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As you all know, I've been riding my bike as my only means of transport since I've moved down here. Mass transit isn't as convieniant as in Seattle... and the city isn't as conductive to walking... and the weather isn't as friendly to those attempting to be outdoors for more than a few minutes.

That in mind, I finally got around to getting a bike rack. Err, well... I voiced that I needed one, and [ profile] shinkuu gifted me one, the Topeak Explorer. It took me a while to get around to installing it--which was a minor adventure--and for about a month, it sat on the back of my bike doing not much as I was considering what sort of panniers to get.

Long story short... the answer was none?

Bike theft is somehow even more endemic down here than it was in Seattle, and not much says "OH HELLO PLEASE STEAL ME" like a set of nice travelling panniers. I may still choose that route in the future (they're lighter, for one) but for now?

Rickety bits of metal all the way, baby! I wound up buying a Wald basket for the rack, and so far, it's pretty serviceable.

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It figures that, after about a month of Tempting Fate, my bike finally got a flat.

On Sunday... the first day in the walking-distance bike shop's "weekend."

Lessons to learn number 1933294324: maybe I shouldn't have put off getting a puncture repair kit down here? Argh.

I guess it's father's day, or something! Tuesday is also my dad's birthday, so someone better get on the ball here... Though we're both so phone-awkward, every conversation is basically:

"How's it going?"
"Well, I guess. Still working."
"I started another MMORPG."
"Oh, what one?"

And my dad proceeds to describe another MMO I usually haven't heard of before giving the phone to my mom. Fifteen minutes, tops? Yay for fathers!
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Starting to get more cozy with the bike--which needs a review in and of itself, one of these days--so I've been riding around town to Do Things a bit more lately, and today I finally got over to one of those mall megaplex joints to see X-men: First Class.

I, uh, wound up sticking about afterwards to see Thor as well. Hey, it's sort of a haul--and on a crazy non-bike-friendly street, and X-Men got out at 2pm which is quite inhuman for pedaling on asphalt--and it was only an hour before Thor was gonna show, anyhow. Despite my Movie Magic Experience being somewhat impaired by nearly constant fretting about my only means of transportation being jacked by someone, oh my god it was a Tuesday well-spent. You know, well-spent with a few breaks to walk clear back outside to pet my bike, poor dear. Despite the theater being in the city limits, my paranoia is likely fueled by the fact malls are inherently suburban in nature, and NOTHING sets off Red's spidey sense like the hellish waters of suburbia (seriously, I had my ride locked up downtown at night for three hours on Monday, and not a single fret?).

But back to movies! Spoiler-free reviews: Thor was fun, worth seeing, and had a preview for COWBOYS VS ALIENS or something like that. X-men?

C-can we say... turtlenecks? Mods? Lots and lots of UST? ULTIMATE HEARTBREAK OH MAAAAAAN. I've got complaints (but don't I always), but mainly you should watch Magneto be pretty. Why else do you see an X-men movie?

Cut for spoilers, though some are pretty obvious! )

Also: I didn't know til recently that a PG-13 film can only have one instance of the word "fuck." This movie uses it up pretty well.

In further biking news, I made the five-mile trek to downtown to attend a transfolk meeting on Monday. I was never really involved with the in-person queer community too much in Seattle, because I was sort of... just living in a queer neighborhood? But now I'm surrounded by the stanky press of heteronormativity, and I have to do something before I go mad. It was an awesome time, and despite being Afraid of Crowds, I even said words and things. Amazing. There was a pretty good talk about the whole brain-mapping/genetic link to transness thing, so I decided to voice my contrary opinion (being: unless it's of some great import to you personally wtf does it matter, hatters will still hat, and even if I chose to be trans it's not infringing on anyone else's parade, thanks). Which in retrospect is somewhat relevant to the movie conversation?

...But seriously now Azazel and everything. You should go.
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For [ profile] spacefall, full time illustrator and part time bicycle-advice hotline? The movers had disassembled my bike and generally detuned it enough that I was convinced I would have to take it in to a repair shop... but through the magic of internet friendship, I figured out the complicated art of derailleurs.

I'm excited to get riding soon. As I don't believe I mentioned here yet: before I moved I decided to trade in my old clunky bike for a new, only-somewhat-clunky bike. After explaining I wanted a commuter bike that was light, the folks at the shop first had me test ride a perfectly beautiful and lovely Bianchi with perfectly wonderful everything and I generally felt like I was going to crash a grand of bike and destroy it immediately, or possibly fly off the thing when it started going 70mph.

"Can I get something less... Elegant?" I asked, and they gave me this guy to try out. The minute I got on it for the test run, I felt like it was the right bike--light, but solid enough for me to run over potholes and small children.

I haven't got a chance to get on it yet, but man, biking's gonna be different. About ten pounds less of bike, and flat terrain?
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I swore I did the snakes in the German post story before, but, looking at my past entries, I guess not. Maybe it was one of those "oh, everyone will link to that" stories...

I'm also declaring Sundays Official Regret Days. Everyone is welcome to join--all you need to do is have a good regret to admit.

For today: I regret disobeying traffic laws. Especially in the form of refusing to brake at a yellow light, and having it turn red when still in the intersection. While on my bike. Sorry, people-in-cars, I apparently have places to be.

Today has been one of those off days, where I'm never quite finishing my thoughts, and where I'm always berating myself for being so lazy and never getting anything productive done.
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I am more than tired of:

-Bitch-ass entitled drivers, when I'm biking on the street
-Bitch-ass entitled pedestrians, when I go for the sidewalk,
-Bitch-ass entitled bicyclists, when I finally find a freakin' bike-only path.

Due to this, I propose the following: instead of "road, sidewalk, bike lane," all paths should be divided into "entitled asshats" and "people who can damn well share the road and not go batshit insane every five seconds."

That is all. Now, to start calming down via reading gay porn Sherlock Holmes...
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I keep meaning to update, but my life has pretty much been jam-packed with awesome lately.

You know, awesome like Trauma Center: Under The Knife, which--while being difficult, insane, and stressful--is the most addictive game since Katamari. I keep forgetting to use Healing Touch during my surgeries, though! Also: the SO is constantly amused that I'm playing a game about a job. It seems like the DS has a lot of those, though... And does anyone have any leads for how to get a cheap copy of Phoenix Wright? I'm ruing the fact that I didn't get it...

In other terrific news--and this was why I wanted to update in the first place--I finally got around to buying a bicycle! I haven't been on a bike since I was eight or so, and, naturally, I'm currently discovering how much riding kicks my ass. I managed to fall off the bike before even buying it, and banged up my left knee pretty badly. However, I've been determined to learn--I've rode it to work (work being the reason I got a bike in the first place. Most of you know I walk to work, and a bike would cut the 25-minute "commute" in half) every day this week. Even today, as idiotic and death-defying as that was, being as Seattle had a freak ice storm and I basically was skating to work on two wheels.

So, yea, things have been very good over here. Pictures of my sweet ride (which, it may be noted, my coworker calls a "granny bike") to come.

Oh, and while you're reading this drivel, please have a news article about getting anthrax from drums.


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