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...For the sake of tumblr fics I don't feel up to putting on AO3 yet, I'm gonna.

I'm having ISSUES changing my tumblr theme because... of brain problems?? Yet I know it's absolute shit to read on, it makes your eyes trip right out. So from now on, those of you who are still diligently following this spare ass dw, it's like... spare ficspace. So enjoy.

I miss you all, though... I wish I weren't so awful at using anything more than two social media sites.
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Okay, really, it's just the end of the endless sitting portion of my orientation today, and I am JAZZED. The extended vacation from floor work was nice, don't get me wrong--particularly given the last gig--but still. In any organization of sufficient size, there's bound to be repetition. Loads of it. Mostly in lectures concerning organ donation.

T-day went fine. I'd considered sitting around feeling sorry for myself, but instead I hauled my ass down to a restaurant and sat at the bar reading Murakami. It's less lonely than it sounds, actually--it was the bartender's birthday, and at four there were only a handful of people to distract the employees from sitting around and celebrating. Also, books and beer?

I should get around to doing a two-year update, however! I see that I put it off until the 12th last year, though, so I've got loads of time? I thought I'd get away with posting that and being all "SEE NOTHING CHANGES IT WAS ONLY A YEAR," but upon reading it... haha, suppose it's been a busy year.

I'm still sort of amazed I used to put needles in my leg. Well, okay, that was all of twice. I'm amazed I had my poor friends put needles in my thigh as I commanded them not to hit a vein or a nerve and occasionally chose to spurt blood at them. NOT GOING TO LIE, after around a year on the (less-expensive cream variant) transdermal stuff, I'm pretty thoroughly spoiled.
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Thanks for all well-wishing and whatnot (woo, e-jellybeans! Thanks [ profile] k_haldane!), because it appears you lot did a better job of remembering I was getting older than I?

I suppose I'm now something like twenty-eight, and I spent my birthday sleeping and working twelve hours, which is all fine. My mum sent me flat-pack chairs (one of which I've built... it's only somewhat wobbly), my ladyfriend gave me some items that may or may not have been used extensively over her visit, and [ profile] shinkuu sent the awesome package deal of "bike rack + Bioshock." :D

I'm still trying to clean up the post-ladyfriend apartment state. It was a lovely visit, though far too short, and it's hard not to feel a little lonely now that she's gone. Otherwise, the apartment is starting to look more lived in, and I'm really starting to dig biking around town. It's a bit lonely here and my job makes me age ten years each day, but things are going well in this 28th year of mine.
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Red, after inserting a quarter twenty times in the laundry machine only for it to be spit out: Stupid friggin' machine.
Red, after inserting the same quarter ten more times and finally inspecting it: What the hell? Friggin' eh, Canada! Fucking moose crap...
Guy on cell in elevator when red's running by to take the stairs to get a REAL quarter: Haha, so then I hear, "Fucking moose crap!"


Red's professor: So, as you'd expect, nitrates will have interactions with other drugs that act upon the vascular smooth muscle. For example, there's one with sildenafil--does anyone know the trade name for that?
Red, fully expecting the rest of the lecture hall to know and/or JOIN IN A LITTLE, and loudly: VIAGRA!
Rest of lecture hall: *silent, save for the few who turn to red and giggle.*
Red: ...Yeah, I know my stuff. What?

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On the bus home, I passed not one, but two homes with curtains open, and House playing on a large-screen television. Clearly, the world is taunting me again. "See, Red? See? You could be watching this, too, but you just had to choose math over buttsex."

Although the dude at my math table is trying to slash my math friend and I... We're the kind of friends who insult each other at every possible turn, and only call each other by our last names, so he's probably just a House/Wilson shipper missing his teevee, too. However, today in class my math buddy said, "Aww, you're just so adorable, with your snappy chapeau." Math table dude proceeded to pantomime cutting sexual tension with a knife, when my math buddy loudly proclaimed, "Hey, C and I's love here? It's pure. Our love is pure, okay?" Man, math is fun, when you have pure love going on!

Unrelated, but I'm watching Frontline right now, and tonight's episode is on the whole the-only-reason-anyone-ever-will-know-where-Spokane-is Jim West scandal. It's typical Frontline, but the reason I mention it is because, in some stock footage of a Spokane gay pride march, I spotted a gal I used to go to summer camp with! I haven't thought of her in forever, and I'm glad she's doing well enough to be on Frontline. Nevertheless, she ought to think about, you know, moving out of Spokane.
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Bzuh. It's been an exhausting, allergen-filled weekend, and I'm currently in zombie mode because of it. See, I finally got to cleaning out two of the closets here. You know, the "also known as where the SO and I just threw all the to-be-sorted stuff when we moved in here, and it never got to that 'sorting' day for over a year" closets. There was an insane amount of stuff to throw out, and I've got a huge pile of clothes and random crap to donate. Oh, and I just inhaled every dust mite in the world, and my face is still imploding.

But! I felt I had to post, as I went to this insane (and more-than-slightly-intimidating) rummage sale yesterday. This thing started at seven PM for some reason, but every woman in Seattle still showed up. To cram into a tiny church basement. Now, I'm not agoraphobic at all--but even I'm going to go crazy eventually when people continuously steal things I'm looking at from right in front of me.

Nevertheless, I got a lot of neat swag! Cast iron candle holders, a houseplant, a vegetable steamer, a collection of circa 1910 pillboxes (which I still need to scan, as now I've got some great information on how to cure my gripe) and the world's best postcard.

Welcome to the reason I'm making this half-awake post. I love it! )
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Korean show I've been watching? Yea, now it's featuring Enya. Seriously, if you ever want to watch a show with a vaguely Croenenberg feel, an anti-abortion stance, a concept of multiple personalities that makes Sybil sensible, a complete disregard for the art of scene changes, and an absurd choice in music, M is probably the show for you.

What gets me is that this is always, always what I do at Scarecrow Video. It's almost as if the place has just a little too much selection for me. "I'll rent Carnivale," I think, walking downstairs with the DVDs in hand, "and get all caught up with my cable-owning friends! It'll be great! But first, I'll stop by the Korean TV section." And, inevitably, I rent a hilariously bad ten-year-old series, and put back the actually-good show.

The tacked-on part of this post: do you like Boston? How about the year 2003? If so, the four new additions to my deviant art account are for you.

Also, to further tack things on, does anyone know very much about knee issues? My left knee--the one I banged up pretty badly about a month ago--has a weird hard bump on it. It's not tender to the touch, and it doesn't hurt me to bike, walk, or stand. Indeed, it's only an issue for the lump (which feels like bone, just about) and for kneeling. When I kneel, it's tender to be on my knees, but excruciating to get back up. Any ideas what gives? Should I get it checked out? Because, at the moment, I'm content to just suffer when stocking sage.


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