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I watched both The Crying Game and Total Recall today. You know, if there's only two movies, one really can't say "hey, one of these doesn't belong." But really. One of those movies does not belong.


-Not sure if this has made the rounds or not yet, but that cyclops kitten that was all over the intarwebs last year? The remains have been sold to a museum that promotes creationism. Because nothing says "the hand of God" like a good, fatal birth defect.

-All bets are on for which medical drama decides to rip from the headlines!!1one! this story about a heart transplant reversal.

-Finally, I secretly wish I were on some goth community. Just to see the inevitable fall-out to this study on the BBC. I'm restraining very, very hard from making a joke about emo kids right now. Very. Hard.

And, in real life-ness--I rock so hard I make candles. Dude. It's so easy. Pictures for the bored and curious. )
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This weekend has been altogether awesome in every way last weekend wasn't.

Even though it included an ordeal with DVDs. The SO bought me Brokeback Mountain yesterday--he brought it home, I squeefully opened it, and after throwing out the plastic realized that it was the full-screen edition. I was going to resign myself to it (in retrospect, that would have sucked, because about 75% of that movie is panoramic sheep action) but the SO said he'd ride back to the store and try and return it. Luckily, they let him swap it out for the widescreen (and acted as if that was some huge favor, apparently: the guy at the counter called his manager, then told the SO "all we can do is let you swap it." You know, as if having the full-screen for twenty minutes made us never want to own or see Brokeback Mountain ever again)... But the whole ordeal was so crazy. I mean, the two DVDs look exactly the same. And it's not even like anyone really thinks about checking on that stuff anymore! Who's watching fullscreen movies, anyway? Because it's probably not people who watch Brokeback Mountain.

Actually, this makes me curious...

[Poll #706070]

And dream journal... )

Better get back to cleaning the apartment--I kind of left fabric scraps everywhere last night. Yesterday I finally went out and bought a darning egg and some sock thread. Darning is... shockingly and awesomely easy! At least with the egg--without, I think I'd have sewn my hand into my sock fiftybilliontimes, and I'd still be bleeding this morning. I'm not very crafty, so I'm always pleasantly surprised when I can do something like this.


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