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Nov. 26th, 2012 09:07 pm
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You all are probably quite used to the hijinks of Red During The Holidays. EVERY YEAR WE GO THROUGH THIS:

-I ask kindly for your address

I promise this year's batch WILL NOT DISAPPOINT, as it is mostly compiled of items I liberated from The Step-Aunt's Hoarding Situation (a story that begins with "moving in to assisted living" and ends with "family stuck with two stories of garbage, plus a few sheds"). No extra charge for that faint aroma of mildew and sadness!

I love sending cards, so as always, no worries on return cards (stamps are like a dollar by now) and no worries about living on the moon (I will pay for the rocket fuel). I will send cards wherever and to whomever and you will probably not like it BUT I AM DOING IT ANYWAY.

Comments are screened, of course! I do have some addresses still from last year, but not many... so if you haven't got a postcard recently, assume I lost it in the wilds of my house.
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Life has been going.. Swellish? There are some exciting new whatsits I have obtained lately, including

-NEW BIKE, which is about ten times faster than OLD BIKE and the fact sorta surprises me despite my knowledge of how poorly I treat OLD BIKE and how I have generally weighed it down with tank-grade tubes and a basket and all that. NEW BIKE was obtained for a friend's visit, and I spent about half the time wondering why she wasn't pedaling when I was? Hooray for bikes that actually, you know, coast once in a while.

-100 MILE ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED, wherein [profile] deadtrain and I biked somewhere around 100 miles over the duration of her visit. Longest ride was to the San Xavier mission which was super amazing to see in person even if it was sort of exhausting to bike 20 miles to get there.

-SHINY NEW PHONE as in an iPhone 5 wtf? I also got a new phone number so for the time being I am just... sort of having two phones. Ugh. I know you can keep your number even if you change providers and yes everyone is making a huge glubbing deal about how I changed my number. But to tell the truth, I've been failing in a years-long battle to get T-Mobile to correct my name on EVERYTHING (as of now they have my proper name on the bills, but on caller ID I still show up as my old name) and I frankly can't imagine transporting my number over to Verizon will make matters any less frustrating. Also: avoiding my alma mater and their incessant pleas for donations, jfc people I have better places to throw my dollar bills at.

-NEW HOLIDAY FILM SEASON hell fuckin yeah! I have seen loads of movies in the last week. Just got home from Wreck-It Ralph (SO GOOD) and Rise of the Guardians (so... mediocre? although Cupcake is friggin THE BEST character), and with [profile] deadtrain I saw Skyfall (!!!!!!BARDEM!!!!!!!!) and The Man With The Iron Fists (OMFG THE MOVIE YOU WERE WAITING YOUR WHOLE LIFE FOR THANK YOU RZA, SERIOUSLY SEE IT AS IT IS GORE-FILLED KUNG FU AWESOME) and the fucking Twilight movie which was SO AMAZING if you are someone who has perhaps only seen the first movie once while drunk and otherwise has obtained 100% of his knowledge of the series from Internet. Loud whispers included "I THINK THIS IS THE ONE WHERE A BABY BREAKS THROUGH HER RIBS" and "WAIT THE BABY IS ALREADY HERE???!!!" and "WHERE IS THE RAINIER IN THIS JESUS." I also was That Guy that makes the entire audience laugh, quite accidentally, when after a certain pivotal scene in which A PLOT TWIST IS REVEALED, I didn't realize the music was suddenly going to be very quiet and I said "OH, COME ON!" in a tone that was very near shout level. I am inclined to believe the entire audience was in agreement even if they were fans of the books or movies.

-NEW WRITING! I have been mega busy with writing again off and on. But sadly for 99.9% of the universe it is a giant ball of Homestuck. :/


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