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Oh what my extra userpics expired again? Maybe this time I'll 100% fail to notice. I need to hire someone to give me a swift kick in the pants re: moving over to DW for goods.

I feel like making another I AM SORRY I DON'T EXIST post, even though I think I make those more than I do any other sort of post. I'm trying to be a somewhat productive member of internet society (editing things! posting things! writing about a sentence a week!) but in general this month I have just been working. I loaded a month's worth of workdays in to the first two weeks of August so I could take that vacation, and so now I generally am either at work or sleeping; possibly I am slumped in front of a computer watching EXTREME COUPON or HOARDING BURIED ALIVE or STRANGE ADDICTION or 600 POUND LIFE or something equally hideous that I generally spend 90% of my time cringing at and hating myself for watching. What am I even doing, I'll ask myself. Making matters worse, I am also generally reading trashy fanfic at the SAME TIME so I'm really just... listening to the show??? Strange Addictions or whatever, I'm trying to not ever watch that again... the addictions are usually pretty harmless and the attempt to make them seem horrible sometimes fills me with this passive sort of rage that I can't even explain. "These cat treats are full of sodium. YOU COULD HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE." Ugghhhhhh dude if that's the worst, WHO CARES. Intervention everyone in America while you're at it. WHY DO I GET ANGRY AT THIS, IT IS JUST A STUPID SHOW. There's one about a furry. She makes a big point about it not being a sex thing for her. I spend the rest of the show wondering if it's bad that I consider furry fandom the same as any other fandom--if not for the porn, why bother? Feels, I guess. It was a little silly. The end of the show was all SHE CONTINUES TO PARTICIPATE IN THE FURRY LIFESTYLE... AND IS CREATING A NEW "FURSONA." Most of the shows end with something like that, except, like, the ones about stabbing scissors in your ear.

I pulled my back kinda bad a few weeks ago at work, so I've generally been in a lot of pain. I have done NOTHING about it though, haha, besides sleep and eat ibuprofen and get angry at trash TV. I don't really think the ibuprofen helps, and I nearly got to the point of going to the doctor to get it checked out when I became too hideously lazy to ride my bike that far. It's feeling somewhat better, but still I have a really hard time getting together the energy to comment to posts and stuff, so sorry if I seem ignore-y of late. It would be awesome if I was not so neurotic as to be terrified of going to a massage therapist here, but nope.

The B7 rewatch is starting up again, if folks are interested. I am hoping to not be total shit with participating, but my track record of late is pretty abysmal.
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I finally edited and posted the lot of the Cabin Verse fics on AO3. For those of you about at that time, this is the verse with "Porn Train," et al. I've had all these fics linked in the "Master Fic" post for ages now, but for those of you who can't stand reading things split up in comment boxes, it might be nice to read in a kinder format?

Fics: Porn Train, Clean Sheets, Testing the Wares, Increasing Pay for Trash Collectors: the Novelization, and three untitled PWPs of varying length.
Pairing: Miles/Phoenix
Rating: Hard M / Explicit
Warnings: D/s, consensual rough sex, spanking, face slapping, breathplay, consensual humiliation play, orgasm control, dirty talk... the usual?
Word Count: total 35,000+
Spoilers: vague spoilers for all the Ace Attorney games through GS4. All take place post-GS4.

Summary: pretty much just a bunch of stories about a former lawyer and his professor boyfriend having kinky sex in hotels. There's not a lot of plot, and--as said above--all the fics can be read as one-shots; they just take place in the same universe with a sub-leaning Phoenix and his indulgent husband.

Read over on AO3!

Aw yis

Aug. 8th, 2012 01:16 am
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After the last fiasco of pants ordering, I still found myself short on pants. So I tried a take two, and though I've been putting off trying anything in the box (two pairs of pants and a button-up shirt) for a week for fear of depressing myself...


All items fit. I am ASTOUNDED. Quite honestly, I've bought almost zero garments since moving down here (scrubs and socks, that's about it) so finding TROUSERS that FIT is like pure miracle. Of course then I had to stare at my rump for like an hour, because I can't even care that it's shallow. If pants fit, my ass is like so my best feature even I am forced to be completely enamored with it.

