Jan. 2nd, 2013

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I hope everyone had a lovely new year's eve into day. I didn't do much--though, unlike Christmas, I did have the day off--but I did get to chat with a ton of my pals and I did have a good time just relaxing and not doing much.

Hopefully 2013 does well for everyone. I sometimes think, you know... I didn't do a lot in 2012. But I did a lot of awesome things, actually, including:

-getting a job that doesn't fucking blow
-met some new awesome people!
-wrote roughly 90,000 words (!!!) of mostly ridic fanfiction, which--it should be noted--was pretty much done in two spikes in March and then again in November-December, but THAT IS OKAY
-got a fancy phone? I guess this is sort of news, for me
-took some amazing bike rides.

Whenever it's a new year, you always feel like... ugh, you know. I didn't do this, or that... I'm sort of bummed I didn't really go anywhere new on vacation, for example. I'm sort of bummed by being out of the education game, as well, but let's be honest I've only been off of that ride for all of two years, and in that time I've got some various new certifications, anyway (which I guess basically counts as new education). And I've lately been increasingly addicted to a few podcasts that teach me totally worthless crap about, like, Freemasons and stuff??? I am sure that counts. I think I just tend to be hard on myself, period. I think I worked through a few important issues this year, though, including:

-getting more okay with writing fanfiction about "serious" things
-becoming a better nurse
-learning how to send a great deal of postcards

So I guess I should give myself a little bit of a break.

This year I'm turning thirty, though, so while I'm gonna say I get to give myself a hell of a lot of kudos this year just for the whole getting-a-career-before-thirty thing, I do hope to travel to some new cool places and I don't know be better at talking to people or something this year? Who knows.

Thanks to all the cards and gifts from everyone! I think, of everything, I am particularly thankful for having you guys throughout this year.
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A very merry fishmas was had by all:

here's the startings of a fishmas, incorporated in Shipwreck Light's card!

And the results, a dual-sided fishcreature (I... wasn't really sure! there was a lot of fishsupplies so I thought maybe it was supposed to be a double-sided ornament?)

It was a super cute gift, so franks a million! :D (background supplied by Shirokuma Cafe's credits, sorry!)


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