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Hey, how about let's try to update like, twice a month.

That's a doable goal, right? Maybe I'll just recommend dumb things I run into during life. Three things every two weeks. It might be fan stuff, it might be movies, might be food you can ONLY BUY in one place in the US what can you do? Sounds doable, and really, not much else is really going down with me.

I am training someone at work, that's sort of new, I suppose. It's stressful (because of management, not because of the new person) but okay. I don't know if I'm a good preceptor per se. I think I am for this person, because they're laid-back too, but sometimes you get someone who needs, like, more concrete guidance. I hear lots of tell I should go back to grad school and I'm sure education courses would help with that but man, that's some hot money, isn't it. I think I'll wait til I pay off undergrad (so, never).


In the PODCAST division: you probably already know about My Brother, My Brother, and Me, but maybe I thought you could be like me and didn't know about it. I've been listening to Sawbones (a medical history comedy podcast which also costars Justin McElroy) for some time, but the ladyfriend's been real into this one and I finally took the time to listen. It's basically an advice show with three brothers who are funny and very kindhearted and human and who tell jokes about Dune. I don't quite know how to explain it well. There's a very long bit in one episode about wizard cursing which is 100% why I had issues getting past book 4 or 5 or w/e of Harry Potter ("Seriously? There's a war? Wait, you don't have fucking ladders? The stairs MOVE? That's just poor fucking design!"). I feel like there's no perfect episode I should say "THIS ONE start with THIS ONE" but the one with the wizard swears is here (the intro is a lot different than normal but); and the front half of this one is mostly about movies and is pretty fun.

In FILM I'm sure you are like me and feel like literally all you do is listen to people talk, like, even if you're not listening to hours and hours of podcasts MAYBE you've just managed to have Hamilton on repeat (sidenote: listening to old eps of above podcast may amuse on that note as there's a lot of "our pal is having his musical come out and it is going to set the world on fire," amazing), so probably you feel a lot of explosions or action or special effects might be nice. I don't know a whole lot about all that but FYI if you just like a lot more talking and maybe some biographically inaccurate feelings well Steve Jobs is so your movie. There's a lot of talking. I thought I was just going to it for Dude Reasons but I really quite enjoyed it. I somehow had a free ticket, too, which always HELPS, but I might go again. There's a good deal of talking, and a busy make-up department, and an entire cast that look nothing like the people they're playing but they're all so good you don't care. Kate Winslet is so crazy good in it. Absolutely nothing happens and what does happen is like, design stuff I don't get. There is NO ROMANCE like not a second of it. Thank goodness. You can probably wait til it's on netflix, it's not big-screen material. I still want to go see it again in theaters.

In FANFIC you've probably 200% read this but, in case you like, thought you didn't hear people talking enough there's READING TALKING and READING TEXTS and READING SEXTING and just words and words of people being sweet and good and learning how to communicate with family and love to be had with it's kind of our whole thing. Of course this is an XMFC thing. It's a powered-AU with Charles and Erik being very sweet. It's also kinda a sequel, so, the first fic is called Math Reasons. I guess you should read that first. It's very very very good, too. Sometimes that many words is intimidating, though, and I'm super stupid for established relationships and I promise you can just jump in and read this, if you like, and just be like aw here we are, in this relationship, with these idiots. Sigh. Anyway. I don't give great reviews I guess but if you just like words and words of people learning each other it's very nice.
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