Other news: still writing (though for the fandom no one cares for, haha) and still trying to keep myself alive. I've been mucking around with attempting to cook. I just made another attempt at pasta salad (as you can make loads and eat it all week) and take two is way better, though I kinda cooked the pasta too long. Sort of just wish I had delivery pizza right now, though, but of course everywhere closes at one...
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So I decided to write some Homestuck porn. Mainly, I guess, because you get to invent WHATEVER GENITALS YOU LIKE for an alien race (this is also why I found Vulcans so terribly fun, though I never got around to writing about them), and you can also DECIDE TO MAKE THEM BE IN HEAT (which is also ALSO why Vulcans are so terribly fun).

For some reason it wound up being a little long for a PWP, and to deal way too much with Karkat's Feels About Troll Romance, but well.

Warnings for: alien biology, rough sex, mentioning of the fact that highbloods live forever (and dude if you are--like me--someone who sits around thinking "aw... I thought I left that depressing dynamic with Joe/Methos" in regards to warmblood/coolblood romance... WELL AS I HAVE BEEN TELLING MYSELF, YOU ARE WAY TOO OLD FOR THIS FANDOM), and infidelity/quadrant-confusion. Pairing-wise, it's actually Karkat <> Gamzee with Gamzee <3 Tavros, but due to the miracles of Highblood Mating Season the fic itself is Karkat/Gamzee.

You can read in on AO3 of course! But if you'd prefer:

The Seventh Rainy Season )


Jul. 19th, 2012 03:25 am
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In the tune of [ profile] mabith (and other's) 100 Bits of Happiness meme, here are some awesome things from lately:

1) the documentary Resurrect Dead is on Netflix. It did pretty well at Sundance for a reason, so go and watch. I love stories like these, and Justin reminds me a lot of the kind of guys I usually (unfortunately) fall for, so maybe I'm partial... But I still think it's a solidly done documentary, anyway.

2) the desert being in full post-monsoon bloom may be hell on my allergies, but this morning I had one of the best rides in ages. Twelve miles, wildlife everywhere--lizards, roadrunners, ground squirrels, hares, crazy insects I'd never seen before. A lot of saguaro, which now remind me of

3) [ profile] rax's brilliant post on cacti as a gender.

4) postcards, constantly! I am slowly papering my walls in them. [ profile] mabith and I have a good exchange going; if anyone else wants random postcards (I have loads of cards and stamps) please let me know!

5) tender noses. After years of meaning to get around to it, I finally had my septum pierced last Thursday. I've not really posted about it here, I guess. I've been working, and in general it doesn't look like much, yet. I had it done with a black retainer as my first piercing, so even when it's flipped down (I usually have it tucked up into my nose for work) it's not super noticeable. This weekend it's been driving me a little nuts, mainly because my allergies are bothering me, but I'm looking forward to it healing enough to put a properly visible bit of metal in a month from now. Pictures then!


7) naps. Ugh, allergies = snoozing. Trying to look on the positive side of a lazy four-day weekend, instead of feeling guilty for doing a big pile of not much.
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Obs I am trying not to write, eh. Ganked via [ profile] greyhat perhaps MAINLY to complain about the ABSOLUTE RANDOMNESS of this list. WTF "classic" Dan Brown. Kill me.

The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed.

1.) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2.) Italicize those you intend to read.
3.) Underline those you LOVE.
4.) Put an asterisk next to the books you'd rather shove hot pokers in your eyes than read (and I'm adding: put an asterisk next to the ones you DID read, perhaps for school or under duress by the hideous machinations of friendship, that you would rather shove hot pokers in your eyes than ever read again)

I am also adding:

5) "put series you have read some of and rage quit" in blue


6) "put series you started but sort of forgot to keep going, but you'd perhaps give another go" in red

because for inexplicable reasons this list is actually of something like 150 books and not 100. You can kind of see by my ragequits that I don't like a lot of typical geek stuff. If you do, it's not a judgement on you, etc. I just like what I like?

books, yadda )
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For reasons solely to do with Not Owning a Car Whilst Living in an Inferno, it is now Two Movies Per Theater Visit Season.

Yesterday was also the first day off I had (and wasn't broken with exhaustion on) since Prometheus came out, and I knew I had to hustle on that. Dude, I'm on tumblr, and I only give it another week or so before the entire movie is one long gif; or at least the parts with Fassbot.

But that didn't help with deciding the second movie. And a second movie there had to be--unwilling to pay non-matinee prices, I need two to be reasonably capable of biking before and after the peak temperature hours.



