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Apparently, yes. That old twice-a-month resolution sure fell through in November, now, didn't it?

I still feel a bit determined to ATTEMPT writing posts now and then. So let's do a second rec post, with the same categories, perhaps a bit shorter.

In the PODCAST division, we have the amazing Oh No! Ross and Carrie. You may already know of this one. Two folks who aren't really investigative journalists in the formal training way but who are FANTASTIC at doing investigations go out to join churches or do colon cleanses or suffer Doterra parties all for the sake of bringing us, the listeners, an inside look at extraordinary claims. I like them a lot for their humanity... It'd be easy to go "hard atheist" with a skeptically-focused podcast, and belittle the people who believe in some of the claims. But they're very open and kind, actually. Give it a listen!

In the MOVIE division: I will live my whole life and I still will never make ENOUGH PEOPLE watch The Apple. Just. It's on netflix now, I think. I don't even want to write anything about it. Bim. Just. Bim. I guess there's a rifftrax of it, but no, you should watch it on it's own, it's a thing of damn beauty.

In the FIC camp you should just be reading like everything going on in Secret Mutant right now. I can't even handle it, it's just so much fic this year.


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