NEED TO SHARE MY LOVE OF THIS." My only consolation is that no one really wants to be privy to my extended political rant/intrigue about atomic vs. 'natural' time/usual biological!dork!gasm ramblings. But still... Anyone who wants to know more about how physicists and astronomers are having a knock-out war on who gets to be time lord, or anyone who wants to wonder why I'm so enamored with the book review on why both of these Darwin anthologies were published--when both books contain the exact same Darwin writings*--should stop by a library and indulge my need to flail about these things. Also: absolutely everyone should read about Werner Herzog how fundamentalists are recreating American history to suit their needs. GOOD STUFF.

Okay, now that my extended-dance-flail is over...

-This article makes me quite happy that my mom knew I was going to be so sickly. Spending my entire childhood allergic to 98% of the world was tricky enough without an inept doctor. Also, did anyone else wince at the line, "Many of the doctors questioned, however, said they would advise a soy-based formula"? The... stupid... so... overwhelming... *stabstabstab*

-What I'm about to link to is old news, and I'm sure everyone has read about it somewhere. I just happen to be a little slow with these things... I found it via this recent article on the thallium poisoning of an ex-KGB officer. Anyway, in May, a 17-year-old girl in Shizuoka began systematically poisoning her mother, and kept a blog on the process. This blogger writes more thoroughly on the case--including the fact that the girl's blog has been reconstructed.

-I... just like this article for the fact that they accidentally put in an image of a quickening. I mean, what?

*Those who visit my previously-linked wishlist may be noting the fact that I sided with Wilson. TAKE THAT, MOLECULAR BIOLOGY. Also, the Norton edition is just so... shiny...
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I'm just doing a two-for-one special on posting today. Because heaven knows, all you dudes miss me so much when I'm too busy to sit around all day on my bum, playing "ooh, where's the next neat link?"

The answer to that question is, naturally, on my friends page: courtesy of [ profile] devildoll, here is 1,000,000 slash fics of any fandom in the making: in an Ig Nobel-winning study, a cure for hiccups viadigital rectal massage has been discovered. I pretty much can't beat what devildoll has already said in the joke department. I just need a multi-fandom challenge to begin, and now.


-Less-awesome than the old "beer plumbing" article, but still good: a vodka pipeline was found in Latvia.

-Oh, sure, England. Somehow, I am not entirely surprised that a study done at University College London would find that black tea reduces stress.

-"She is very apologetic and hopes he has a speedy recovery," he said. "She says she doesn't know what came over her."

One dude kills another with a karate chop. As if that was not enough, it was to steal the dude's designer bag.


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