If anyone sees past me, there are some words that are somewhat stern he needs to hear. Until that time, have my impressions. They can basically be summed as OH GOD WHAT AM I DOING SITTING HERE, OH WAIT COLORS, WAIT STOP GETTING DISTRACTED BRAIN AND HATE THIS MORE, OOH COSTUMES, but I thought you might be liking to click on a cut tag. Aw yeeeeaaaaah BELLA AND THOR something for everyone )

Then, of course, I had to faff around for about an hour before Prometheus came on in something besides XD 3D. Say what you want, if something is out in standard, 3D, and "XD 3D," I am not about to spend a bunch of money to see the latter.

Short review: YES. I guess it is long, in the way you should be used to with Ridley Scott by now (and, for that matter, it's only a minute longer than Snow White), and mostly like watching a very well animated Giger artbook, but THAT IS OKAY. Rapace is amazing and the best you've seen since Weaver, and Theron (who I guess I saw quite a lot of the other day) rocks her role. YES FASSY IS PERFECT. A PERFECT ROBOT. And OH MY GOD WHEN ARE WE NOT HAVING AN ORGASM EVERY TIME IDRIS ELBA IS ON A SCREEN OH OKAY NEVER THAT'S FUCKING RIGHT AND JESUS CHRIST CAN I MARRY CHANCE AND RAVEL IN A TIME CALLED NOW AND HAVE GAY THREESOMES FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE OH YOU WANTED A SERIOUS REVIEW HERE YOU GO: Spoilers Ahoy for Prometheus )

Otherwise, I've been watching some stuff here and there on the Netflix. If you ever get a moment for it, I highly recommend the documentary, The Pruitt-Igoe Myth. I also recently watched, for the first time, Play Misty for Me, which I also quite recommend even if it features the tragic destruction of some fine art I would not be ashamed to have framed in my home.
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But I started a NSFW tumblr account, finally, mainly as I know some of the people who follow Tank's tumblr account do so at work.

So uh friend me maybe! There's nothing up there yet, but we all know that'll be shortlived.


May. 30th, 2012 01:57 pm
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In status updates that were pretty easy to achieve, I got a hold of a human at the county recorder office and am now SUCCESSFULLY registered to vote. Win!

Everyone else, make sure you do so, and I pretty much promise it will not be as annoying for you, because possibly you do not live in this state. :/

Just to flesh this out, I had NOTICE from one of my friends lately that apparently my fridge is DEVOID OF ACTUAL FOOD. I have no clue what she means! It's full of all the essentials!

photo of the day )
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So I am dragging my feet in A STUNNING MANNER about editing this one fic I may have written for the XMFC kinkmeme that MAY or may not be >30,000 words long.


Anyhoo, because it is so ridic long, I could use someone to look at it and just sort of notice the glaring gramatical mistakes that I am, at this point, oblivious to because I have been reading over 30,000 words of my own dribbly writing.

Uh, thanks in advance?
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Okay I TRIED. But actually I will not put forth a giant review because I realize Every Last One of You shall not be surprised by the STUNNING NEWS that I dislike something touched by the mealy hands of Whedon.

Going in to it, I forgot all about it! This was a stunning work of mental prowess on my part if I don't mind saying so. "Whedon? Who is that?" I lectured myself. "I think this was written by the other guy. Yeah! Wesley Crusher, he's a great writer..." and it worked, actually.

I just still spent most of the dialogue groaning and shuffling down in my chair, and generally looking indigested; though TOTALLY ALL THE LOKI and THE VERY END YES.

There were four recruitment ads before the movie. One for each branch of the American services (well, okay, no Coast Guard; guess those dudes didn't make the target demographics?), and one ad for a show with a whole lot of white women called BUNHEADS. That has very little to do with the movie, I suppose. You may click this cut if you want to hear me talk vaguely about the movie in spoiler-y terms. And by vague I mean in a bunch of caps. )

Seriously though guys there was a preview for Brave AND for Prometheus I LOVE MOVIE SEASON.
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Continuation from over here. You can also read on AO3, if you like.

No particular warnings for this part, save for sex? )
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Okay so I just keep putting dudes on bicycles before they have sex, and I am not ashamed, though it does result in this.

Again with the editing and deanoning from the XMFC kink meme, this time I owe loads of thanks to both [ profile] nagasasu and [ profile] shipwreck_light for the beta job!

