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Obs I am trying not to write, eh. Ganked via [ profile] greyhat perhaps MAINLY to complain about the ABSOLUTE RANDOMNESS of this list. WTF "classic" Dan Brown. Kill me.

The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed.

1.) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2.) Italicize those you intend to read.
3.) Underline those you LOVE.
4.) Put an asterisk next to the books you'd rather shove hot pokers in your eyes than read (and I'm adding: put an asterisk next to the ones you DID read, perhaps for school or under duress by the hideous machinations of friendship, that you would rather shove hot pokers in your eyes than ever read again)

I am also adding:

5) "put series you have read some of and rage quit" in blue


6) "put series you started but sort of forgot to keep going, but you'd perhaps give another go" in red

because for inexplicable reasons this list is actually of something like 150 books and not 100. You can kind of see by my ragequits that I don't like a lot of typical geek stuff. If you do, it's not a judgement on you, etc. I just like what I like?

books, yadda )
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red, innocently playing Devil Summoner, when [ profile] deadtrain turns on the light and a giant freaky bug comes flying right at the couch: Oh crap! You turned the light on, now it's pissed!

[ profile] deadtrain: You're not seriously freaked by it.

red, cowering: It's freaky!

[ profile] deadtrain: Do you want me to kill it?

red, still cowering and gaming at once: Not really, no. ...What the hell, don't grab a book!

[ profile] deadtrain: Don't worry. It's just A Study in Scarlet.

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Man, someone help me figure out what I love most about this story. Is it the title? Is it merely the concept? Is it the possibility that this dude made the whole story up for Internet? Or is it the amazing bear-in-a-pool?

Also in pictures: have a seven-legged lamb.

In reading, I just had a nightmarish day of CAREFUL BOOK-PACING as I neglected to grab a second book when starting Chabon's The Final Solution this morning. Just barely had enough for the bus home, thanks to reading a paper on my lunch, argh! So, yea, that's my review: it's good, but there's no way it's going to last you two bus rides and your breaks at work.
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Dear friendslist pals who will be absent from Internet c/o a certain book:

I'll miss you guys. Once done, should you need to excitedly spoil anyone, you can go ahead and spoil me, as, well. I don't mind. That said, the only ACCEPTABLE ending for the series is: ...And then Harry woke up. He must have been blacked out for some time, for the Dursleys had been feeding him less and less these days. Oh, what a magnificent dream that had all been, but, in the end, it was only that.

Yes. This is why I'm not a multi-million-dollar author.

Also, be sure not to suffocate yourself like other fen: BBC crazy photography ahoy!

In real news, Saturn's 60th moon is discovered! There's more, as well, so you'll probably get a proper news-post after work.
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I just finished watching The Stone Reader, a movie I'd been intending to watch for about four years now (ever since I voted it down for screening at a film series meet when last in college, hah! Not the movie's fault, to be sure--there were too many documentaries up that year, and I thought Capturing the Friedmans looked a bit better). I think I only begrudgingly liked it. [ profile] rollerdragon and [ profile] fiveagainsttwo might remember the old adage, "marching band is not a spectator sport," and reading is even less so. The film creator was almost spectacularly unlikable, yet there's that easy connection that forms when a movie is dithering on about various books... I suppose it was additionally sentimental as they showed a lot of the same dogged* editions of books that I have, like the old bright-orange copy of Cat's Cradle, or the chewed blue spine of Catch-22.

Otherwise, I hold by my vote.

I had a longer post that was brewing earlier, but I think I went and thwarted it by watching movies and researching trans fats. It was really just rather dull stuff about the psych class and how my internal world always goes and forgets about the fact that most people can't seem to tell gender identity from sexual orientation, and probably is all just thoughts everyone has already had a million times before. But we'll see about tomorrow, and for now, have a silly article on watermelons being vegetables instead.

*I know a lot of folks on my flist are very, very nice to books. But eventually, the more I love a book, the more I abuse it. I start out reading it in a polite manner, but as I get into it, I'm bending spines, cooking with one hand and reading with the other, and insisting a 6x9 book fit in a 3x5 space in my luggage, and so on. I actually bought pre-chewed used SH books, just for the "I know this is going to get mud on it!" factor. D:
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I am more than tired of:

-Bitch-ass entitled drivers, when I'm biking on the street
-Bitch-ass entitled pedestrians, when I go for the sidewalk,
-Bitch-ass entitled bicyclists, when I finally find a freakin' bike-only path.

Due to this, I propose the following: instead of "road, sidewalk, bike lane," all paths should be divided into "entitled asshats" and "people who can damn well share the road and not go batshit insane every five seconds."

That is all. Now, to start calming down via reading gay porn Sherlock Holmes...


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