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Latest in dream-o-vision basically started out with "Avon and Vila steal a ship," which went about as well as anything for them. The ship was designed as a prototype TARDIS or something, and sent them oodles of years in the future and killed everyone else on board (lucky for my brain, no cats were spared for evolutionary purposes, or else we'd be having a long talk with brain about Too Much Teevee). Once they got to The Future, Avon decided to fiddle with things needlessly in some corridor... which somehow got him lost for more years?

Anyway, for a bit the dream focused on Vila being like "oh sod this" and looking for booze, then realizing the ship was empty and Avon had probably got himself very well lost. Vila began a campaign of searching for booze and Avon, and started writing letters to leave taped to walls on the off-chance Avon a) had missed him somehow and b) cared. For some reason my brain decided the only things available to write on were packing supplies, so Vila was dutifully ripping off bits of cardboard to leave notes and putting them in bubblewrap envelopes? This bit of the dream was very short.

The rest of the dream was following Avon, who--returned from his swirly time thing--was pissed at Vila for not sticking around, and who began finding the notes. The dream left it vague how long he'd been gone, or where he'd been--just had a bunch of searching through conduits and reading (occasionally very touching???) letters from Vila, and Avon being sometimes worried but mostly annoyed. It wasn't even clear if Vila was still on the ship, or even alive. I woke up before I found out. At first I was upset. All this build-up, and Avon never gets to find out if Vila's even alive!

Then I decided... yeah, should thank my brain for sparing me. Go alarm clocks!
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So, I have recently come to terms with three things:

1) I am seriously disorganized
2) I am addicted to writing anonymously, mainly due to severe levels of writer's anxiety
3) I am too lazy to edit, make titles, or repost anything pretty much ever.

This is all bad news, as it all adds up to me completely forgetting that I write--ever? As you all know by now, me writing is rare enough that I hardly need issues posting what little I get out there.

So, I've finally decided to compile all my writing under one post. This is already half-heartedly accomplished on my memories, but the way I write subject headings makes it nearly impossible to know what you're clicking. Also, I am posting straight-to-meme links to any fics over two years of age that I still haven't edited/de-anoned. This isn't to say I've posted all of them--a dude needs his shameful kink secrets, some fills are only three sentences long, and there's some younger fics I'm maintaining will be edited one day--but most. If there's any issues accessing anything, or if you notice I forgot something, please comment and I'll update the links. Also, please do let me know if I don't warn for something you think I should be warning for on any fic, as I think my threshold is set a bit high. Honestly, there should be a warning for this entire post--just the descriptions are bad enough, half the time. Finally, not linking to anything from anything earlier than '05, because I just don't know about the 1998... I was sort of fifteen? Sorry, no Cid/Vincent!

One day I swear I'll start uploading these to AO3, where I can also be found. See above for the whole "motivation to edit and post" thing, though.

Sorted by fandom alphabetically, then roughly by posting date. For the record, when I write pairings, order does not indicate anything (ex: Phoenix/Edgeworth will still have Edgeworth smacking Phoenix about). I'll be adding when I actually remember to write/edit... Or when I let writing I've already posted on new memes sit about for two years, underedited and lonely?

Comments remain awesome to me, even on very old fics.

Blake's 7 )

Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney series) )

House )

Sherlock Holmes - original canon, ACD, whatever you call it? )

Sherlock - BBC series )

X-Men: First Class )
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My body is doing weird stuff. Vagina time!!! )

And yeah, still having crazy sex dreams. My favorite one lately was from two nights ago. I'd somehow found this extra episode of B7 that the BBC had taped over (I don't know how I found it?) and I was really very excited to watch it. When I finally did (there was a bunch of "being thwarted from watching the tape" bits to the dream) it was at first kind of normal (as far as B7 goes): seemed to be season 4, and apparently the writers had brought Jarvik back... for another twenty minutes of fighting with Tarrant. It was kind of boring actually, and I totally understood why TPTB had tried to delete the whole thing. I had the impression they were fighting over Avon though, who was sitting on a lawn chair wearing that one outfit from Gold and Assassin, looking sort of concerned but mainly very bored and put-out. After a while, he snuck off (Jarvik and Tarrant kept at it) and climbed into a pit. The episode then was 10-15 minutes of Avon crawling through conduits and stuff, so yes, about 35 minutes of Normal B7, but then at the end of the tunnel there was a lot of pulsating wires covered with gobs of what looked suspiciously like petroleum jelly, and for the rest of the dream, Avon was basically weaving lubed wires together and rubbing pulsating lights and occasionally pulling more vaseline out of the walls, and sometimes kind of rubbing himself against it all. I was watching it for a while and though they didn't explain it, I realized a) he was fixing Zen (who was somehow... in a subterranean base?) and b) apparently no one on internet liked this episode, so I wasn't going to get any Zen/Avon/pulsing wires! It kept going on, and I kept feeling uncomfortably aroused by it all. :( I... kind of wish Matthew Barney really had done an episode?
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Okay, I realize only [ profile] deadtrain hits this venn diagram of fandoms, but still I don't even.

Spoilers for the endings of Blake's 7, Digital Devil Saga, and I guess 2001: A Space Odyssey )
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I got Holmes, Watson, and a barely-dressed hobo in my mailbox today! Amazing. Super thanks to my talented pals [ profile] spacefall and [ profile] cannedebonbon! I guess this means I should get around to sending out cards sometime, huh...

Meh, feel like I haven't done a dream journal in a bit, but I've been amused enough by the last couple nights. I mean, y'know how it's usually nearly impossible to get back to a dream after you've been woken up?

Well, it turns out that the sure-fire way to fix this is being interrogated?! Um note to self, limits to masochism are acceptable and advisable at this juncture but, in a tired jumble from finals study, my brain decided I deserved a free fandom dream. And in an effort to do a bit better than the dream I had about running in quarries (nothing else happening, not even styrofoam avalanches) after the night I watched *coughtenepisodescough* of Blake's 7 in a row, it supplied me something a bit more exciting.

And by a little better, I mean I dreamed Servalan* was interrogating me? I can't remember much about what, but I do remember it was in general a lot more laid-back of an interrogation than the time Spock questioned me about beating up nuns**. I think I was just telling her something about the philosophy essay my brain was additionally worried about (sure she loved to hear about Nietzsche and American pop culture) when my alarm went off. The last thing I remember was her saying "wait, I'm not through with you yet!"

...So I hit the snooze button. I think I might have even mumbled something like "ffs shut up she's not through with me yet." And I managed to get in fifteen more minutes of answering her questions about Nietzsche, without much break in the dream-logic continuity. That almost never happens for me, but yeah. Brain, we can have words later.

In other news, one final down, the Nietzsche paper is crap but turned in (Servalan refused to beta for me I guess), had my eval for my rotation (got a 3.4, solid!), and one more final to go. Whew, it'll feel good when this quarter is done with on Thursday.

*Pictorial reference for folks who haven't seen here. Along with commanding the entire costume budget, she presses buttons that make people more dead than usual, which my brain apparently finds just swell.

**Actually a dream I had a number of years ago: Spock was trying to get me to admit to false charges of nun-punching, and was not afraid of breaking the Geneva Convention. I held out--no one calls Red a nun-puncher!--but it wasn't fun. Thanks Spock.


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