Cut for notes, and original prompt )

Again, this can be read either here or on Archive of Our Own. Either way, thanks for giving it a read? The following cut goes to part one of the fic. I finally reached el jay's limits, it seems.

Direct to fic, part one. Warnings for being based off of two existing works at once, transphobia, homophobia, and bullying. Also sexytimes with two dudes, and gratuitous chess and timeskips. )
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Aaaah! On the fic front, someone just asked if they could AND THEN TOTALLY DID translate one of my stories.

This may or may not be totally old hat to some of you writer-y people, but it is new and shiny and very lovely to me; and even better (given the timeline of the story and all), it was the very friendly and awesome [ profile] ninaza translating Searchlight to Russian. Awesome conversations on history education abounded. :D

Other fic news: I've been posting and editing more to AO3. The only story that I've never linked to over here that's now up is the (rather maudlin for my tastes) second-person FTM!Sherlock whatsit that I wrote ages ago, A Room Untended. But if you've not read other old things, like my circa 2007 ACD fics, they're slowly being posted: Jingleporn and that one untitled HDM crossover are now up. I continue to slowly post PWKM fills over there, as well.
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Apparently the trick to remaining anonymous is NOT TO PUT CHARACTERS ON BIKES BEFORE THEY START BONING.

That said, still attempting to keep up with my resolution to actually edit and de-anon for stuff, and not in the way where it's just someone from the PWKM wandering by and saying "hey, wait, you're that guy" sort of way. So if anyone feels even remotely inclined to help read over another X-Men: First Class fic, it'd be awesome.

It's over 15,000 words (SORRY), modern-but-powered-AU, all first-timey, and oh... FTM!Charles porn? Seriously though, the story is sort of told nonlinearly, which I'm not very good at writing, so I could really use another reader to help out with the edit.
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I wrote this last year sometime. For the XMFC Kink Meme. Is anyone shocked at the editing delay?

Cut for notes and original prompt )

You've got the option to read it over at AO3, but either way, enjoy.

Direct to fic. Warnings for watersports, consensual telepathic bondage/mind control, and generally the whole Enemies in Lurve thing )
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Okay, really, it's just the end of the endless sitting portion of my orientation today, and I am JAZZED. The extended vacation from floor work was nice, don't get me wrong--particularly given the last gig--but still. In any organization of sufficient size, there's bound to be repetition. Loads of it. Mostly in lectures concerning organ donation.

T-day went fine. I'd considered sitting around feeling sorry for myself, but instead I hauled my ass down to a restaurant and sat at the bar reading Murakami. It's less lonely than it sounds, actually--it was the bartender's birthday, and at four there were only a handful of people to distract the employees from sitting around and celebrating. Also, books and beer?

I should get around to doing a two-year update, however! I see that I put it off until the 12th last year, though, so I've got loads of time? I thought I'd get away with posting that and being all "SEE NOTHING CHANGES IT WAS ONLY A YEAR," but upon reading it... haha, suppose it's been a busy year.

I'm still sort of amazed I used to put needles in my leg. Well, okay, that was all of twice. I'm amazed I had my poor friends put needles in my thigh as I commanded them not to hit a vein or a nerve and occasionally chose to spurt blood at them. NOT GOING TO LIE, after around a year on the (less-expensive cream variant) transdermal stuff, I'm pretty thoroughly spoiled.
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Couple days left on Tippr for a "buy a coupon for $80 for $40" deal at Babeland over on Tippr! You have to sign up for Tippr, but it's not quite as annoying as Groupon and the deal's pretty decent!
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Well, weather permitting. I may actually be off to spend the night on the floor of PHX, given the current conditions at SeaTac, but. Well. I moved during the worst ice storm the city had seen in decades back in '06, so BABY I LIVE FOR DANGER.

I'll be back in Arizona on the 4th, but bringing my computer with. You guys might not actually get a break from me, ahaha... I'm really looking forward to seeing a lot of folks! [ profile] dasie and [ profile] deadtrain for sure, but there's a few nursey folk I'm pretty pumped to see. And of course, uh. The ladyfriend? Haha... okay we'll see if I'm fit to type in a few days, I guess.

WHILE I AM GONE you guys should listen to ALL THE MAXIMUM BALLOON. As if you didn't think TVotR was awesome enough, they went and formed a SIDE PROJECT. It is amazing.


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