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Okay I TRIED. But actually I will not put forth a giant review because I realize Every Last One of You shall not be surprised by the STUNNING NEWS that I dislike something touched by the mealy hands of Whedon.

Going in to it, I forgot all about it! This was a stunning work of mental prowess on my part if I don't mind saying so. "Whedon? Who is that?" I lectured myself. "I think this was written by the other guy. Yeah! Wesley Crusher, he's a great writer..." and it worked, actually.

I just still spent most of the dialogue groaning and shuffling down in my chair, and generally looking indigested; though TOTALLY ALL THE LOKI and THE VERY END YES.

There were four recruitment ads before the movie. One for each branch of the American services (well, okay, no Coast Guard; guess those dudes didn't make the target demographics?), and one ad for a show with a whole lot of white women called BUNHEADS. That has very little to do with the movie, I suppose. You may click this cut if you want to hear me talk vaguely about the movie in spoiler-y terms. And by vague I mean in a bunch of caps. )

Seriously though guys there was a preview for Brave AND for Prometheus I LOVE MOVIE SEASON.
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And honestly it was about two hours of realizing... I'm becoming my father?

When I was a kid, it was non-stop with any historical movie or television show (but particularly ones to do with 1912 onward). "Dad, you're ruining it," we'd all say. "It's not like anyone else cares that the B-17 Flying Fortress wasn't used in combat until 1941."

Well, it was a GOOD THING I was on my own, and it would be a little rude to start complaining to the eight-year-old sitting next to me. "Pfft, penicillin shots probably hurt worse than that glowy stuff," and "I wonder if they actually did give them in the arm back then, because lord knows it's all asses from here" and "uh, wasn't the Army like... not integrated until 1948?" and general giggling at the attempts to gloss over racism with sparkles and approximately two minorities and oh my goodness.

It would probably be even better if I cared about when certain rivets were put into mass production?

Otherwise. There was like one time where Bucky aaaaaaaaalmost kissed Steve, but it happens in the first twenty minutes of the film. So trying to space out thinking about anal sex is difficult, unless you just start idly thinking of other Marvel characters. I pretty much spent the last half of the movie trying to figure out the guy who appeared to be a fireman from 1910 (look, all I know about Captain America I've learned from other comics and gossip and that amazing 1990 film, and I've looked it up now, okay?) and waiting, with little patience, for (highlight for something you already know if you know minimal things about comics as I do, i.e., the old adage about Uncle Ben and another character) Bucky to die, because JESUS WHEN WILL THIS KID DIE ALREADY. I also spent most of the movie trying not to yell "USA! USA! USA!", my usual response to any over-the-top patriotism (seriously there's a line where Red Skull's all "I've seen the future, and there are no flags," and Cap'n says "NOT IN MY FUTURE." GO PACKERS, WOOOO!)

My Hugo Weaving cognitive block--you know, the one where you imagine him in a dress, constantly--was in full effect during the movie. He is also incredibly not-German for the whole two hours. Granted, he's CERTAINLY more German than Kevin Bacon, but well. Most things are?

Hugo Weaving does, however, appear to outfit Hydra with nice little steampunk broaches, pins, and no doubt some goddamn fascinators, and if the scene where BLOOD DRIPS ON THE SKULL AND LOOK, GUYS, THIS MUST BE RED SKULL!!!! isn't fine cinema well I don't even know what to say.

Anyway, if you want to see it to see the preview for the Avengers movie, or to (possibly) see the preview for ANOTHER SPIDERMAN REBOOT (seriously there are OTHER CHARACTERS STILL, where was that promised Wonder Twins movie, come on people) and for Rise of Planet of the Apes, well, go for it.


USA! USA! Wooo!
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While it wasn't exactly conductive to today's class schedule (got back to the apartment at 12:15 and asleep an hour later, only to have to get up in four hours) I got to see Watchmen in IMAX last night.

So of course--now that I'm done reclaiming about three hours of sleep on my sofa--I have to write the usual Fanboy Talks About The Movie post. And remember, any kvetching I do? Yeah. Let's remember that if it was called Koyaanisqatsi With Two Stories of Uncircumcised Blue Cock: The IMAX Experience red would have paid twenty dollars more and got his ass there three hours earlier. So it's not like my opinion is srs bsnss, and it's not like I didn't have a fun time.

That said, it's SPOILER TIME )

All in all, I had a rad weekend... But now I've got to get buckling down for finals week. It's going to feel good to be done with this quarter.
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It's happened to all of us. You go to a yard sale, and you see it: the "FREE STUFF" box. And somehow, they all open to the same dimension of "burnt latchhook potholder," "broken teacup," and "disturbing crumpled paper"--all junk that, for some reason, the homeowner couldn't imagine throwing directly into the landfill in which it belongs.

But sometimes. Sometimes the awesome happens. You look in the box, and you get three tiny issues of 1983. This is free He-Man. Free comics that came with toys long broken.


Stay tuned for the other two comics, to be uploaded when I have another five papers breathing down my neck. Oh, and now is totally the time to admit that I changed my el jay layout JUST TO HAVE THIS COMIC SCANNED IN AT A VAGUELY READABLE FILE SIZE, AHAHAHA. Yeah, I know--I'm not so in to the layout, either. But it's for the power of Grayskull and all, so you know...
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Happy birthday to [ profile] devildoll! I was going to give you one Jack T Chick scan of your choosing from his full-length comics--and yes, I have the whole set*--but you can probably die of the funny enough from such glamorous panels as Penny's face in Spellbound easily enough through the man's own website. You know you want these. You can set up a display with only these and 1,000 COLLECTIBLE MARY JANE FIGURINES. *nods wisely.*

But really, not getting around to much because I'm last-minuting everything school lately. Just pondering various RL things lately, and otherwise distracted by cephalopods (they are everywhere, as if mocking my lack of design ideas. As in: yesterday, two customers with octopus-tattoos; today, new octo-graffiti on a wall; and lately, they are even hillarifyingly in fandom? How do they know my own birthday is upon me? Perhaps they are right outside, or have moved next door?!). Also, I am quite busy trying to not think about having calculus at 8am next quarter. Brr.

And that's why I made a whole post on nothing, to not write about how I have no iron in my diet.

*It was a term paper for Comparative Religious Theory, don't look at me like that!


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