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"Watching him defrost a freezer" has been advanced to #6 on the list of "most entertaining things to do with your pal red."

In other news--you know, the news when I'm not going "fucking shit ow" at three years of fridge ice or running to throw chunks of vegetable(?) matter into the sink--I'd like to inform el jay that I don't take too kindly to being reminded how much life I have wasted. TEN YEARS? I guess I only had mine since '01 or so, but still... Agh!
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Well, today marked the end of Operation: Try to Resurrect A Patron Houseplant. My spirit lies broken, in the bottom of the apartment trash compactor. I fertilized, I sun-lamped, I even spoke to it (I am not a plant-talker), but to no avail. Slowly, surely, my cactus leaked its life force into the terra cotta pot, and soon even I had to admit: THIS CACTUS HAS A GIANT HOLE IN IT, IT'S DEAD.

I kind of felt like a jerk with my burial procedure, though. Come on, that thing came from Arizona. It had a loving life for most of its nine years in the deserts of Eastern Washington. Then one day, it's cruelly shipped to the big city, where it departs our earthly realm in a Trader Joe's bag slung into a compactor, surrounded by the debris of fifty or so other tenants. I guess you can take the cactus out of the desert, but... Well, I guess you can't expect it to live?

So, end of an era. I'm pretending this pint of blackberry ice cream will soothe my soul.

That, and my determination to take better (and more aware, now that I know to sun-lamp) care of the two surviving babies, and coddle the HELL out of this new rubber tree of mine. I've only had the latter a week, and the thing has given me two new giant leaves. Maybe I should take it as a spiritual sign!

Time to be less prickly, red! Come on, dude. Be more... uh, rubbery.


Mar. 11th, 2007 09:18 pm
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Man, I'm having a huge dilemma about accepting a friend's sofa (she'd give it to me for the price of renting a truck... This is actually sort of a deal for me, as I don't drive) as I seem to wish to fill every square inch of my tiny apartment with some sort of media, and have a problem with confusing "giant life-threatening pile o' books" with "honest furniture." I have to at least take a chair she's going to sell me (having finally reached Furniture Critical Point with [ profile] rollerdragon's coming visit--I only own one chair) but... sofa! I'm torn between my desire for comfortable furniture, and my wish to only own camping equipment I can easily rid myself of when I need more books!

[Poll #944725]

Okay, yes. Sort of a meaningless post! I'm rather all over the place lately, though--finals week is coming up, and I'm trying (with some difficulty) to finish all my work before [ profile] rollerdragon gets here. That said, I'll be a bit away from Internet! for the next week or so as we try to force our fandoms on one another and generally laze about. So Holmesslash people: no getting obsessed with Holmes/Gregson while I'm gone, or anything! And everyone else: no having really hilarious dreams, or being angered by retail, or saying anything witty at all!

Well, at least the next week is spring break... I better be utterly incapable of leaving the computer due to accumulated porn.
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When I got on the bus to head out to work today, I noticed the woman in the seat in front of mine was reading Remains of the Day.

Some stops later, a student got on, sat next to her, and cracked out Carry On, Jeeves.

Clearly, this was the butler-only seat of the bus.

Also in silly gleeful news: I got my electricity bill today. The billing cycle is quarterly in this apartment, so I'd been fearing it--the set-up fee and nearly three months of electricity? But when I opened it... oh man! The set up fee was only seventeen dollars, and the entire bill was only twenty-three. That's so great! I've only used 19 Kilowatt hours in three months, and that's pretty spiffy. Just goes to show what an old building (with toasty, though noisy, radiators) can do for you. And speaking of Seattle power: Seattle/BBC World Service FTW!
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I just went downstairs to try and take out the trash. Whereupon I learned that the trash compactor here is just coated with signs that say things like "Whatever you do, don't put anything even resembling these items in here," "If you have the slightest question, don't throw it out," and "Dear Redders: if you even think of touching this machine, you will break it."

Now you know how all those "dead man found in apartment with three decades of trash" stories truly begin...

Speaking of the apartment, there's something wacky about it which has made me have a whole zany slew of dreams since moving here. Maybe I'm just more relaxed, so I actually remember them in the morning. Anyway, dream journal:

In which no one celebrates Halloween, I can't seem to buy any yarn, and Lestrade knicks undergarments. )

Hey, it's your old friend: news!

-The University of Portsmouth is instituting the use of truly terrifying medical dummies. That die, and talk. While I'm all for the concept, it pretty much just seems a little too "one step removed from that one episode of The Twilight Zone" to me.

-These lab-grown bone rings are pretty awesome. It's a pity that this would never really take off as some truly touching replacement for diamond rings, as, even if all the lab techs were being forced to watch the entire run of Highlander: The Raven during work while being kicked in the teeth, these rings would still be about ten thousand times more ethical.

-This may be interesting to those who--unlike me--can abide by cats (or at least--again, unlike me--can breathe around them): researchers find that cats can suffer from a feline Alzheimer's.

-Say what you want about calling the cops on a kid who opened his Christmas present early. What I don't get about this article is this: if that kid is as rotten as the mom says, what the hey are they doing getting him a DS for Christmas? Why, in my day, I had to walk uphill both ways and ace every test just to get a copy of Marble Madness. Dang whippersnappers!

-Finally, I post this for Richard Dean Anderson, as I know he is a devout reader of my blog: baaaaaby seal found four miles inland, on a rural road in Lancashire.
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Well, all stuff was moved in yesterday, and things are well so far. I am, however, currently in the library on campus--no phone (and, therefore, no interwebs) at the apartment until Friday, c/o our little ice storm.

Classes have been canceled quite a bit--but, woe for me, all my papers are for a distance learning course and I must actually work on them. Le sigh.

The apartment is lurvely, by the way. Although I rather had to bungle through the etiquette on how to make a murphy bed... Expect pictures of said murphy bed by Friday evening. Many, many pictures.

Also: the bathtub? SERIOUS BUSINESS. That thing is like three of my old bathtub.
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Well, I hadn't wanted to post anything about it, because I didn't want to jinx it somehow. And, because it's undergoing repairs, it won't be until around November twenty-fifth until I can move in. But, oh man. I got an apartment--and it is the single most jawesome apartment ever.

Seriously. Things do have to be a little rough and lame in life before something awesome happens--and this apartment is serious awesome. For, although it is small (which is alright, as it's just me) it was built in 1917. By people who were like, "IT'S 1917, BITCHES, WE KNOW HOW TO MAKE FURNITURE THAT FOLDS, SO LET'S PUT A LOT IN HERE, OKAY!" Dude, I was sold when I learned I was getting a Murphy bed, but when I saw the breakfast nook, I knew I had to have it. There is a table that folds down from the wall. It's like living in a boat--of awesome!

Other fun features: the current landlords, when renovating, wanted to leave in as much original structure as possible. Consequently, although I naturally do have a fridge, I also get the original ice-box. The tiling in the kitchen is that terrific "black border, pink-and-silver checkerboard" look, there's a bathtub (and a very half-hearted "showers were really new and scary at the time" shower-head), a pedestal sink, and oodles of strangely located storage. And between the kitchen and the bathroom? A window! That's so right! You can't really see through it--it was intended to let the sun in from the kitchen. You know, so I don't have to use my gas lamps all the time.

I fully intend to ditch my old decorating pattern of coating my walls with random crap with this place. It's going to be a terrible 1900's Chinese restaurant, and that's final. Luckily I'm about three blocks from Value Village--so expect multiple posts about me dragging moth-eaten wicker settees down a busy city street.


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